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35 Amazing Logo # 3
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35 Amazing Logo # 3


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35 Amazing Logo # 3

35 Amazing Logo # 3

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Amazing Logo # 3
  • 2. Egg n Spoon is a national courier service for the UK whose slogan is "Speed with care". Their logo, which looks like a simple letter "e" at first glance, actually has an egg and spoon. See it? Check out the white space. Egg n Spoon
  • 3. There‟s a knight in armor with a spear in the middle of the “K.” But if you look closely you can also see the head of a horse. Knight Transportation
  • 4. Le Tour de France, is of course the globally famous cycling race. There‟s a bicyclist in that logo. Hint: The yellow is a wheel. Le Tour de France
  • 5. London Symphony Orchestra Although the logo looks like a single flowing line creating three initials L.S.O in air. The harmonious graphic of this logo marks the unbreaking rhythm of an Orchestra. What do you see first? The initials “LSO” or a conductor with a wand?
  • 6. Modern Nerd The special features of this logo is it‟s way to spell the term “Modern Nerd” and then using the symbolic shapes of hair, glasses and tie to portray the stereotypical geek/nerd image.
  • 7. Cattleyard Logo Being music related business; the creator of this logo has used various graphics of musical instruments to form the overall shape of a cow. In my opinion this logo is the best example of combining the graphical elements to express a company‟s name.
  • 8. Candy Logo Do you know how many things have been blended in here? A girl‟s head, stereotypical image of a candy and the spelling of “Candy” itself is making the logo so appealing.
  • 9. Roxy and Quicksilver Roxy is a clothing brand for women owned by Quicksilver. The logo is comprised of two Quicksilver logos to make the shape of a heart.
  • 10. Staples The “L” isn‟t an “L.”
  • 11. Concealed Logo This logo is among one of my favorite logos…brilliant use of negative space makes this logo extraordinary. It has been designed by Ronald J. Cala II for Children‟s Book, Editorial. The “Black and White” graphics show the silhouettes of two running children with a dove forming between their clasped hands.
  • 12. Philadelphia Flyers If you analyze this logo carefully you will find a “double treat” of hidden messages. It may appear as a streaked “P” but I see a puck with wings and a hidden hockey stick emerging from the center circle in the logo. Do you see it now?
  • 13. 15 Rose Ave This logo is used by a chain of hotel/hostel/suites but the way “5” & “R” have worked together makes it exceptional. This merging and beautiful color combination is adding a subtle vintage feel to the logo.
  • 14. Church Logo Done by Malcolm Grear and Associates, it‟s a true masterpiece of simplifying complexity. It appears a simple Cross shape but hidden inside are a dove, a clerical robe, a pulpit with bible, flames, and a fish. Check out how many of these symbols you can find out.
  • 15. Academy of Fine Arts The logo shows merger of the lower case letters "A", "S" and "P". I think the first two letters are quiet easily figured out but "P" being the shortest of the three letters is losing its legibility…what do you think?
  • 16. Nicholson Logo Honestly speaking…I don‟t know much about this logo but found it amazingly creative to show the letter “N”. I will really appreciate if any of you could tell about the company this logo belongs to so I can give the real credit.
  • 17. Schizophrenic Logo Actually this term is used for a medical disorder that often depicts split personalities. Therefore the logo depicts a happy and sad face both at the same time. I loved the simplicity and multi purpose of this logo.
  • 18. Rehabilitation of Hospital This logo is a simple symbol but a complex and a sacred message. The globally renowned cross symbol represents help and medical attention while the steps reflect on the steps taken back to normal life.
  • 19. Treacy Shoes This logo is the cutest example of hidden logos. The hidden shoe packed between the company initials conveys the company message in a very stylish and interesting way. I simply loved it:)
  • 20. Hammer Logo This logo is a creative example of utilising the negative space to make your logo leave a lasting impression. The integration of the letter "H" with the hammer is outstanding and a little difficult to find at first glance.
  • 21. Society 27 The good thing about this logo is that it shows the same when viewed in an upside down position. The abstract use of "quotes" and number "7" show the number 27 clearly.
  • 22. Mamouth Logo This logo is for a French children clothing store. Although there‟s two "m" in French for the word "mammouth" but the designer has played well to make the mammoth face with the single alphabet.
  • 23. Newman Logo I would add my personal favorite, the reversible Newman logo. This logo is the best example of simple but clever logo…what say?
  • 24. Five-Ten is a famous family-owned company dedicated to make the best outdoor sports footwear available. When seen in upside position the logo shows a very clever blend of the numeric‟s of 5 and10. 5.10 Logo
  • 25. Peace This logo has been designed by Felix Sockwell showing a child‟s figure face integrated with a flight of a dove. I am not aware which company uses this logo but will really appreciate if any of you know more about this logo…so do share.
  • 26. The Bison This logo clearly proves how letters of a word can be distorted to create a completely different shape to reinforce its meaning while maintaining readability.
  • 27. "B" Logo Although you might think it is a simple “Symbolic Logo” showing a “Bee” but what makes it more appealing is the portraying of the letter “B” and the real “Bee” through a simple symbol.
  • 28. Minimum This wavy logo looks like "a queue of letter „U‟ but I would like you to give a second look. Designed by Kilment Kalchev, the logo spells the word minimum in an unrecognizing manner. I really enjoyed figuring it out
  • 29. 8 fish Logo I am sure, at the first glance you can‟t figure out the 8 fish instantly or maybe I am being a little dumb. The designer, very creatively, uses the negative space and monotones to show fish in one logo
  • 30. Hope For Children Initiative For the first glance the logo shows “Africa‟s Map” but with a penetrating look you will see the outlined face of a child and a protective elderly figure. In fact I noticed the faces first and then saw the map…strange?
  • 31. The logo, at first glance, looks like a bunch of colored / transparent shapes on top of each other. But I bring this logo to make you realize that each shape is the shape of what London looked like once. The entire logo represents the evolution of the land of London through time. London Museum
  • 32. Well, this logo proves how creative logo designing companies could be with their own logos. Very artistically the designer has merged the upper arcs of the letter “D” and “G” with the initials of the company name to symbolize “The Guru”. LDG Logo
  • 33. Tostitos Do you see the two people enjoying the chips and dip?
  • 34. Bonus: The 5th Face of Mt. Rushmore Same image rotated 90 degrees to the left. If you‟re having trouble seeing the fifth face, blur your eyes. The question : who is the owner of this face? I mean this person was also the US president!!! Please see the answer in the next page.
  • 35. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn The face in this picture is Ronald Reagan!!!