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Success 10 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Success 10
  • 2. "We all live under the same Sky, but
    we don't all have the same Horizon."
  • 3. "The greatest temptation for destiny is to make a man eat his own words."
  • 4. "Worry + Fear = LIMITATION.
    Remove one and you suddenly
    overcome an obstacle."
  • 5. "Challenges are 'tough' to those who never face them but 'easy' to those who accept them."
  • 6. "Mistakes: We all make mistakes in life, due to
    not being perfect. It's what we do to rectify the
    mistake so it is not repeated in the future."
  • 7. "Only fools stumble on the same rock... Learn from your mistake."
  • 8. "Success is meaningless unless it is translated into significance."
  • 9. "Even a small dot can stop a big sentence."
  • 10. "Instead of saying 'It is not that easy", why not say 'it is not that difficult'."
  • 11. "Any and all effective decisions made in life are subjected to, and/or limited by, the relentless nature of the particular individual."
  • 12. "When we challenge the unchallenged, the
    unknown, and the invisible then only can
    we expect to be creative, new, adventurous,
    bold and daring."
  • 13. "Your success depends more on how you adapt to things that you are not tuned to do. Finally you realize, "This is perfect for me!" So when things don't go your way be frustrated, but only for a while, because that realization will dawn any moment!"
  • 14. "The road to achievement starts with action, the road to the truth does not start with a lie."
  • 15. "The world's most bankrupt person is not the one who has lost his money but the person who has lost his enthusiasm."
  • 16. "As humans we spend a lot of time knocking on the
    same door, that was closed in our face, not realizing
    that the door behind us is already open."
  • 17. "How much of our success is our own effort and how much is someone else's wrong doing?"
  • 18. "We often mistake successes with the act of doing, but rarely consider that what we don't do is as equally important in achieving them."
  • 19. "Difficulties don't come to your life to destroy you but to help you realize your hidden potential. Let difficulties know that you are difficult to them."
  • 20. "Be courageous and think positively! The very day you are discouraged, you kill all those you meet throughout the day because your life is a stepping stone for others and not a slipping stone to get them to fall.
    Talk positive and encourage whoever comes to you."
  • 21. "Don't underestimate yourself. We all have a special 'something' inside us. When you fill your self-esteem bank account with as many points as possible, you get closer to discovering why you are on this planet."
  • 22. "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
  • 23. "Never accept as fact that you can't make it or you can't do something. If you are prepared and keep the faith, the universe was designed for your success!!!"
  • 24. "Today is the only day that you have to do what there is to do, make every day the best that you can. No matter what obstacles that are in your way, go around them and never look back."
  • 25. "The road in life has many turns. Keep your hands on the wheel; watch straight ahead. Fasten your seat belt and commit yourself to making every turn."
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn