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20 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know!!!
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20 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know!!!


20 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know!!!

20 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know!!!

Published in Business , Education
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  • @TFLI Friends I have used the information & give credit to Antwerp, Belgium or www.antwerpmanagementschool.be You can seek more knowledge inside this web. Thank you @TFLI for this.
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  • hi sompong. I like what you did with the 19 challenging thoughts about leadership but I would've appreciate it if you mentionned the source :). Good luck with the thoughts!
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  • @miznanzee you're welcome Miz nanzee and thank for your following up and nice comment. :)))
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  • All true, thanks again and again Sompong for your wonderful presentations!
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  • 1. Sompong Yusoontorn
  • 2. Good leaders connect with their people. Startingthe day by acknowledging their existence workswonders.Rule # 1 : If you think saying good morning to yourpeople is a waste of time, THINK AGAIN.
  • 3. Leadership masters a positive attitude. Few good things come out of focusing onproblems or shortcomings. People thrive on positive feedback.Rule # 2 : Don’t Judge the people you are workingwith, TEACH THEM.
  • 4. Rule # 3 : Tasks are performed better when they’rechosen instead of assigned.Create an atmosphere in whichpeople get to choose the thingsthey like to work on.
  • 5. Rule # 4 : True leadership exists when people stillfollow you regardless of your title and position.Imposing through authority and symbols is notenough to win the hearts and souls of your people.
  • 6. Rule # 5 : If you fill the room, howcan your people grow?Leadership moves from doing a lot of talking to doing a lot of listening.Command & control work, trust & inspiration work better.
  • 7. Rule # 6 : Leadership is acknowledgingthe elephant in the room.The elephant being the necessary change that everyone avoids,the work required to adapt. Leadership upsets the status quo.
  • 8. Rule # 7 : In sameness we connect, in differenceswe grow.Leadership is inclusive. Leadership protects the voices of the minority anddares to confront cultural differences.
  • 9. Rule # 8 : Leadership develops talent in everyone.Development is not a privilege.Leadership doesn’t pigeon-hole people.
  • 10. Rule # 9 : LEADERSHIP = CONTEXTUALThere is no such thing as leadershipthat works for every organization. Aleader who listens will quickly workthat out.
  • 11. Rule # 10 : LEADERSHIP = PERSONALLeadership doesn’t wait for the coach’s call. Leadership hasno safety nets. It’s your choice.
  • 12. Rule # 11 : Leadership starts by giving, not by askingfavors. Reciprocity is key in leadership.Giving makes people want to give back.
  • 13. Rule # 12 : Leadership & Authority aren’t the samething, but both need POWER.Authority is restrained by position and provides order and direction.Leadership is unrestrained and produces real change.
  • 14. Rule # 13 : Leadership implies you know your company, butfirst and foremost that you know yourself.Leadership tests reality,also the reality of yourown self. Leadership isawareness.
  • 15. Rule # 14 : Leadership is moral. Are you honest? Or are youjust pulling the strings?Truth comes beforepolitics. Leadershiplooks for the truthand the beauty of it.
  • 16. Rule # 15 : Imagine your actions on the front pageof a newspaper.Leadership is stakeholder-proof. It flourishes in society’s fishbowl.Be proud of what you do or don’t do it.
  • 17. Rule # 16 : Leadership is making this world a better place.It goes beyond creating value for the shareholders.
  • 18. Rule # 17 : LEADERSHIP TALKS THE WALKPeople follow what you do, not what you say. The questionfor leaders is: which example do you want to set?
  • 19. Rule # 18 : Leaders aren’t afraid to fail, butare afraid not to try.Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress,no matter how slow.
  • 20. Rule # 19 : Leadership is all about having your ownstory and being true to it.Leadership is more than just telling a story. It’s being the story. Whatdo you and your people stand for and how do you convey this?
  • 21. Rule # 20 : 95% of leader’s assets drive out the gateevery evening.It’s leader’s job to maintain a workenvironment that keeps those peoplecoming back every morning.– Jim GoodnightThank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn