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How To Be Happy!!!
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How To Be Happy!!!


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How To Be Happy!!!

How To Be Happy!!!

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Technology

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  • 2. Once a lady, whowas troubled by manyproblems, approachedSri Ramana Mahirishifor some sound adviceon how to live a happy and contented life.
  • 3. The Guru gave her apatient hearing anddid not interrupt her as she listed all hertroubles and needs
  • 4. Once she was throughhe asked her to tell him, in simple terms, as to what exactly she was looking for and how he could be of help
  • 5. The lady blurted out“Swamiji, I want to be happy Nothingmore Please tell mehow to be happywith all these things troubling me?”
  • 6. Swami Ramana responded “My Dear Lady, the solutionis simple Will you do as I tell you?” The lady vigorously nodded her head to indicate her willingness.
  • 7. The Guru continued “You said „I want to be happy‟ Now here is my advice Firstdrop the „I‟ from yourstatement What is left in it now? Could you repeat it?”
  • 8. “want to be happy”
  • 9. “Ah Now that we have got rid of „I‟from your statement, why don‟t you remove „Want to‟ also from it and repeat that which is remaining?”
  • 10. “be happy”
  • 11. “There you have it ” Guruchuckled “the solution to your problems Drop the I and the want from your life then you will be Happy
  • 12. Lesson # 1 : Be HappyNobody is happy all of the time, but some people are definitely more fulfilled than others Studieson what makes people happy reveal that it doesnt have much to do with material goods or highachievement; it seems to whittle down to your outlook on life, and the quality of your relationshipwith the people around you When you smile, you will be happy then. It’s very simple!!!
  • 13. Lesson # 2 : Be total with your actionBe total with your action, not doing one thing and thinking of another The I or the ego mind wontwant you to behave this way, because when youre total, unified, ego has no existence It is onlyin separation that the ego thrives. Being total being present is expansive and inclusive of life, andundoes the ego, thereby allowing our natural joy and happiness to flow.
  • 14. Lesson # 3 : Be optimistNo matter what happens, good or bad, the effect on our happiness is only temporary and wetend to rebound to our baseline level. Some people have a higher baseline happiness levelthan others. Only improving your attitude towards life will increase your happinesspermanently.
  • 15. Lesson # 4 : Get rid of a couple of your less valuable desires.If you want less instead of more, more, more then your desires are more likely to be fulfilled. Andif you throw away a few of those desires that you may not really want or need that much anywayyou’ll probably start to feel less stressed and worried. You will discover the happiness that isalready in your life.
  • 16. Lesson # 5 : Find happiness in the job you have nowIf you have a positive outlook, you will make the best of any job, and if you have good relationshipswith people, you wont depend on your job to give your life a greater sense of meaning Now thatdoesnt mean you shouldnt aspire towards a job that will make you happier; it means you shouldunderstand that the capacity of your job to make you happy is quite small in comparison to youroutlook on life and your relationships with people
  • 17. Lesson # 6 : Find the happiness from withinVery little is needed to make a happy life it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.Happiness and joy are our natural state of being So if you are on the quest of finding itsomewhere outside yourself, you wont find it because you are looking in the wrongdirection
  • 18. Lesson # 7 : Help someone else find happiness.If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap, If you want happiness for a day, go fishing, If youwant happiness for a year, inherit a fortune, If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someoneelse. When you make someone else happy – by, for example, helping them with something –you can sense, see, feel and hear it And that happy feeling flows back to you
  • 19. “Man is fond of counting histroubles, but he does not counthis joys If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it ” - Fyodor Dostoesky Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn