Lead Your Life!!!


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Lead Your Life!!!

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Lead Your Life!!!

  1. 1. Lead Your Life!!!
  2. 2. Are you playing the supporting/secondary role in your own life? Don’t youconsider yourself as a hero/lead actor of your life? Are you content playing the second fiddle? It’s your life. Take control of it.
  3. 3. You are the central character in your life. You are the producer, writer, director and theactor. You are the hero ofyour life. It’s your movie. It’s your movie called life. You are putting money, time and hardwork into it.
  4. 4. How can you let someone else take themain role? To make the movie a successyou should take up the hero’s role andenact it well. The success of the movie will depend on you and you alone.
  5. 5. Your life should revolve around you. You have everyright to choose the characters that you want to work with. But no matter how many characters or actorsare there no one gets to play the lead role except you.
  6. 6. It’s your life; you have every right to decide whom you want to spend it with. It’s your choice!!!
  7. 7. If you do not like someone, do not waste your time thinking aboutthem. If you find someone sucking your energies and driving you crazy, let them go.
  8. 8. There is no point in holding on to destructive relationships. Have no guilt about it!!!
  9. 9. You deserve the best, only let thosepeople into your life who would be able to contribute positively, whowould inspire you, who would love you and stand by you.
  10. 10. Life is all about making choices. Your choices would go a longway in helping you play the lead role. Make good choices, those that would have a positive impact in your life.
  11. 11. Many people only play a small role in our lives, few would play long and lasting roles and very few would come with you till the end.
  12. 12. Only you can decide who will be your friends, your best friends and who will come with you till the end.
  13. 13. In your life you should have the locus of control. Do not let someone elsecontrol it. Do not let someone else impose conditions on you. Do not live your life according to someone else’s whims and fancies.
  14. 14. If you do not have any plans for you will end up fitting in someone else’s plan. You would end up as a puppetand stepping stone for such men. You will be trampled upon by great men on their way to success and glory.
  15. 15. Do not let others dictate terms to you. Do not let others decide for you. Do not follow someone’s visions and dreams. Follow your own course.
  16. 16. Take the road destined for you and you alone. Do not be weak. Do not feel helpless; take control of your life.
  17. 17. Hold the reins tight inyour hands and take it in the direction you want to go.
  18. 18. Do not leave your life to chance and circumstance. Plan it, control it andsteer it towards success and greatness.
  19. 19. You are the hero of your life.Let this fact ring in your ears day in and day out.
  20. 20. Perform your role welland may you keep winning the award for the best actor in a lead role all through your life.
  21. 21. Summary Of Thoughts Lead Your life Now My Friends!!! Sompong Yusoontorn