7 Reasons To Go After Dream!!!

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7 Reasons To Go After Dream!!!

7 Reasons To Go After Dream!!!

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  • 1. ReasonsGo After Dream!
  • 2. Don’t be afraid to dream for what islife without them. Dreams are like rain on a parched land. They add beauty and joy to the life of man.
  • 3. Dreams are the stuff life is made of. Without them life would be dull and boring. The best way to live life isto go after your dreams and doing what you love. Why go after your dreams in the first place?
  • 4. Reason # 1 : You live only onceYour time on this planet is limited. You get only one chance at your life. Once wasted you are notgetting it back, it‟s only a one time show. For a show that is played only once don‟t you want tomake it colorful, the best show possible? Don‟t you want it to be a show that you would enjoy?Don‟t act like you have forever to live.
  • 5. Do not waste your life and timein meaningless pursuits. Followyour dreams. Set your goals andpriorities. Give accomplishmentof your dreams and desires the highest priority in your life.
  • 6. Reason # 2 : HappinessHappiness is the end which everyone strives for. Ultimately we all want to have a good time;we all want to lead happy lives. Happiness does not lie outside you, it is not elusive. It issomething within you.
  • 7. A man who spends his time in the pursuit of his dreams is infinitely happier thansomeone who just spends his time doing nothing. Though chequered by obstacles and failures a man who strives for his dreams finds happiness in their accomplishment.
  • 8. Sitting idle and wandering aimless has its share of trifling pleasures but itdoes not give lasting happiness. A man who expresses himself completely,who makes full use of his talents in the pursuit of his dreams will find that happiness and contentment never leave his side.
  • 9. Reason # 3 : No regretsThe most painful words that anyone could utter are “if only”. If only I worked hard, if only I wasa bit positive, if only I didn‟t let failure stop me. Regret is a painful disease. It will destroy youfrom within. It‟s children misery and guilt will finish off what„s left of you after regret has takenits share.
  • 10. Is it not better to follow yourpassions and your dreams even though you might fail rather than regretting later? Do the things you want to do, do the tasks you love, do them now.
  • 11. Do not postpone them to somelater date. Do not give excuses. Now is the time. Regrettingwill not get you back lost time nor will it undo the mistakes you have done. It will only make you worse.
  • 12. Do not regret, instead act upon your dreams. The best way toavoid a life of regret is to follow your heart, till the end. It will lead you on a path of success and happiness.
  • 13. Reason # 4 : Money will comeToday money is very important to each individual. It‟s as important as the air you breathe or thewater you drink. Money is what makes the world go round. When you follow your dreams andpassions money will come. Money should be and will become a by-product of your effort toreach out to your dreams.
  • 14. Money shouldn’t determine thetype of work or profession you choose. When you follow your heart there is no need to goafter money it will come to you. In life you should follow your heart and not money.
  • 15. Reason # 5 : You grow as a personWhen you face a challenge and emerge triumphant you become stronger. The scars and woundsfill your blood with courage and confidence. Once you emerge victorious you are ready to takeon new and bigger challenges. A man who plays safe and avoids risks can never hope to grow.His life becomes stagnant.
  • 16. A man who spends time in the pursuit of his dreams grows mentally, emotionally and financially. You were born to be bold and strong but not to play safe and rust out.
  • 17. Life is all about growth. If you didnothing and achieved nothing then your coming to the planet did not make any difference. The road to achieving your dreams is full offailures but it is also full of lessons that these setbacks teach.
  • 18. The road to success is full of growth. This is the journey you were meantto make. Go on begin your journey of growth now.
  • 19. Reason # 6 : Enjoy your workMany of us spend a good portion of our adult lives working. We work for almost half the time ofour entire lives. When so much time is spent at work/job why not spend it doing something youlove. Instead of crying and cribbing at your work start doing something you enjoy. When you dosomething you love it no longer feels like work, it gives you immense pleasure and happiness.
  • 20. There is also a sense ofsatisfaction that you haveaccomplished something worthwhile. Spend your time working on yourdreams instead of wasting it on something that you do not enjoy.
  • 21. Reason # 7 : The best way to liveA life spent in the pursuit of your dreams is a happy life. Think about it, do you want to spendyour days doing something that you love or do you want to spend them in frustration andmisery. Money, fame, success and happiness you will meet them all on your journey.
  • 22. You will also meet failures,setbacks and disappointments. But overcoming them and emerging triumphant is what will add meaning to your life and make it worthwhile.
  • 23. Spending your time in thepursuit of your dreams isthe best way to live if not the only way.
  • 24. Summary Of Thoughts Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn