Inspire Me!!!

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Inspire Me!!!

Inspire Me!!!

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  • 1. Inspire Me!
  • 2. Best friends are those
    Who bring out the
    Best that’s in me.
  • 3. It is far better to be prepared
    Than it is to be repaired.
  • 4. People with purpose are
    Powerhouses with possibility.
  • 5. When the desire is big enough,
    You will always find a way.
  • 6. If I don’t correctly plan where I’m going in life,
    I may end up where I don’t want to be.
  • 7. Fear is terrified by action.
  • 8. If I’m going to achieve anything in life, I’m going to have to get passionate about something.
  • 9. Learn from the past, concentrate on today
    and tomorrow will take care of itself.
  • 10. True freedom lies between your ears,
    So think good thoughts!
  • 11. I like me who was, I like me who is and
    I am ecstatic about what me is to become!
  • 12. It is your responsibility to create
    your own ‘heaven on earth’.
  • 13. As steam is to a steam engine,
    So too is a dream to your life.
  • 14. The dream will put the motor-vation
    in your motor.
  • 15. Attach a big dream to a small beginning
    And it won’t be small for too long.
  • 16. There is one thing that is truly predictable about life - Its unpredictability.
  • 17. It is far better to become a master of one thing
    Than to be mediocre at everything.
  • 18. Stretching is a vital part of goal achievement.
  • 19. Strategy for getting out of your
    Comfort zone? Get uncomfortable.
  • 20. Life’s a stage and you only get one
    Performance. Make it a good one.
  • 21. Without a dream a life is not lived.
    It is in fact extinct.
  • 22. Even if you have to zigzag your way
    To success, at the end of the journey
    It’s still success.
  • 23. It’s not what you get out of life that makes
    The difference; it’s what you give.
  • 24. You become an original by
    Learning from an original.
  • 25. Any dirt coming your way? Stick it under your
    Feet and you’ll stand taller and see further
    Than you’ve ever seen before.
  • 26. Happiness comes as soon as you
    Decide to be happy.
  • 27. Your mountains will never increase in height,
    But you and I can increase in stature.
  • 28. Sitting on the fence can only ever
    Get you one thing. Splinters!
  • 29. Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn