A Life Of Courage!!!
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A Life Of Courage!!!



A Life Of Courage!!!

A Life Of Courage!!!



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A Life Of Courage!!! A Life Of Courage!!! Presentation Transcript

  • A Life Of CourageIt is an essential quality for a man to succeed.
  • When taking up a new challenge courage andfaith in your abilities is a must for success. Allgreat men who have left an indelible mark inhistory had the courage to press on in spite of difficulties.
  • To challenge your limits, to push ahead, to movebeyond your comfort zone all require courage more than anything else.
  • To accept an opportunity when you know the skills required are much more than what youcurrently have requires a greatdeal of confidence and courage, but remember opportunitiesmake life. Without courage one cannot hope to succeed.
  • Courage is saying yes toa challenge and pushingahead. Courage is facing difficulties boldly in spite of your handicapsand disabilities. Courage is getting up every time you take a hit.
  • Every man has his own fears, we all are afraid, attimes we feel inadequate to the task ahead of us. The courageous man is not the one who has any fears, but acts in spite of his fears.
  • Courage is in the judgment thatsomething is farmore important than your fear.
  • We fear many things but most of these fears areimaginary, nobody is born bold or timid but it is ourthoughts and environment which condition us to behave in that way.
  • Practice a little courage every day; give up the habitof being scared. Seewhat a little courage;a little boldness can do to your life.
  • The world belongs to the man with courage; such men go on their way hustling while the majority of us are just bystanders. If you lead a life of fear you will be trampledupon by courageous men on a mission, men who want to pave their own way in life.
  • What is there to fear somuch. Why should you pray to every being and every god to come and save you from your misery?
  • You should realize that nobody is coming to save you. You are your own savior. Stand up foryourselves. Stand up and fight, fight the whole world even ifit is only for a moment you live. A moment lived courageouslyis more than a thousand births lived in fear and misery.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of in this world except your cowardice. Why fear death? Everyone rich or poor, old or young will die one day. Deathis inevitable. There is no point in fearing the inevitable.
  • What matters is how did you live? Did you lead a life of courage or did youlead a life of fear and misery scarping and apologizing for your existence.
  • When you get old and reflect upon the way you lived, do you want to die in peace andhappiness that you lived a life of courage and accomplished your dreams or do you want to die in regret that you wasted away your life in fear, cowardice and misery.
  • Courage is a choice, achoice that every one of us can make!!!
  • Stand up for yourselves and see how the world treats you. Theworld will move aside to let theman of courage and confidence have his way. All that requiresis a little courage and the world will be at your feet.
  • If you lead a life of miseryand cowardice does it matterwhether you live or die? The world will not miss you.
  • Be a man of courage, stand up for somethingyou believe in, when youdie let the world cry and lament that it has lost a truly courageous man.
  • Make it a habit to live courageously each day, every day!!!
  • Summary Of Thoughts What are you waiting for??? Sompong Yusoontorn