Life Is Made!!!
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Life Is Made!!!



Life Is Made!!!

Life Is Made!!!



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Life Is Made!!! Life Is Made!!! Presentation Transcript

  • LIFE
    Is Made!!!
  • "Life is what we make it, Always has been, 
    Always will be."
  • "The tragedy of life is
    not that it is so short...
    But that we take so
    long to begin living it."
  • "The way life treats you is a merciless mirror image of your attitude toward life."
  • "Don't just aspire to something
    better, BE something better. 
    Make the change, right now."
  • "To be what we are,  and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end to life."--- Robert Lewis Stevenson
  • "Make the best of your youth, For we get older every minuteAnd soon it will be gone."
  • "The things that really count in life
    Are not those one can hold in the hand,
    But those one cherishes in the heart."
  • "The world belongs to those who Dream Boldly,Care Deeply,And Work Diligently."
  • "What most people need to learn in life,
    is how to love people and use things,
    instead of using people and loving things."
  • "We do not understandJoy, until we have felt sorrow;Faith until we are tested;Peace, until we are faced with conflict;Trust, until we are betrayed;Love until it is lost;Hope, until we are faced with doubts."
  • "Life is half spent before one knows what Life is."
  • "Having choices in life is a privilege. Making the right choices in life is a responsibility."
  • "In life, people are like
    cookies put into an oven.
    Some get "burnt" while
    others come out just right.
    Let's just hope you are the
    one with the frosting and
  • "As you go through life you learn
    that if you don't paddle your own
    canoe, you don't move."
  • "One can only judge a man by his actions when he is absolutely free to choose."
  • "Cherish life, for you do not get another one."
  • "If life is a race, always fight for the pole position!"
  • "Stand up from slumbering and make a way to make a move to your destiny."
  • "Just go out there and do what you have to do."
  • "Think of the highest peak you can reach, instead of thinking how deep how may have fallen down!!!!"
  • "Think BIG, Do BIG, Get BIG and Finally Be BIG."
  • "If you had 1 day left to live,Who would you call?What would you say? And Why are you waiting?” 
  • "Many really great achievements did not come overnight. Often they were preceded by many false starts, and difficulties. You need to maintain your faith that you will soon succeed in small things and in time in great ones. Never give up on your dreams! You will succeed sooner than you think!"
  • "Give yourself a perfect day. Do what makes you happiest. Look upon what gives you joy. Speak to those who warm your heart. Listen to that which lifts your spirit. Surround yourself with sights and sounds and people who give you pleasure. For
    all the happiness you give to others all year long, give yourself a perfect day."
    Life is made by YOU!!!
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn