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Success 12
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Success 12

Success 12



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    Success 12 Success 12 Presentation Transcript

    • Success 12
    • "Stone on terrace is not a Mountain.
      Grow big; stay grounded."
    • "Think always... but don't
      think a lot; otherwise at
      the end, you will just end
      up thinking....and will do
    • "The most successful way to change the world is to change a heart, one person at a time, with love, peace, and forgiveness."
    • "Think of life as a great road trip. If you spend too much time
      looking back at where you've been, you'll miss what's ahead."
    • "It doesn't matter whether or not
      you have won the race, as long as
      in your heart, you know you have
      done your best."
    • "Never forget where the best days
      of your life took place and where
      your heart lives on."
    • "While failure is an orphan,
      success has many fathers."
    • "We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We
      often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and
      probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery."
    • "If you don't do anything wrong, how do you know how to do things right?"
    • "You make the most defining mistakes when you fail to realize
      that not only have you been blind to your own faults, but that
      you alone are the key to your own salvation."
    • "Never let anyone make you feel less than
      what you are, but also never be less than
      what you can be!"
    • "We will be better tomorrow,
      because we know we can be."
    • "Life is not what you get; life is what you negotiate."
    • "The sky is not the limit...you are."
    • "Wherever your challenges lead you,
      there is something to learn."
    • "Keeping a finger on your lips is better than
      ending up with a foot in your mouth."
    • "We should take the stairs of our life one step at a
      time. It is when we rush things or take two steps
      at a time that we tend to stumble or even fall."
    • "If there's something on your mind, it's going
      to stay there until you actually do it."
    • "It's better to be wrong doing the right
      thing, than right doing the wrong thing."
    • "Walking forward or backwards makes no difference as long as you're moving ahead."
    • "Every one of us has a destiny with greatness. The main obstacle to our attainment
      - allowing time to slip away, through idleness or unfruitful pursuits."
    • "Tears of defeat only wash out the
      things in your eyes that keep you
      from hitting your target."
    • "It is nature of a man to rise to greatness,
      if greatness is expected of that man."
    • "Life moves forward not backwards. It cannot move back and you cannot go back. It is like time. You must move forward to keep up with who you are and what you want in life. Moving back will only slow you down. Only listen to and let things that push you forward affect you. That is all you need and nothing more."
      Thank You Very Much