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Live Beyond Your Life!!!

Live Beyond Your Life!!!



Live Beyond Your Life!!!

Live Beyond Your Life!!!



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    Live Beyond Your Life!!! Live Beyond Your Life!!! Presentation Transcript

    • Live Beyond Your
    • "As we learn from our mistakes, we progress beyond
      our understanding of life and prosper in every goal
      and challenge life sets for us. Live beyond yourself
      and grow to be more than you are."
    • Let us live happily, satisfied in the hope that
      the morning will come with newer destiny,
      newer hope and yet newer life."
    • "Reach beyond your doubts and fears.
      Now, grasp hold to your faith where
      you will find your success!"
    • "At this moment, Decide to change your life; Decide to
      follow your dreams; Pray a little harder; Love a little
      deeper; Work a little harder; Be more loving a little;
      Be more forgiving a little; Be more caring a little; Be
      more generous a little; Be more positive a little; Be an
      example to yourself and others in this moment.
    • "Each day is another opportunity to
      take one step closer toward your
      goals, your dreams, your destiny."
    • "Each bright day ends with a star strewn night
      that opens up to the unseen side of the sky. It
      teaches us to learn to see the new horizons.
      Each day brings new learning...try and make it
      a great learning every day."
    • "Do not limit yourself! Limiting yourself is
      limiting your life and that will lead you to
      not experiencing the greatest things in life!
      Make room for the best things, things that
      make you happy, don't doubt yourself!"
    • "Create a life that fits your dreams and you
      realize your true soul path and embark on a
      spiritual journey that nourishes the sacred
      and embraces the immortal."
    • "When you have given your all,
      tried your best and fought your
      hardest, your soul finds peace."
    • "When you have hope, it gives you confidence that
      never ends. Hope is like a building that is so strong
      it can withstand wind, rain and earthquakes."
    • "Life is not about what we have
      or do not have, but rather about
      what we do or do not do."
    • "There comes a time when an event
      will hit you, shake you, pause you,
      make you rethink, reorganize and
      move on in life with more smarts –
      with the confidence of a survivor."
    • "The storm is coming; not all
      storms are evil. With its raindrops,
      it can wash away your past and in
      its flash it can illuminate a new
      way. This is one of those storms."
    • "Let Joy be your feelings, Love your attire,
      Peace your guide and you will discover
      a mystical paradise here on earth."
    • "In life we are going to come to a point were we will experience something we never have. Don't fear it but embrace it because it could be just what you needed."
    • "Life is beautiful and
      wonderful when you really
      do appreciate everyone and
      everything around you."
    • "Within you lies the answer to Life's questions; be quiet and listen. Sometimes,
      simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom. You have all the tools and resources
      you need; what you do with them is your own decision."
    • "To live your life with Love for
      all living things is a great time
      spent and will outlast forever
      and beyond another."
    • "Count your blessings. Once you realize how
      valuable you are and how much you have going for
      you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out,
      the music will play, and you will finally be able to
      move forward the life that God intended for you
      with grace, strength, courage, and confidence."- OgMandino
    • "You are nothing less than others;
      we are all human beings. Your
      actions are most important."
    • When a sound is heard a voice is spokenwhen a vision is seena dream is openwhen a voice is spokena mind is flowingwhen a dream is livedthe heart is growing
    • "Move on from the empty promises
      of the past, for it's your life. Hold on
      to your dreams and accomplish the
      promises you make for your future."
    • "You may not have the best of everything
      you can possible imagine and desire,
      but you are given all the opportunities to
      earn them for yourself, if you just let go
      of envy, bitterness, and loss of hope;
      anything is possible and attainable. 
    • As you make it happen, learn to value and
      be contented of what you have for you are
      still better and blessed more than you'll
      ever know. How fortunate you are on this
      side of the world! Follow your dreams,
      create direction, be inspired, believe and
      always have faith in yourself. Live beyond
      your LIFE!"
      Thank You Very Much