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30 Quotes From Romance Of 3 Kingdoms!!!
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30 Quotes From Romance Of 3 Kingdoms!!!


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30 Quotes From Romance Of 3 Kingdoms!!!

30 Quotes From Romance Of 3 Kingdoms!!!

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  • 1. 30 QuotesRomance Of 3 Kingdoms
  • 2. "The peach trees in the orchard behind the house are just in full flower.Tomorrow we will institute a sacrifice there and solemnly declare our intention before Heaven and Earth. And we three will swear brotherhood and unity of aims and sentiments; thus will we enter upon our great task." -Zhang Fei Guan Yu Zhang Fei Liu Bei
  • 3. "We three---Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei---though of different families, swear brotherhood, and promise mutual help to one end. We will rescue each other in difficulty; we will aid each other in danger. We swear to serve the state and save the people. We ask not the same day of birth, but we seek to die together. May Heaven, the all-ruling, and Earth, the all-producing, read our hearts; and if we turn aside from righteousness or forget kindliness, may Heaven and Human smite us!"
  • 4. "They are many and we but few," said Liu Bei to his brothers. "We can only beat them by superior strategy."
  • 5. "Id rather betray the whole worldthan have the whole world betray me." - Cao Cao
  • 6. "Never do an evil act justbecause it is trivial; never leave a good act undone just because its small." -Liu Bei
  • 7. Lisu :The clever bird chooses thebranch whereon to perch; thewise servant selects the masterto serve. Seize the chance whenit comes, for repentance evercomes too late.Lubu : If I could onlyfind a master to serve!
  • 8. The steed with the flowing mane was urged in at an angle, and now Lu Bu had tocontend with three surrounding warriors at whom he struck one after another, and they at him, the flashing of the warriors weapons looking like the revolving lamps suspended at the new year.
  • 9. I shall first propose you in marriage to Lu Bu and then, after you are betrothed, I shall present you to Dong Zhuo, and you will take every opportunity to force them asunder and turn sway their countenances from each other, cause the son to kill his adopted father and so put an end to the great evil. - Wang Yun "Thy handmaid has promised notto recoil from death itself. You may use my poor self in any way, and I must do my best." – Diao Chan
  • 10. "He seems to have corrupted my little girl and has stolen your wife. He will be an object of shame and ridicule to the whole world. And those who do not laugh at him will laugh at you and me. Alas! I am old and powerless and can do nothing. More pitied than blamed!" - Wang Yun said to Lu Bu about Dong ZhuoDong Zhuo
  • 11. "When one is born great, one cannot be patient for long under another persons Domination." - Lu Bu. Later Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo
  • 12. "I shall be allowed to setoff to rejoin Uncle Liu Bei so soon as I shall hear where he is, whether It be far or near." -Guan Yu said to Cao Cao after surrendering to Cao Cao
  • 13. "Truth and illusion are oftendisguised as each other, Cao Cao likes to play this game, both with friends and foes." - Liu Bei
  • 14. "With me? Compared with him I am asa worn-out carthorse to a palomino, an old crow to a phoenix. This man often compares himself with the ancientsages Guan Zhong and Yue Yi but, in myopinion, he is far their superior. He has the talent to measure the heavens and mete the earth; he is a man whoovershadows every other in the world." -Xu Shu Introduced Zhuge Liang To Liu Bei
  • 15. "Should you wish to take the overlordship, you will yield to Cao Cao in the north till the time of Heaven become, to Sun Quan in the south till the Earth may become favorable. You, General, willbe the lord of Human and complete the trinity. Jingzhou is to be taken first as a home, the Western Land of Rivers next for the foundation of domination. When you are firmly established, you can lay your plans for the attainment of the whole empire."
  • 16. "Those who are skilledin combat do not become angered, those who areskilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus thewise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win." - Zhuge Liang
  • 17. "My fault---Lady Mi was severely wounded; she refused my horse and threw herself into a well. She is dead, and all I could do was to fill in the well with the rubbish that lay around. But I placed the babe in the breast of my fighting robe and have won my way out of the press ofbattle. Thanks to the little lords grand luck I have escaped. At first he cried a good deal, but forsome time now he has not stirred or made a sound. I fear I may not have saved his life after all."
  • 18. "Do the unexpected, attack the unprepared." - Zhuge Liang
  • 19. Sun Quan drew the sword that hung at his side and slashed off a corner of the table in front of him, exclaiming, "Let any other personmention surrender, andhe shall be served as Ihave served this table."
  • 20. "He who wins people, prospers; hewho loses them, fails. Your present plan should be to seek humans ofhigh aims and farseeing views, andyou can establish yourself firmly." - Zhou Yu
  • 21. Without loss of time, Lu Su went to Zhou Yu to relatewhat Zhuge Liang had told him. Zhou Yu shook hishead when he heard it and beat the ground with his foot, saying, "This man isfar too clever; he beats meten to one. He will have to be done away with or my country will suffer."
  • 22. The naval forces were then lined up shooting on the bank to prevent a landing.Presently the soldiers arrived, and ten thousand and more soldiers were shootingdown into the river, where the arrows fell like rain. The whole twenty boats were bristling with arrows on both sides. As they left, Zhuge Liang asked all the crews to shout derisively, "We thank you, Sir Prime Minister, for the arrows."
  • 23. Your troops from the north are unused to ships, and the motion makes them ill. If your ships,large and small, were classed and divided into thirties, or fifties, and joined up stem to stem by iron chains and boards spread across them, to say nothing of soldiers being able to pass from one to the next, even horses could move about on them. If this were done, then there would be no fear of the wind and the waves and the rising and falling tides.- Pang Tong said to Cao Cao
  • 24. All Cao Caos ships were firmly chained together not one could escape from the others and flee. There was a roar of bombs andfireships came on from all sides at once. The face of the three rivers was speedily covered with fire which flew before the wind from one ship to another. Cao Caohastened toward the shore. ZhangLiao got Cao Cao out of the thick of the fire and dashed for the bank. Cao Cao lost an incalculable number of troops.
  • 25. "What is at a peak is certain to decline. He who shows his hand will surely be defeated. He who can prevail in battle by taking advantage of his enemys doubts is invincible."- Cao Cao
  • 26. "You see before you Cao Cao, defeatedand weak. I have reached a sad pass, andI trust you, O General, will not forget the kindness of former days." - Cao Cao said to Guan Yu
  • 27. Guan Yu was indeed a very mountain of goodness and could not forget the great kindness he had received at Cao Caos hands, and the magnanimity Cao Cao had shown over the deeds at the five passes.He could not press Cao Cao hard. He pulled at the bridle of his steed and turned away saying to his followers, "Break up the formation!"
  • 28. "Don’t fight with Liu Bei now! We are at grips with Cao Cao,and victory or defeat is undecidedand should Cao Cao take advantage of this position to make a suddendescent, we should be in a parlouscondition. If the pressure becomes too great, Liu Bei may relinquishthese cities, offer them to Cao Cao, and join forces with him to attack our country. That would be a real misfortune." - Lu Su said to Zhou Yu
  • 29. "I cannot help being angry tothink that we should have usedour resources for their benefit. They get all the advantage." - Zhou Yu said to Lu Su
  • 30. "O heaven, since thoumade Lingming, why did thou also createKongming?" - Zhou Yu
  • 31. In 215 The China’s land was divided in to three kingdoms, which were Shu of Liu Bei, Wei of Cao Cao, and Wu of Sun Quan. "Our lord has settled the empire, and his merits are manifest to the whole world. Moreover, he is of the Dynastic Family and it is fitting that he succeeds. Now that thegreat announcement has been made, such self-abnegation is impossible." – Zhuge Liang Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn