Find Your Passion!!!
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Find Your Passion!!!



Find Your Passion!!!

Find Your Passion!!!



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Find Your Passion!!! Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Find Your Passion
  • 2. Are you passionate about your job or the work you do? Do you feelexcited and happy to wake up every day to pursue something you love? Do you spend your days in a happy pursuit or are they just a bore.
  • 3. The great artists, poets, writersand entrepreneurs are all menof passion. Their work reflectsthe passion, the desire and the fire in them. With passion in their hearts and fire in their souls they become masters in their field of work.
  • 4. Passion is the flame which lends itslight to all the other things. Desire is the mother from whose womb are born patience, persistence and ultimately prosperity.
  • 5. To succeed in any filedyou need to be passionateabout it; you need to have a strong interest.
  • 6. Few great souls are born with a clearpurpose and a strong passion. From a very young age they know whatthey want, where their passions and interests lie and what they want to accomplish in their lifetime.
  • 7. For the rest of us ordinary mortals we dabble at many jobs and careers, wekeep moving from one to another and if lucky we find our field of interest.
  • 8. The majority of us end up frustrated at our jobs and unhappy with our lives. At the end we realize that wehave been working only for money.
  • 9. Instead of going through all this decide early what you are good at, what you like to do, how you want to spend your time. Chances are the more interest you have in a particular field, the more passionate you are greater are your chances of success.
  • 10. You should choose your interestsover money. With a burning desire you can reach to the top of your chosen field and money will have no choice but to follow you.
  • 11. Genuine passion and strong desireknow no limits. They can overcomeany impediment. They can burn andbreakdown any obstacle. A burning desire can make up for the lack of money and even talent.
  • 12. Nobody can find your passion except you. Others can guide you but ultimately it’syour choice. How to find out if you are really passionate about the work or job you do?
  • 13. Happiness: Do you feel excitedand happy working at it? Does the mere thought of work fill your soul with happiness?
  • 14. Winning the lottery: One fine day you win the lottery and receive so much moneythat there is no need for you to work even for a single day of your life, would you still continue doing what you do?
  • 15. Contentment: After completingthe work/job do you get the same contentment and happiness that you get after having sex.
  • 16. Free of cost: Would you do it for freewithout any money? Would you do it just for the love of it even if no one paid you a single penny?
  • 17. Sense of time: When you are at your work,does time seem to fly by? You find yourself so immersed in it that you lose sense of time.
  • 18. Nothing else: If in this worldthere was nothing else to doand your work is the last and only thing available, would you still continue doing it?
  • 19. Love: You are so in love withyour work that it defines who you are, you are known by the work you do.
  • 20. Completely Destroyed: If all that youcreated and achieved in your field ofwork was completely destroyed, will you start all over again with the same zeal and fervor?
  • 21. Enthusiasm: Are you enthusiastic aboutwhat you do and is it contagious that it rubs off on other people.
  • 22. No Recognition: Even if noone admires your work, younever receive a single word of appreciation, would you keep doing it.
  • 23. Little time: If you had only afew years left to live, would you spend it in your work.
  • 24. If you answered yes to most or all of the abovequestions then the line of wok you have chosen isright for you. If not it’s never too late to find your passions and follow your desires!!! Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn
  • 25. Summary Of Thoughts