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8 Exercises Of Highly Positive Thinker!!!
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8 Exercises Of Highly Positive Thinker!!!


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8 Exercises Of Highly Positive Thinker!!!

8 Exercises Of Highly Positive Thinker!!!

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  • 1. 8
    Exercises Of Highly
    Positive Thinker
    Develop your mind with positive thinking exercises for success
  • 2. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.”  - Willie Nelson
  • 3. Never underestimate the power that your mind holds.  Every human that has the ability to think a thought on purpose holds power over the direction of his or her life.  We have the power to bring into our lives happiness, harmony, and success just by training our thoughts and this can be done through positive thinking exercises.
  • 4. Exercise One : Positive Time
    Carve out some time each day to share positive news with family members. Allow each family member to share something positives about his or her day.  It could be a major event or simply a compliment that someone gave you.
  • 5. This collective positive thinking exercise is great in that it allows each person to take some responsibility for maintaining the habit and therefore notice the habit is embedded it is very unlikely to be forgotten and broken.
  • 6. Exercise Two : Be Grateful 
    Gratitude is the most amazing thing.  It is an unseen force that instantly transforms a person’s outlook on the world. Seek out just one thing each day that you are grateful for.  If you are really having difficulty with this, just be grateful that you woke up this morning. 
  • 7. Just by rolling out of bed, you have received another new opportunity to make positive changes in your life.  When you start the day with even a small amount of gratefulness, your whole day will be infused with optimism.
  • 8. Exercise Three : Look on the bright side 
    That may sound like a cliché, and honestly, it is.  However, when you walk out your door this morning, make a conscious decision to look at the positive side of every situation you encounter throughout the day.  Take an active look at your reactions to situations that come up during your day.  Make the effort, and sometimes it takes a massive effort, to look for a bright side before acknowledging the negative. 
  • 9. The less attention you give to the negative, the less of a hold it has on you. What good ever came from focusing on the negatives?
  • 10. Exercise Four : Give yourself a little joy
    Every day give time to yourself to do something you truly enjoy.  Watch a favorite TV show, read a book, spend some time with your children or grandchildren.  If you love to cook, cook.  If working-out puts you on cloud nine, by all means make time to workout.  
  • 11. Whatever makes your heart sing, find a little time each day for that and then be thankful for that.
  • 12. Exercise Five : Dedication
    Make it an unbreakable rule to be positive every day.  Life does not always cooperate with our plans to be positive.  Uncontrollable events happen, things that make us angry, frustrated, or sad just happen.
    The death of a loved one or being let down by someone you trust or love just happens. These things can be heart wrenching but they do not have to keep us completely down.   
  • 13. Tough times can still be lightened with positive affirmations.  Set a time to meditate on your particular affirmation or point of gratitude daily.
  • 14. Exercise Six : Set Goals 
    Decide what you want and set goals to achieve it.  If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there.  For long term goals, set smaller milestones so that you can gauge your success. 
  • 15. When you reach a goal
    or milestone, celebrate. 
    Congratulate yourself on
    a job well done. 
  • 16. Exercise Seven : Replacement Exercise
    Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.  Listen to what your thoughts are saying to you.
    Thoughts often enter and exit our minds without us giving them a passing glance.  Even those fleeting thoughts have influence over our mind set.  Tuning in to your thoughts will give you an opportunity to weed out the negative ones. 
  • 17. Begin immediately to toss out the negative and think something positive instead. Once the positive thought is in there, the negative has to leave. Make this positive thinking exercise a part of your natural way of thinking and your life will be full of joy and success.
  • 18. Exercise Eight : Visualization
    With this positive thinking exercise you will need to spend a few minutes in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Empty you mind of thoughts, all thoughts.  Focus on your breathing, when you are totally focused on the way your breath feels as it enters and leaves your body, picture your self achieving your goals.  
  • 19. See yourself in that place that makes you happy and gives you immense joy and fulfillment. Do this visualization at least once daily. If you have more opportunities during the day, by all means, visualize again as you can’t over dose on positive thinking exercises.
  • 20. The positive thinking exercises that follow will quickly break your current pattern of thoughts and implement a new positive way of thinking in all areas of your life. You can try one at a time or implement all of them in your life immediately. Positive thinking exercises draw positive results to you. Go ahead, create your own positive future!
  • 21. Thank You Very Much