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Life Quotes From Goofy!!!

Life Quotes From Goofy!!!



Life Quotes From Goofy!!!

Life Quotes From Goofy!!!



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    Life Quotes From Goofy!!! Life Quotes From Goofy!!! Presentation Transcript

    • Life’sQuotes FromGoofy
    • "You cannot choose the cards that are dealt toyou, but you can choose how to play the game."
    • "Life is not aboutbeing black or white, rich or poor, ugly orbeautiful. Each one ofus can be happy if wecan see how valuable we are and be fair toward ourselves."
    • "When you have love for yourself, it gives you thepower and strength not tolet yourself be taken down by anything or anyone."
    • "To experience happiness the heart must endure pain so it understands what the opposite of happiness is."
    • Laziness will take you nowhere; dont expect to reap when you spend yourwhole life sleeping and complaining.Dont be the grasshopper, be the ant.
    • "For you to enjoy yourfuture, you have to endure your present and ensure your past is past."
    • "What brings to us the result we daily have is nothingbut the choices we make and therefore the actions we take every day - Attitude equal happiness."
    • "Who ever thinks theyre not good enough, youre wrong. Everyone is good enough! There are some rough thingsin life but dont let them knock you down. When you think there is no one out there, there is. Please think twice."
    • "No matter how long thenight will take, the day willcome and the sun will rise."
    • "For everything you have missed,you have gained something else;and for everything you gain, you lose something else. It is about your outlook towards life. You can either regret or rejoice."
    • "Time, blessings and tragedy have theability to change people. The wise onesmake sure the change is for the better."
    • "Each action we perform sendsus in a direction... each action iscrucial in determining whether what we truly want will be sitting in front of you or not."
    • "The greatest asset a man can have is hope. With hope, I can bring down the stars to my door."
    • "Respect andtrust are withinyou and are freegifts, use them."
    • "Try to replace critical thoughts with positive ones and youll be amazed what a difference it makes in your day, your spirit, and your life."
    • "Success its not always about you, but mostly about others. The solution to success lies inyour ability to help others. Just knowing it will not make you successful, until you help others know it too."
    • "The three Ts: Guard yourthoughts when alone, Guardyour tongue when in public, Guard your temper when with family."
    • "Learn to take risks in life because if you win, you can lead and if you lose, you can guide."
    • "Live life with no regrets and live so no one forgets!"
    • "Smile a while and while you smile, another smiles until theres miles and miles of smiles.
    • "FRIEND is not a Facebook word but a real life experience."
    • "The most valuable is not what you havein your live, butwho you have in your live."
    • "Love is repaid byLove alone."
    • "Today is going to be better! Expect something good to happen." Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn