20 Sales Myths You Must Know!!!

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20 Sales Myths You Must Know!!!

20 Sales Myths You Must Know!!!

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  • 1. Sales MythsEveryone Must Know!!!
  • 2. Over the years a great no. of sales trainers have perpetuated a number of sales myths as ifthey were truths. But in todays world economy - where change, technology and value aredriving consumers to new levels of need satisfaction and understanding - that these mythsare no longer true no matter who is preaching them.
  • 3. Myth # 1 : Sales is a numbers game.If you see enough people, you will make enough sales. Bull. Selling is a QUALITYnumbers game. If you see enough of the right people (qualified prospects) youwill make lots of sales. The rationale here is that the number one cause of failurein sales is the issue of rejection. This approach is not designed to give you permission to not make lots of calls, however it is designed to ensure you spend your valuable selling time with good prospects.
  • 4. Myth # 2 : Sales is about giving information to prospectsor clients.Selling is not about giving a presentation filled with features and benefits that yourorganization has decided are important for the prospect to know about. It is aboutgiving only that information that each prospect (and they are all different) wantsor needs to make an informed and intelligent buying decision. Poor salespeople TALK TOO MUCH. They give information before they get it. If this is your approach you will tend to make one of two mistakes: You will give unnecessary information or wrong information.
  • 5. Myth # 3 : You should always talk a good game.There is a fine line between talking a good game and being a persuasive sales person. There aremany fast talkers that can fast talk a prospect into making a purchase, but they are typically nottrustworthy which does not create loyal customers. And regardless of the industry that youre in,loyal customers are the lifeblood of success.
  • 6. Myth # 4 : You can fake it until you make it.If your approach is to fake it while you are learning, sooner or later you willget caught, and in my experience it is sooner rather than later and moreoften vs. less often.
  • 7. Myth # 5 : In every sales presentation/appointment youneed some small-talk, a warming up period.This just isnt true. Each prospect depending on their personality style deserves a unique andcustom sales approach. Some people want and need warm-up time, but others dont. Thekey is not to use the same approach with everyone, but to learn which approach isappropriate on each call.
  • 8. Myth # 6 : You should always close the sale as quicklyas possible.Its important to realize that sales decisions can take some time. Your buyers could have severalreasons why they cant buy right away and if you try to rush them into a commitment, you couldlose them for good. While its important to move a sales prospect toward a buying commitment,its also important to let them take their time so they dont feel pressured or rushed.
  • 9. Myth # 7 : You can convince anyone to buy your products.Youve probably heard the phrase that a good salesperson can "sell ketchup popsiclesto a woman wearing white gloves." Its not entirely true. You cant convince everyoneto purchase what you are selling. If they genuinely dont have a need for what you areoffering, you probably wont be able to persuade them to make a purchase. Focus your efforts on the prospects that actually have a need for your products and youll see your sale success increase.
  • 10. Myth # 8 : You should close the deal no matter what.Your goal should always be to close the deal with a sales prospect, but there will be timeswhen it simply doesnt make sense to do so. If you are offering a discount or upgradedproduct for a lower price, you could be losing money on the deal. Making the sale atany cost simply isnt worth it if it doesnt make good business sense.
  • 11. Myth # 9 : Do whatever it takes to make a sale.Focus on the products that your prospects are looking for and dont try to sell them somethingto fulfill your quota or make more money for yourself. Thats not the way to build up trust andrespect with your clients.
  • 12. Myth # 10 : Enthusiasm is the Key to a SuccessfulSales Pitch.Replace enthusiasms traditional role in the selling process with passion. Become a passionate,committed problem solver. Prospects dont really care about your enthusiasm. Prospects dontreally care about you. They dont really care about what you do. They dont really care aboutyour company. All they really care about is... what you can do for them. Discover what they want. Find out whats important to them. Be passionate about making that discovery.
  • 13. Myth # 11 : Price is the decisive factor.Customers have to pay for a service or product. So price is one of the aspects a customer will takeinto consideration before he makes a decision. But is it the main drive? No, not even close. Nobodybuys something he absolutely doesnt want or need just because it was so darn cheap. Look aroundin your own house or office. Is everything in there the cheapest you could get? I bet not.
  • 14. Myth # 12 : Products sell themselves.No they dont. In fact the quality of the product or service has very little to do with the number ofsales. So if it is not the product itself what makes us decide to buy it, what does? The sales personthat sells it to us. We buy from the person we trust and like. If products would sell themselves, allcompanies would fire their expensive sales force on the spot, wouldnt they?
  • 15. Myth # 13 : You have to be a born salesman to besuccessful.We are ALL born as a sales person but just a minority will end up being a professional salesperson.And just a happy few of them will be very successful. Observe children and watch how theyinstinctively negotiate the best deals with their parents. Without having to teach them, they knowexactly how to play the grown-ups emotions and close the deal. Most of us lose those instincts while growing up. The most successful salespeople dont act on instinct. Sales is a profession that requires skills. They are all very passionate about their profession.
  • 16. Myth # 14 : Being a successful salesperson requires aunique ability to talk people into sales.Though getting a potential customer to make a purchase will require some conversing, you dont needto have a silver tongue to accomplish that. By passionate and working hard to promote the product orservice for sale is essential. This, however, does not require the ability to talk a person into a sale. Byproperly presenting what your selling, clients will determine if they want or need what you are selling.
  • 17. Myth # 15 : Rejection is an essential part of the game.Are you going to make every sale you attempt? Absolutely not, but, knowing your productwell allows you to avoid mass amounts of rejection. Theres no sense in trying to sell a productto a demographic that simply has no need for it. Knowing your product and potential clientswill allow any good salesperson to mitigate the amount of rejection they face.
  • 18. Myth # 16 : You have to be an expert in your product/service.When you are armed with the right sales scripts you dont need to waste time mastering the mostmundane details of your product. Just think for a moment when you are in the Doctors office. Doyou ask them how the body moves takes oxygen throughout your body? Or do you just wait forher to give you advice on how to feel better? Be the Doctor; ask the questions that put you in control and you will be identified as the expert.
  • 19. Myth # 17 : You just need a Great Personality.This is partly true, because no one wants to buy from someone with a terrible personality. However,you really need to know what you are talking about. Make sure you know everything about yourproduct before you ever try to make a sales pitch. You should also anticipate any questions yourpotential client may have. If you dont do this, then you will simply not be successful. While a great personality is a tremendous asset to have, you also need to know everything about your product.
  • 20. Myth # 18 : Its hard to know if youre talking to theRight Person.There are great resources out there on the Internet that can help you get lots of information about yourclient ahead of time. There is no excuse not to use these resources in order to have the best availableinformation ahead of making your pitch to your potential client. With recent technology, you can getto know a lot about your client and his/her company before you ever make your pitch.
  • 21. Myth # 19 : The customer is always right.This one has led many a sales professional down the road of providing a large discount. Thecustomer isnt always right. They dont have enough information to be right. Help your customerto see what they need to know by asking the right questions. When your sales scripts pound ontheir pain, they will understand that they dont know everything and they need your help.
  • 22. Myth # 20 : The business of sales offers its workers nolong-term hope for a successful future.The truth is that many people are selling items of quality, at a successful enough rate tosecure a nice future. By focusing on quality products or services, a salesperson can makea decent income, live comfortably and set money aside for retirement. Sales is not adead-end career choice, and can be done in a very respectable manner.
  • 23. I define problem as "the difference between what you have and what you say you want." I define business as "the ability to solve other peoples problems and make a profit." Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn