30 Quotes - 3 Kingdoms Part 2


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30 Quotes - 3 Kingdoms Part 2

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30 Quotes - 3 Kingdoms Part 2

  1. 1. 30 Quotes Part IIRomance Of 3 Kingdoms
  2. 2. “I will try to persuade my master to put the matter in writing and give you a paper to the effectthat he is temporarily occupyingJingzhou as a base; and when he can obtain possession of some other city, this shall be returned to you.” – Zhuge Liang said to Lu Su
  3. 3. "You have been victimized by Zhuge Liang. They say the place is to bereturned when they get the west. Who knows when that will be? You are a guarantor of its due performance! If they do not give us the city, you get into trouble. Suppose our lord finds you in the wrong, what then?" - Zhou Yu said to Lu Su
  4. 4. "Liu Bei will want to remarry, and our lord has a sister, Princess Sun Ren. I will write to our lord to send an intermediary to arrange that the lady shall wed Liu Bei at her family home, and thus we shall entice LiuBei to Nanxu. But instead of marrying a wife, Liu Bei will find himself a prisoner, and then we will demand Jingzhou as ransom." - Zhou Yu
  5. 5. "I am no longer young. I am fifty and grizzled. This fair damsel,the sister of the Marquis, is now in the flower of her youth and no mate for me." - Liu Bei
  6. 6. "One of Zhou Yus devices, and it is all on account of this region. But you, my lord, agree to whateverthe messenger proposes. Then let the messenger be taken to the guest-house while we arrange what is to be done." - said Zhuge Liang smiling
  7. 7. "Let Zhou Yu employ all his ruses;think that he can get beyond me. Let me act for you, and his calculations will always fail halfway. Once Sun Quans sister is in your power, there will be no fear for Jingzhou."
  8. 8. "I need you to carry them out. Youwill be sent as Liu Bei’s guard. Hereare three schemes enclosed in three bags. When you escort our lord to the South Land, you will take these with you and act as they direct." -Zhuge Liang said to Zhao Yun
  9. 9. The time had come for the first of the silken bags to be opened. NextZhao Yun told Liu Bei what he was to do: to pay his visit first to the StatePatriarch Qiao, who was the father- in-law of Sun Ce and of Zhou Yu.
  10. 10. Meanwhile the State Patriarch Qiao went to the Dowager Marchioness, mother of Sun Quan, to congratulate her on the happy event. "My poor oldself does not know;" said the Dowager, "I have heard nothing of all this."
  11. 11. "I have never seen Liu Bei," said the Dowager. "Arrange that I may get a look at him tomorrow at the Sweet Dew Temple. If he displeases me, you may work your will on him. Butif I am satisfied with him, then I shall simply let the girl marry him." - Dowager said to Sun Quan
  12. 12. "He has the air of an emperor and a look like the sun." The Dowager delighted with the appearance of Liu Bei. "When one remembersalso that his fair fame has spread over the whole earth, you may well be congratulated on getting such a noble son-in-law."- The State Patriarch Qiao.
  13. 13. The first plan was failed!!!Now I have the next plan. "Liu Bei has never tasted the delights of wealth. Give him the means of luxury, a beautiful dwelling, fair women, gold and silken attire; and as he enjoys them, the thoughts of ZhugeLiang and his brothers will fadeaway and they, on their side, will be filled with rancor. Thus can we lay our plans for recovering Jingzhou."- Zhou Yu
  14. 14. The time had come for the second of the silken bags to be opened. "My lord, you are living happily; do you never think of Jingzhou? Todayearly Zhuge Liang sent a messenger tosay that Cao Cao was trying to avenge his last defeat and was leading five hundred thousand troops to attack Jingzhou, which was in great danger. And he wished you to return." - Zhao Yun said to Liu Bei
  15. 15. "Why should I dissemble, O Wife,since you know? I do not wish to go,but if Jingzhou be lost, I shall be an object of ridicule to everyone. I dodesire to go, but I cannot leave you. Now you know why I am grieved." - Liu Bei said to Sun Ren
  16. 16. "On New Years Day you andI will go to court and present our congratulations. Then we will give the excuse of a sacrifice on the river bank and go away without formal leave. Will that suit you?"
  17. 17. "Our young lady had always delighted to look upon war and is very fierce and determined. All theofficers fear her. Now she has gone with her husband of her own free will; and those sent in pursuit, if once they look upon her countenance, will not dare to lay hands on her. You two take this sword and bring back the heads of my sister and Liu Bei. And if you do not, I will put you to death." – Sun Quan
  18. 18. The second plan was failed!!! Now I have the next plan.Now the thought had come toZhou Yu that Liu Bei would try to flee, and so he had sent Xu Sheng and Ding Feng, with three thousand troops, to intercept him at this critical spot. They had made a campthere and kept a lookout from the hilltops, for Zhou Yu had calculated that Liu Bei would certainly pass that way.
  19. 19. The time had come for the thirdof the silken bags to be opened."Your brother and Zhou Yu formerly made a plot for you to marry me,not for your sake, but to get me into their power and hold me so that they might recover Jingzhou. LatelyI heard that harm was intended me, and so I made danger to Jingzhouthe excuse to escape. Happily for me you have remained true and come with me. But now the Marquis ispursuing us, and Zhou Yus soldiers are in front. Only you, my wife, can extricate us from this danger..." - Liu Bei said to Sun Ren
  20. 20. "So this is the sort of fools you are! You would make dissension between brother and sister. But I am a wife on my way to my husbands home. Now we, husband and wife, are going to Jingzhou; and if even my brother were here himself, he would let us pass in all politeness.But you, because you have weapons in your hands, would slay us!" – Sun Ren said to Soldiers
  21. 21. "That is just as the Marquis feared, and so hegave us this sword and told us first to slay hissister and then Liu Bei. And if we disobey, he will put us to death." - Jiang Qin"What can be done? They are far away by now." - Zhou Tai
  22. 22. "My lord, you have just escaped from the tigersjaws and had not far to go.Moreover, I suspect Zhuge Liang has something prepared for us." - Zhao Yun
  23. 23. Liu Bei and his bride hastened down the bank and went into a ship. The soldiers were embarked. Then theysaw in the hold of the ship some one inTaoist dress, who came up with a smile, saying, "My lord, again you see Zhuge Liang. He has waited a long time."
  24. 24. Before long the four pursuer leaders reached the bank. Zhuge Liang pointed to them And saying, "I foresaw this along time ago. You may returnand tell Zhou Yu not to use the Fair Damsel Trick again."
  25. 25. When Zhou Yus force reached the borders of Huangzhou, Liu Bei and his partywere not far away, and so they pressed the pursuit. Suddenly the rolling of drums struck Zhou Yus ears, and from out a gully dashed a troop of swordsmen led by Guan Yu. Zhou Yu was too surprised and unprepared to do anything but flee.
  26. 26. At different points Liu Bei generals, Huang Zhong and Wei Yan, came out and attacked, sothat the troops of the South Land suffered a great defeat and Zhou Yu barely escaped. Thesoldiers of Liu Bei on the bank jeered at him on account of the miscarriage of his scheme, shouting, "General Zhou Yu has given Uncle Liu Bei a wife and has lost his soldiers."
  27. 27. The Third plan was failed again!!! Zhou Yu was so annoyed that hewould have gone up the bank to fight again, but his generals restrained him. He uttered, "My schemes are a failure and a defeat, and how can I face my master again?"
  28. 28. How could such a sight fail to put him in a rage? And withthe access of rage, his wound, not yet healed, burst open once again. He swooned and fell. They raised him and his ship set sail.
  29. 29. Zhuge Liang ordered nopursuit, the southern fleet departed undisturbed, and Liu Bei proceeded toJingzhou City, where were great rejoicings in honor of his recent marriage.
  30. 30. "O heaven, since thoumade Lingming, why did thou also createKongming?" - Zhou Yu
  31. 31. “This will be my last trick to Zhou Yu at his homeland.” – Zhuge Liang"Alas, my friend! The quick and the dead are ever separate; they mingle never. If in thedeep shades spirits have understanding, you now read my inmost heart, yet hereafter there will be none on earth to comprehend. Deign to accept this my sacrifice." - Zhuge Liang bowed to the ground and keened while his tears gushed forth in floods. "Plainly Zhuge Liang loved Zhou Yu much, but Zhou Yu was not broadminded enough and would have done Zhuge Liang to death." - People thought Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn
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