20 Quotes For Successful Life # 2
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  • 1. 20 Quotes For
    Successful Life # 2
  • 2. Keeping ridiculous hours doesn’t
    mean you’ll be successful.
  • 3. Keep it simply and try to be consistent.
  • 4. At some point in life’s journey,
    professionally and personally,
    we have to be able to trust
    our preparation. 
  • 5. Pain can be a warning to us that
    something may not be right.
  • 6. You must never give up if you desire for success. If you insist,
    keep on your hard work, in the end, the wealth will be yours,
    prosperity will be yours. You must know that this is the spirit
    that you need to succeed in your life.
  • 7. Every successful people were once a
    failing person, but they did not give
    up and they know exactly that if they
    continued, they will achieve success,
    and they did.
  • 8. Don’t let your emotion controls you. You
    have the power of making decision, always
    think positively and control your emotions.
  • 9. You must always be prepared to
    strive, anytime! This is what you
    need if you want to be successful.
  • 10. The moment you are not planning for yourselves, you
    will fall into other people’s plan; you will become the
    stepping stones in other people’s route to success.
  • 11. If you take the responsibility, you will have the ability and power to controlling
    what is happening in your surrounding. But if you give excuses and never take
    the responsibility, you are not going to change anything.
  • 12. It is your burning desire that drives you
    into taking action to make your dreams
    and goals come true in your life.
  • 13. Only when you have a plan, you will know where you are heading,
    and what you should do to achieve them. It is useless if you have
    great dreams and great goals, but you don’t have a plan which will
    lead you there.
  • 14. If you want to try for something, then don’t do it. If you decide to do it, then don’t try, go for 100 percent, go all out!
  • 15. The more focusesyou
    are, the better the
    results you can
  • 16. The goals you set are going to
    determine what kind of strategies
    you will use to achieve your goals.
  • 17. You need to believe that you are talented! You must
    have the confident to overcome every obstacle that
    you face in your journey to success.
  • 18. Success is all about mindset and beliefs. If you think that you can do it, then
    you can. And if you think that it is impossible or hard, then it will be exactly
    just like what you think. 
  • 19. There is no free lunch in this world; you will need to pay for everything that
    you wanted. Many people cannot stand it when they need to pay more for
    what they want. The moment you decided to be a successful person, you
    need to ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to sacrifice for my success?” 
  • 20. You should do everything with 100 percent
    commitment and be serious in it. Even if you
    are enjoying, enjoy it seriously. 
  • 21. To achieve what you want, it
    requires no secrets, but hard
    work and determination.
    Thank You Very Much