20 Powerful Thoughts That Bring You Success!!!
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20 Powerful Thoughts That Bring You Success!!!



20 Powerful Thoughts That Bring You Success!!!

20 Powerful Thoughts That Bring You Success!!!



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20 Powerful Thoughts That Bring You Success!!! Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Powerful ThoughtsBring Life Success!!!
  • 2. Success, first of all, is not a set of achievements or a combination of external factors; it is a mindset.Success is an attitude that comes from a framework of powerful beliefs and empowering thoughts.Here are 20 beliefs and empowering thoughts that I hope will give you a wider angle towards themeaning of success ranging from the material to the spiritual.
  • 3. Thought # 1 : I am in charge of my lifeThe belief that you and only you are responsible of what you make of a givensituation. Life does not happen to you but is a result of how you respond toopportunities and challenges.
  • 4. Thought # 2 : I can make tomorrow betterThe belief that you can change your future by your actions today. Some people arestuck in a fatalist (and dis-empowering) mindset where they believe they have littlecontrol on their life.
  • 5. Thought # 3 : There is a lot of opportunity out thereSuccessful people have their mind set on abundance and opportunity and not scarcityand lack. Trust me this makes a world of a difference. Believe that life, energy, positivity,love, opportunities, success, happiness are abundant…because they are!
  • 6. Thought # 4 : I don’t need the approval of others to succeedIf you are always looking for others’ approval and consent you will not go very far offand you will certainly not be self-empowered. Successful people follow their hearteven when others are skeptical or do not consent.
  • 7. Thought # 5 : My intentions have effect on my realityThis is not to believe in magic where you can wish things into being…well almost. Most peopleare blind to this but successful people know, consciously or otherwise, that a focused and strongintention is indeed a powerful thing that will make a lot of things happen and certainly get you toyour destination faster.
  • 8. Thought # 6 : People are catalysts not barriers to successIf approached in the right way and you network with the right people, youwill leverage your efforts by a thousand fold. You will get things done fasterby getting help from others.
  • 9. Thought # 7 : Positive thoughts are powerful and empoweringSuccessful people know very well that choosing to start a day with a positive ratherthan a negative outlook means having successful day as opposed to a frustratingone. It’s definitely in the attitude.
  • 10. Thought # 8 : I am not separate from the restThis is a deep insight which only the truly successful and wise ones keep at heart. Commonlypeople believe that they are separate and cut off from the rest because they are individuals.True knowledge will tell you that everything is interconnected and success comes fromacknowledging that you are not separate but one with the forces of life and the universe.
  • 11. Thought # 9 : How can I use this situation?When life throws a bad streak at you or your plans go down the gutter, ask yourself“How can I use this?”. My life changed as I started doing this. You can always turna situation around even by just observing, learning and sharpening your attitude.
  • 12. Thought # 10 : Hard work & perseverance are rewardedThis is a rule of thumb even if perhaps reward doesn’t alwayscome immediately but is paid off in the long run.
  • 13. Thought # 11 : My past can be reviewed and rewrittenSome people are locked in their past or think that their past circumstances determine theirfuture. Successful people are skillful in the art of interpreting their past and reframing itaccording to their optimal advantage.
  • 14. Thought # 12 : There are forces and energies which can helpme if I’m consciousYou might be thinking magic? Fairies? Not exactly. We cannot perceive certain subtle energiesbut some successful people believe in positive and negative energy flows from things andpeople just like ancient Chinese traditions believed in the flow of the Chi (Qi) or life energy.You can make yourself aware of this but it takes practice.
  • 15. Thought # 13 : Failure is goodGreat success depends on great risk, and failure is simply a common byproduct. The successfulpeople don’t mourn their mistakes but instead parlay them into future gains. They can turn afailure into success by learning from it and moving on.
  • 16. Thought # 14 : Don’t take it personallyGet out of the trap of taking life circumstances personally or you will end up enslavedemotionally. When you get rejections, criticisms, cold shoulders, etc., put in within animpersonal bracket. They are not rejecting me, but an idea of me they have in their mind.
  • 17. Thought # 15 : Bad patches are temporaryWe all pass through bad patches. It’s the cycle of life. But we all get out of themunless we chose not to. Think outside of the moment.
  • 18. Thought # 16 : What I learn can be improved and refinedSelf-empowered people have a very dynamic view on life. There is alwaysspace for change and improvement especially on skills and lessons learnt.
  • 19. Thought # 17 : I am constantly developing and expandingnew capabilitiesJust like the previous point, empowerment comes from a non-static outlookwhere life-affirming mind states are believed to expand not contract.
  • 20. Thought # 18 : Things are impermanent, don’t attach yourselfto thingsThis is a Buddhist concept which the real successful have learnt through experience. You mightthink that successful people are materialistic. I think the really successful are people who havea richer view on life and know how to ride life’s waves without getting emotionally attached.
  • 21. Thought # 19 : Forget, forgive, rejoiceDon’t get stuck in resentment and grudges. Travel light without draggingan emotional baggage full of past disappointments.
  • 22. Thought # 20 : I already have all I needSelf-explanatory. The path to success is through self-discovery and not world conquest assome would believe. People who have made it knew how to uncover their skills and truepotential instead of obsessing with possessing.
  • 23. Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, dont complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Dont bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live! - Bob Marley Author : Gilbert RossThank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn