Life Is Possible!!!
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Life Is Possible!!!



Life Is Possible!!!

Life Is Possible!!!



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Life Is Possible!!! Life Is Possible!!! Presentation Transcript

  • LIFE
    Is Possible!!!
  • "To achieve the impossible, one
    must think the absurd; to look
    where everyone else has looked,
    but to see what no else has seen."
  • "Life is not a relay race; we don't have the
    same starting point nor do we finish at the
    same time. Just because someone else got
    there before you doesn't mean you are late."
  • "Your endurance is worth all that you have to go through in order to get to your life destination. Don't quit now, your prize is awaiting you!"
  • "Life always gives you a second chance...
    you should have the guts to snatch the rest."
  • "Being 1st in line or better than the next doesn't
    always get the applause. It's those who fail and
    NEVER give up who are applauded in the end."
  • "Often the difference between a successful person
    and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas,
    but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas,
    to take a calculated risk --- and to act."
  • "Life is always moving. Stand up and rise above the rest with passion in your arms and fire in your heart. Dare to dream, dream high, dream ahead...It is the game of winning!"
  • "In this life we lay down, accustomed to our own complacency.
    Is it not our duty to live up to our own visions? The fight can be
    tortuous and grueling. Only those with the warrior spirit will
    have the fortitude to stand on the battle field and know that
    their lives were worth the effort."
  • "If you must, you can.
    If you can't, you must."
  • "No matter in life what the level of your
    ability, you have more electric potential
    than you can ever develop in a lifetime."
  • "Always have confidence in yourself in whatever you do
    and trust in yourself that you can overcome whatever
    that may come. And most importantly, keep on fighting
    your own battles with the 'never say die' attitude."
  • "Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap."
  • "Open your eyes to a better life. It may hurt at first, but that's because the future is so bright."
  • "Before you start the race, you don't need to know how far the road is or if it goes uphill or downhill. The target is the finish line, and you will cross it before the day ends."
  • "You have the power within
    you to do whatever it is you
    want to do."
  • "If life kicks you in the pants,
    you got to get up, dust yourself
    off, and kick it right back!"
  • "When you've been defeated and you feel hopeless and all you
    want to do is feel sorry for yourself, this is the time when a true
    champion evolves; to pick themselves up and keep going
    no matter how many times they've fallen in the past."
  • "Success is not permanent and
    failure is not final! So, never stop
    working after success and never
    stop trying after failure!"
  • "Each of us is ordinary with the ability to live an extraordinary life. Live your life with passion, leaving no stone unturned."
  • "Be determined... Be courageous...
    You're only as good as what you think
    you are, so make the most of your
    opportunities and give it your best
    shot. Remember this, tough times
    don't last... but tough people do!"
  • "Life has a tendency to push you
    down against the ground. You decide
    whether you will lie on your back,
    rest on your knees, or crouch and
    wait for the moment to leap up and
    reach heights higher than when you
    stood on your feet."
  • "In your tireless efforts to achieve your dreams, if the journey becomes very painful, please DO NOT QUIT OR GIVE UP. Something great is going to happen and you will receive the rewards for your efforts. Remember the pain is unbearable to the mother just before the baby is born."
  • "Always remember that no matter how many times you get knocked down, always make sure you get back up. There is no better respect than self-respect; they can't take that away. You are the one in charge of your own destiny; no one else. They are but an obstacle for better things to come. Keep moving forward and you will get there. Just believe in yourself for 1 darn minute and say, "I can do this, I... can... do... this." Scream these words loud to yourself, then see and feel the difference."
  • "Aim high, Aim for the impossible.
    Do not worry what others say!
    Have the conviction in your
    dreams, in your thoughts. Soon
    you will realize you have made
    your dreams possible.
    Life is Possible!!!
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn