Life Is So Special!!!
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Life Is So Special!!!



Life Is So Special!!!

Life Is So Special!!!



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Life Is So Special!!! Life Is So Special!!! Presentation Transcript

  • LIFE
    Is So
  • "Life will not give you anything
    better than you give to it. Give
    life the best and get the best
    out of life."
  • "To make it in life, persevere in the days of
    adversity and have a persistent mind."
  • "We're not here for a long time;
    we're here for a good time! Live
    life to the full! Turn that frown
    upside down!"
  • "Every week adds a new chapter to
    your own book of life --- make it an
    interesting one."
  • "Struggle in life may happen with or
    without your choice but a FIGHTwith
    life happens only with YOUR choice."
  • "Being afraid to take chances means never exploring the possibilities. If you never explore the possibility, you can miss out on your once in a lifetime."
  • "Life begins with a thought, is processed with
    belief, and carried out with an action."
  • "When you can't solve the problem, manage it."
  • "Life is like driving through a rainstorm;
    blurring, looking straight ahead. But if
    you look into the rearview mirror, it's
    always clearer."
  • "Life is just one big journey. If you get lost, don't spend half of it trying to find your way back, just keep on living."
  • "What would life be without the constant struggles we must go through, struggles that teach us so much about ourselves?"
  • "Life is a golden opportunity; enjoy each day."
  • "It is not foolish to make mistakes in life
    but repeating the mistakes, is foolish!"
  • "Life can be so wonderful. You just have to believe it. It's all there for you on
    the plate. You just have take it and taste the flavor of life."
  • "If you are in a hurry, you can lose one minute
    in your life, but also your life in one minute."
  • "Life is like a cracker with spice on it. You can
    always add that extra 'spice' but it's up to you
    whether you want to add it or not."
  • "In life there are no regrets, only learning experiences."
  • "Everything in the world is as it should be. Life is about learning to deal with it."
  • "What I do today is important because I am paying a day of my life for
    it. What I accomplish must be worthwhile because the price is high."
  • "In every person's life there are two moments they wish to relive:
    One, to re-experience the joy and the other, to erase the heartache.
    We can never have them back so take your time."
  • "If ever in your life you experience pain,
    suffering, or a lack of, this does not reflect
    who you are; this is not your true being,
    yet a condition of your thinking."
  • "Many of us live our lives as if we are captives of emotion. Thinking if we swim and fight we will make a difference, when the real difference lies in your strength. Peace creates aim. Aim creates happiness. If you cannot handle your situation where you are now, why would you want to move on?"
  • "Nothing in life is given. Everything is earned but once in a while we come across this thing called luck. Luck is like an enzyme, it catalyses the reaction. It's a head start but what we choose to do with it is entirely up to us."
  • "I think we are all blessed in more ways than we acknowledge.
    Be thankful everyday for all that you are. Your gifts and talents
    are special and yours alone. Put them to good use."
    Thank You Very Much