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9 Stories Of Mind!!!

9 Stories Of Mind!!!



9 Stories Of Mind!!!

9 Stories Of Mind!!!



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9 Stories Of Mind!!! 9 Stories Of Mind!!! Presentation Transcript

  • 9
    Stories Of Mind
  • Our mind is always busy all the time! When it is tired, it runs to do, listen, think more and more. It solves the problem at the wrong place and walk to the wrong way. Today…tomorrow….day
    by-day… night-by- night ….all our life….our mind is always up and down sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes happy, sometimes sad….no end. Without the right direction!
  • Story # 1 : Finding The Pin
    The old woman stayed with her grandsons. One day they went shopping , saw the movie, drank at pub and let their grandmother at the house lonely. When they came back, they talked to their grandmother,
    “We are so tired, so we go outside to find the happiness.”
  • One night they came back and saw their grandmother finding the pin outside the house :
    Grandson : “Where did you lose your pin?”
    Grandmother : “At my bed!”
    Grandson : “Why do you find the pin here?”
    Grandmother : “because it has the light here!”
    Grandson : “Are you joking? How can you find the pin here?”
    Grandmother : “Why not? When you lose happiness in your mind, you go to find the happiness
  • Life Lesson 1 : Happiness Isn’t Outside Yourself
    Happiness is one of the most important treasures. It is within your soul. All you have to do, is dig it out and enjoy it. There is no need to search for happiness or to create it. There is no need to undergo all kinds of external experiences in order to enjoy it. It is always here, deep within your soul.
  • Story # 2 : Downsizing The Water Glass
    Downsizing your water glass to the limit that you can drink, Be happy to the present, no need to wait for the future. Now you can be happy for what you get and have!
  • Life Lesson 2 : Live Frugally
    Readjustyour mindset. Take stock of what is truly important in your life. Start with the top priorities--family, shelter, food and clothing--and work backward. Things like casual shopping, dining out and cable service don't have to be priorities. Living frugally allows you to grow knowledge, as well as wealth, rather than debt.
  • Story # 3 : Monkey And The Shrimp Paste
    When people smeared the shrimp paste at the monkey’s hand, it didn’t like the smell and tried to rub its hand at the wall, until its hand was injured.
    The question is
    “What caused injury to monkey’ s hand? ”
    “Shrimp paste or the hatred of shrimp pate in the monkey’s mind.
    Did you face with the same
    situation like this monkey ???
  • Life Lesson 3 : See Things As They Really Are
    The source of all our fear comes from our own uncontrolled minds or “delusions”.  To overcome this root of all fear, Buddha taught the truth of emptiness, or no self. We suffer because we are asleep and lost in our dreams, and we will stop suffering only when we wake up and see things as they really are. The purpose of all Buddha’s teachings is to help us wake up.
  • Story # 4 : Monk And His Problem
    One day the rat bit the monk’s yellow rob.
    The monk decided to feed the cat for chasing the rat.
    He decided to feed the cow for providing milk to the cat.
    He decided to hire the woman to feed the cow, and finally
    he decided to get married with her for her better living???
    Do you think he solved the problem correctly?
  • Life Lesson # 4 : Find The Cause Of The Problem & Solve It
    If you look clearly into all problems, we can say it is only because, we do not know the real cause of the problem which makes us to leave it as it is or to hide ourselves from that. It is always better for us to discover the cause of any problem or setbacks we face, if you do that I can assure you that certainly you will be able to find a remedy to that.
  • Story # 5 : Monkey And A Coconut
    The monkey gripped the peanut in his hand and he dipped his hand into the coconut for taking a piece of coconut to eat, but he couldn’t pull his hand out and wait for the gardener to help him!!! If he laid down the peanut in his hand, he could solve the problem easily.
    “Are you holding the peanut
    in your thought???”
  • Life Lesson # 5 : Learn The Problem And Let It Go
    Ultimately you need to believe that your life will be better without the problem than with it. Once you believe that and are really ready to take that leap of faith to let it go. You must be willing to risk being somewhat uncomfortable, and to let go of the problem you know so well in order to discover the life you want to have.Let it go...The outcome is definitely worth it.
  • Story # 6 : Two Gods In Your Body
    “There are 2 gods in your body, which are god of wisdom and god of wealth. If you take good care of god of wisdom, god of wealth will be jealous and pay the most attention to you and go with you everywhere!”
  • Life Lesson # 6 : Life Is All About Learning
    Learning is a life-long process. It does not end when one leaves a school or a university. In fact, true
    learning begins when life at school and university ends.  We learn from nature, we learn from people,
    we learn from difficult experiences and above all, we learn from our mistakes and failures. We must
    find a way of life that combines the spiritual and the social, the inner and the outer — in a balance.
  • Story # 7 : The Car Accident
    The man was crying “Oh my sport Benz!!!” The old man beside the road said to him,
    “Hey, your arm is laid down at that side!!!” Suddenly he saw his lost arm on the road,
    he shouted, “Oh my lovely Rolex!!!”
    “Are you paying too much attention
    to the things out of your life?”
  • Life Lesson # 7 : Finding The Right Life Focus
    Plenty of things catch your attention and drag you away from your passions. If you spend too much time looking at the distractions of life, those distractions can keep you from accomplishing the things
    that you value most. The key to your happiness is finding those life activities that feed your soul and fulfill your purpose. When you do, you’ll enjoy the rich, full life you’ve always dreamed about.
  • Story # 8 : The Nail On The Wall
    “My son, you see the wall…it’s not the same as the past. Please remember that when you do anything with anger, It will become the lesion on their hearts. Even you ask them for an excuse, but they will not forget what you do forever!”
    Get your anger under control!
  • Life Lesson # 8 : Control Your Anger
    Don't let anger rule your actions! Learn how to control it so you can lead a happier life. Not only can it harm you on the outside, but in your inside as well. Anger is a feeling, or more of a destructive emotion that can, and will, take over without warning. By becoming more aware of what upsets you, and how you feel when you are angry, you can take control of it before it takes control of you. 
  • Story # 8 : The Problem And The Chopsticks
    Solve the problem with your wisdom, not emotion!
    Problem is smaller, when you
    focus on the solution, and the
    outcome is come out!
    Problem is so big, when you concentrate on it
  • Life Lesson # 9 : Focus On The Solution Not The Problem
    Patience is based on the reality that people are human. So, your spouse forgot to bring the milk home from the store. Patience says, “I recognize that you are human and human’s forget. So, let’s decide who will get the milk and when.” Now you’ve solved the problem and you are still friends. Being patient with the imperfections of others is one of the traits of love.
  • Take your time in reading them. Inwardly digest them. Chew on them. Be challenged by them. Don’t discard them, but simply ask yourself ‘what is the lesson I have just learned’ once you have read them. Read them more than once. Seek to understand.
  • “The trouble with using
    experience as a teacher
    is that
    the final exam often comes first
    and the lesson second.”
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn