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Self Growth From Toon Disney!!!
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Self Growth From Toon Disney!!!


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Self Growth From Toon Disney!!!

Self Growth From Toon Disney!!!

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Art & Photos

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    From Toon Disney
  • 2. "A mistake is painful when it happens but years later, a collection of mistakes is called experience and it can help you to achieve your greatest dream."
  • 3. "The greatest conflicts are
    not between two people
    but between one person
    and himself."
  • 4. "Real success is doing
    what you love and being
    loved for what you do."
  • 5. "Life is beautiful when you
    open your heart, mind
    and eyes."
  • 6. "We spend our days waiting for the
    ideal path to appear in front of us
    but what we forget is that paths are
    made by walking not by waiting."
  • 7. "Anyone who wants to be a friend of
    success should only measure his life
    in seconds, not days."
  • 8. "You can't have everything... but,
    you can have most of it... so, never
    pick the perfect one... instead,
    pick the right one."
  • 9. "When we say thank you, we
    are instantly rewarded with
    the gift of feeling great!"
  • 10. "Self Respect is eating clean.
    Fuel your body with the
    goodness it deserves!"
  • 11. "You want and you get, that is luck.
    You want and you wait, that is time.
    You want but you compromise, that is
    life. You want, you wait and you do not
    compromise, that is success."
  • 12. "If you can't love life, you have never learned to love yourself."
  • 13. "Responsibility is one thing that has even more value than that of a diamond."
  • 14. "Sometimes it takes tiny steps to
    get to the top of the staircase but
    if you keep moving forward and
    upward, you will get there."
  • 15. "Appreciate one another, enjoy our
    differences and do not fault one
    their passion for every soul has
    it's share of wisdom to pass on."
  • 16. "Do not expect anything from life.
    Expectations hurt. When you do not
    expect, each moment, everything is
    a surprise. And every surprise brings
    happiness with it."
  • 17. "It is bad when people look down on you but it is even worse when you look down on yourself."
  • 18. "Knowledge comes from answering
    questions. Enlightenment comes
    from questioning answers."
  • 19. "Whatever you do is a seed
    sown in the garden of your
    life, which you will one day
    harvest its fruit."
  • 20. " We can't control the impressions
    others form about us, and the effort
    to do so only debases our character."
  • 21. "The key to always being happy is to take the one
    good thing that happened to you, for the day, and
    think of that instead of the many bad things that
    happened to you in the day."
  • 22. "The best way and easiest to be
    successful is to discover the god
    given talent in you and expose it
    to the people around you, if not
    in the whole world."
  • 23. "A respectful mouth kept in
    check and not allowed to
    expand beyond the size one
    one's brain and ego will
    bring success to its user."
  • 24. "One must assess the past to be
    able to face the future."
  • 25. "It takes an instant to
    change... for the better.
    Deciding to finally make
    the change could take
    years... or an instant."
  • 26. "Life is beautiful only for those who
    know how to celebrate the pain."
  • 27. "Do not just look but also
    see. Do not just hear but
    do listen. Do not just eat
    but also taste. Do not just
    touch but do feel. Do not
    just talk but speak."
  • 28. "If you live in your past, there's no room for your future."
  • 29. "Success is liking yourself, liking
    what you do, and liking how
    you do it."
  • 30. "Life is too hard for us all. Do
    not forget to love and care for
    the human being that we are
    in a world where we must be
    brave to face challenges."
  • 31. "Give yourself a chance to be
    optimistic in what you doing
    and you will be surprised at
    what you will achieve."
  • 32. "The only way to walk in the realm
    of reality is to walk out of the world
    of fantasy!"
  • 33. "If you have never
    made a mistake, you
    would have never
    learned anything."
  • 34. "Hearing is merely picking up
    sound vibrations, listening is
    making sense out of it."
  • 35. "If you don't know what you should do in a situation, try knowing what
    you shouldn't do in that situation. You will reach your destination if you
    know which path you need to select or if you know which ones always to
    reject on your journey." Thank You Very Much. SompongYusoontorn