20 Life Lessons Trend 2011
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  • 1. 20
    Life Lessons
    TREND 2011
    “Pave The Way Forward”
  • 2. One of the best ways to deal with change is to anticipate it.  At the beginning of each year, we should take a step back to see the forest for the trees. It helps us see the bigger map. With the bigger map, we have a simpler way to understand what’s going on, anticipate what to expect, respond more effectively, and most importantly – make better bets on where to spend our time. Here are 20 life lessons trend 2011 :
  • 3. 1. Agility.
    Stay adaptable. Flexibility is your friend.  
  • 4. 2. Absorb what is useful. 
    Do it Bruce Lee style — take what you need, adapt it, and throw out the rest.
  • 5. 3. Anticipate change.
    Look ahead.  Build your anticipation skills.  Know the system.  Things don’t just happen.  The more you know the system and the ecosystem, the more you can anticipate what’s coming down the line.  Pay attention to market leaders, trend setters, patterns, and cycles.  Everything happens in cycles whether it’s growth or decline. best.
  • 6. 4. Be the Best on the Web.  
    There’s no room for #2.  Be the best at what you’re the best at.  This is Good to Great in action.
  • 7. 5. Build a firm foundation.
    Prioritize taking care of your basic needs.  Know your “monthly burn” and be mindful of your decisions to support your firm foundation.  The stronger your foundation is, the more you can help yourself and others when they need it most.
  • 8. 6. Compete where it makes the most sense.
    Compete on price, or quality or customer and don’t mix them up.  This depends on which stage of the maturity cycle you are in, what the state of the market is, and what you can be the best at.  For example, in a commodity market, don’t be the most expensive.  Turn competition into collaboration and find the win wins to really change your game and rock the world.
  • 9. 7. If it doesn’t help you be your best, cut it out.  
    This means living your values, and playing to your strengths.  It also means giving your best where you have your best to give, as a person, and as a company.  It’s how your survive, and it’s how you go from surviving to thriving.   Any other way drains you in the long run and you get priced or pushed or competed out of the market.  It’s the sustainable path.
  • 10. 8. Follow the Cycles.  
    Knowing the path from cradle to grave, gives you an edge.  It helps you anticipate what to expect and it helps you apply levers where they count.  At a meta-level, there is a pattern for market maturity cycles.  According to Alonso Martinez and Ronald Haddock, the 4 stages of market maturity are: 1) survival, 2) quality, 3) convenience, 4) customization.
  • 11. 9. Follow the Data.
    With all the usage data and analytics power of a Web world, you don’t need to guess at success.  It’s very easy to use surveys to figure out what your customers want.  It’s easy to provide options for customers to provide actionable feedback.  Drive your decisions with data and make informed decisions.  Do A/B testing and experiment your way forward.
  • 12. 10. Follow the growth.  
    Follow your own growth, and follow the growth in the market.
    For example, in the tech industry some growth areas are mobile and cloud.  Along these lines, create the growth.
  • 13. 11. Follow the money.  
    Where there’s money, there’s growth.  You can look to where CxOs are investing, or even where your company is investing and making its bets.
  • 14. 12. Follow the people.
    Great people have track records for a reason.  Find the people who are connected and always seem to be ahead of the curve.   Great ideas flow from great people and this is an idea economy.
  • 15. 13. Get back to the basics. 
    Practice the fundamentals.  They work.  Among the chaos, there are always core principles, patterns, and practices that you can bank on.
  • 16. 14. Hone your personal brand. 
    Make the most of what you’ve got and make sure your differentiation is obvious.  For example, one of my differentiators is “getting results.”
  • 17. 15. Invest in yourself.  
    Inner-engineering always pays off.
  • 18. 16. It’s your network and what you know. 
    People sort and sift through people they know.  In a skills-for-hire economy, your network is how you find the opportunities.
  • 19. 17. Know the cycles of things.
    For example, know the Four Stages of Market Maturity, the Technology Adoption Life Cycle, and the Diffusion of Innovations.
  • 20. 18. Lead yourself from the inside out.   
    Follow your values, play to your strengths, and follow your purpose.  It’s the sustainable path.
  • 21. 19. Learn and respond. 
    Your ability to learn and respond will drive your best results.  Innovate in your process and your product.
  • 22. 20. Model the best.  
    You can speed up your learning curves and avoid costly mistakes by modeling from best practices and working examples.  Whenever you think you’re faced with a new problem, first ask, who else might share this problem, and see if you can find three good examples of how this problem was solved.
  • 23. Summary : 20 Life Lessons Trend 2011
    Absorb what is useful. 
    Anticipate change. 
    Be the Best on the Web. 
    Build a firm foundation. 
    Compete where it makes the most sense. 
    If it doesn’t help you be your best, cut it out.  
    Follow the Cycles. 
    Follow the Data.  
    Follow the growth. 
    Follow the money. 
    Follow the people. 
    Get back to the basics. 
    Hone your personal brand. 
    Invest in yourself. 
    It’s your network and what you know. 
    Know the cycles of things. 
    Lead yourself from the inside out.  
    Learn and respond. 
    Model the best.  
  • 24. Don’t read this as a definitive list. Draw from it to help you create your own lens to make sense of the landscape and find your path forward. Your regular review and practice according to these trends will enable you to live an extraordinary life. Nothing can stop you now.
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn