5 Essentials For Victory From Sun Tzu ' s Art Of War
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5 Essentials For Victory From Sun Tzu ' s Art Of War

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5 Essentials For Victory From Sun Tzu ' s Art Of War

5 Essentials For Victory From Sun Tzu ' s Art Of War

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  • 1. 5
    For Victory
    Sun Tzu’s Art Of War
    They will guide you how to win all battles in life & business
  • 2. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result
    of a hundred battles.”
    - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  • 3. Imagine creating a legacy so significant that it would remain powerfully influential 2,500 years into the future. That’s precisely the legacy and legend of Sun Tzu – military genius and wise philosopher. Sun Tzu lived in the 6th century BC but is as alive today as ever before.
  • 4. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War preserves his legacy. It is a masterpiece of strategic and tactical ingenuity. Although Sun Tzu’s teachings are in a military context, the lessons are universal to any pursuit of greatness. For example, they’ve been applied to business, leadership, politics, international diplomacy, and more. Here are 5 essentials for victory from Sun Tzu’s art of war :
  • 5. Essential # 1 : Know when to fight and when not to fight.
    A smart warrior knows that he cannot win every battle. He also knows that winning every battle is not the objective. Victory over the enemy is the objective. So, as Sun Tzu teaches, the victorious warrior is he who applies cunning, creativity, and cleverness to his endeavors.
  • 6. “Choices matter. Choose brains over brawn. Choose the fights worth fighting.”
  • 7. Business Application : Know when to take action and when not to take action
    For instance, maybe a new factory is in the plans but building it where and when is important because a factory is a fixed assets and a wrong move could affect the cash flow of the company. Moreover, the factory can only add manufacturing capacity to the company after a certain time lag.
  • 8. Essential # 2 : Obtain the wholehearted support of your troops.
    The bond among warriors is priceless. Sun Tzu knew this. Thus, he trained his warriors to believe in the same purpose and unify their resolve. He knew that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, an army united and animated as one fights as one.
  • 9.  As Sun Tzu knew, such fellowship produces unrivaled strength. It’s members thrive off of each other’s energy. Together, they achieve more than they could ever hope to alone.
  • 10. Business Application : Unite the whole team
    This is straightforward. Again we see the mentioning of unity again. So the team leader needs to unite his whole team. If the team is not united, synergy cannot be created and worse, the skills of individuals may not be able to bring out the best result because of constant bickering.
  • 11. Essential # 3 : Be well prepared to seize favorable opportunities.
    All things are NOT created equal on the battlefield. There is superior positioning, inferior weaponry, uneven terrain, unbalanced morale, tactical advantages, and more. As Sun Tzu explains, the smart warrior can quickly and easily discern these facts. He then uses this intelligence to play to his superior strengths.
  • 12. Thus, the key is to know yourself. Whatever they are, emphasize your superior qualities and interests. Victors, after all, focus on what they do better than anyone else. But don’t get to self-absorbed and lose sight of the terrain. The smart warrior adapts to his surroundings and exploits it to his advantage. 
  • 13. Business Application : Know the strengths and weaknesses of team
    The leader in a particular department or team should be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of each and every individual in his department or team. From there, he should know who will complete
    each individual project with the best result, which person should partner with who so as to achieve synergy.
  • 14. Essential # 4 : Free yourself from interference.
    A battlefield is no place for half-measures. Smart warriors know that you either commit to the fight or you don’t. And if you commit you’d better commit with all your might.
  • 15. Further, an effective warrior cannot serve two masters. Outside interference, even from an esteemed source, is a handicap. It creates confusion in purpose and pause in execution. Sun Tzu was adamant about this and courageously blocked the supreme Emperor from meddling in military affairs.
  • 16. Business Application : Give your talents room to grow and explore.
    So as mentioned, you have the foresight of hiring the best talents that is available for the position, but have you 'handcuffed' the talented personnel? Have you given him the room to explore his best or the organization culture has placed limitations on him? Check out your company's systems and culture.
  • 17. Essential # 5 : Takes the enemy unprepared
    War takes no favorites. Even the mighty can fall, and have fallen. On the battlefield as in life, there is no certainty, only opportunity. And opportunity favors those that are prepared and bold enough to grasp it.
  • 18. Sun Tzu was a master at seizing opportunities. Victory, he knew, wasn’t just a function of choosing what battles to fight, but also when to fight them. Hence the invaluable tactic of unpredictability. When you do what is unexpected of you, few (if any) can stop you. Success is not given, it’s earned.
  • 19. Business Application : Planning and execution of plans are part and parcel of every work day
    So in businesses, the one who is far-sighted and detailed in their planning has higher odds of success in reaching their goals. The more detailed you are in your plans, you would be able to anticipate and resolve any emergencies that the volatile business environment presents. A far-sighted general can thwart any plans or counter strategies his rival execute rendering them useless.
  • 20. Sun Tzu’s teachings survive today over 2,500 years after his death for a single reason – they work. But Sun Tzu’s lessons do more than survive, they thrive. They’ve been effectively applied to all forms of life and have changed history.Because the true genius of Sun Tzu’s wisdom is not as a military strategy but as a mindset for greatness.
  • 21. Sun Tzu conveyed his knowledge upon a single canvas – The Art of War. But that’s just one art form. Any art form benefits from the same mindset. And your life is your canvas. It’s an art form all unto itself. So, apply Sun Tzu’s ingenious essentials for victory to create a masterpiece of your own. That, after all, is how legacies are born!
  • 22. “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” - Sun Tzu
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn