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  • Hi, a very nice presentation. Indeed we have Only One Life, and this life is given ONLY ONCE to all human beings by our Creator. Acknowledging the Creator and living a life of faith and goodness is the meat of the matter. Thank you, Sompong, for a wonderful presentation.
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  • 1. Only One
  • 2. "You have one life, once chance, one
    choice, and one thousand career
    opportunities. Choose wisely!"
  • 3. "If your life has no meaning,
    then you're the one who
    should put meaning into it."
  • 4. "Some are born to be great,
    Some are great to be born 
    But the greatest greatness 
    Is to become great"
  • 5. "Don't hate yourself for getting older, just forgive yourself for growing up."
  • 6. "With Age comes wisdom; But to some, Age comes alone."
  • 7. "If you are angry, you're living in the past. If you are fearful, you're living in the future. Give up you anger and fear, and live in the present."
  • 8. "Look around... It's not about making a living, but rather making a life."
  • 9. "The miseries and struggles of life are like the fire. It will only burn the false but will render the truth brighter & brighter."
  • 10. "Experience is the only thing in life Where the test comes before the lesson."
  • 11. "A love of life is truly reserved for those who demonstrate a life of love."
  • 12. "Never say you'll forgive and forget If you cannot let go of what's in the past. When you can look into the other person's eye And feel the happiness that he/she experiences, Then you know that you have truly forgiven and forgotten."
  • 13. " If your feelings are telling you doubts,
    then listen to them. If you can picture
    things, be cautious. If something does
    not feel right, be warned."
  • 14. "If you have a dream, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a dream - you have a wish."
  • 15. "Experience, strength and hope are cornerstones of early recovery for many.  To abandon hope is not to give up, but to live in today, just for today."
  • 16. "If you go through life trying to make every
    one else happy, you will be miserable. Make
    yourself happy and let every one else worry
    about themselves."
  • 17. “ Yesterday is gone, forget it. Tomorrow has not come, don't worry.Today is here, use it.We can close our eyes To the things we do not want to see, But we cannot close our heart To the things we do not want to feel."
  • 18. "When the world looks down on you,
    Don't look down on the world, 
    Instead look up and smile.”
  • 19. "Sometimes life leads you in a given
    direction, you don't always lead it."
  • 20. "Some of the most important and
    meaningful lessons learned in life are
    those lessons we learn the hard way."
  • 21. "Live deeply, and suck the
    marrow out of life."
  • 22. "Make yourself a better person
    and know who you are before
    you try and know someone else
    and expect them to know you."
  • 23. "If life gives you a chance, take it. 
    If it changes your life, let it."
  • 24. "Expecting the world to
    treat you fairly because
    you are a good person is
    like expecting a bull not
    to attack you because
    you are a vegetarian."
  • 25. "When you look back on your life wondering why
    you chose not to cross the bridge, will you also
    wonder what would have happened if you did?"
    Thank You Very Much