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7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'
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7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'


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7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'

7 Ways To Use 'The Secret'

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. 7
    Ways To Use
    “The Secret”
    It will help you make your
    dream life a reality!!!
  • 2. The law of attraction is based on the precept that like attracts like.  You have probably heard many who stand behind the secret law of attraction and many who will tell you that it is a waste of time.  For those who believe it is a waste of time, it is a waste of time.  However, you do not totally believe that it will be a waste of time. You want to learn to put the secret into effect in your life. That is why you are here. 
  • 3. Way # 1 : Decide Exactly What You Want
    Write down your dreams and goals.  Many thoughts will come through your mind as you sit down to try to sort through this.  You want to be rich, you want a new home, you want the love of your life to come walking through the door, there are a lot of wants that can come to mind. 
  • 4. However, take a deep breath and slow down.  Find out what really matters to you and will make you happy.  Write it down and begin working on your new successful life now.
  • 5. Way # 2 : Eliminate the Obstacle
    You cannot reach your goals if there is an obstacle in your way.  What you may not realize is that you have put the obstacle there in the first place.  You just did not realize that you were in the way of your own goal.  Now that you know, you can correct the problem and eliminate the obstacle. The successful people have a good life because they expect to have a good life.  They will accept nothing less.
  • 6. Change your expectations.  It is the limits of your own expectations and beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your great life.  Expect success to come your way, expect to find your soul mate, and expect happiness and harmony in your life.
  • 7. Way # 3 : Work Your Subconscious
    Your subconscious never takes a break.  It is always on, always there for you.  The only thing about your subconscious is it cannot recognize negatives. Take note of all of your thoughts and make an effort to change them into more positive statements.  Instead of, “I don’t want to be lonely,’ you might say, ‘I am with my soul mate.’  Make it a positive statement and make it as if it already exists.
  • 8. When you consistently speak positive affirmations and think in a positive manner, your subconscious catches on.  Even in your sleep, your subconscious will be working out positive outcomes in your life.
  • 9. Way # 4 : Visualize
    Visualizing allows your mind to get a clear picture of exactly what it is you are asking for.  See your dream in detail.  Use color, sound, movement, smell, and textures to make your dream feel real even before you see it in the physical realm. Meditate on this image every chance you get.  Get it firmly embedded in your whole being.  That way, when your dream comes true, you will recognize it!
  • 10. For those times when you are too exhausted to focus, have a vision board handy.  A vision board is quite simply a picture collage of the things that remind you of your dream.  You may also use your positive affirmations on your vision board.  When your mind is cloudy, you can look at that vision board and it will begin to prod your positive mental state back into the forefront.
  • 11. Way # 5 : Stay Vigilant But Not Anxious
    Stay alert to nipping negative thoughts and feelings in the bud as it pertains to your desired outcome.
    Always be ready to detect negativity and turn it around to the positive side. However, do not become obsessed with seeking out the negative.  That could have some very unwanted results.
  • 12. Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur. - Muriel Spark
  • 13. Way # 6 : Receive Your Dream Life
    This is sometimes the most difficult part of using the secret law of attraction.  You must be open to the way the universe fulfills your request.  It may come from a totally different direction that you thought it would.  However, it does not really matter how or from which direction, all that matters is that you will be experiencing the life you have always wanted.
  • 14. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
  • 15. Way # 7 : Gratefulness
    Be grateful for all the good things you receive.  A grateful heart and mind adds strength to the magnet
    of the law of attraction.  A grateful heart will also keep your mind on the positive events in your life. 
    You will begin to notice that the cycle of good that is flowing through to you is limitless. 
  • 16. The secret law of attraction
    is ever in motion, remember
    that.  Whether good or bad,
    the universe is constantly
    working to manifest the
    requests you have made. 
    You can allow your thoughts
    to flit where they may, or
    you can take control of
    those thoughts.  It is your
    choice to receive good
    things or bad things.  This is your chance to be your very best and have the very best. Choose to attract the good.
  • 17. These are the ways to make your dream life a reality.  All that is needed is some positive
    energy to attract those things that you desire into your life.  Whether it be a new car, a
    more lucrative career, or better relationships, what you want to come into your life will
    come into your life if you follow the secret law of attraction.
  • 18. What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into your experience.
    Thank You Very Much