15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders
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15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders



15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders

15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders



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15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders 15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders Presentation Transcript

  • 15 Qualities To Be The Smart Leaders
  • Quality # 1 : SpecificLeaders must move from general to specific descriptions of behavior. If the leaders are going totalk to somebody about their behavior and request a change, they will make sure that they arespecific regarding each behavior. If they leave one out, it will not get changed, if they speakgenerally about behavior they will not get what they want.
  • Quality # 2 : MeasureThe leaders will measure their performance all the time. Measuring things helps them know status,track progress, and put focus on important indicators in their business, hence the wisdom in thatphrase, “what gets measured gets done.” When the leaders choose to measure new things, evenin less than rigorous ways, they create new expectations and new behaviors.
  • Quality # 3 : AchieveWhat makes leaders different is that they act. They take the steps to achieve their vision. It isthe strength that lets leaders move their vision forward despite all the obstacles, despite all thepeople saying it cant be done, its too costly, we tried that before, or a dozen other excuses.The true leader perseveres and moves forward.
  • Quality # 4 : RealisticIf a leader is not realistic, the followers may lose faith in them, their goals will become unobtainableand ultimately, that leader could set the organization up for failure. Understanding of these realitiesempowers a leader to drive the greatest results. The leader may not always conform to realities,but they must understand the current environment in which they and their team must operate.
  • Quality # 5 : TimeThe leaders organize their time to bring value and efficiency into the tasks they perform! It is not workingmore hours, or just harder, but more effectively. They can convert the minutes or hours wasted during aday into time that can be used more productively and effectively. They won’t reclaim time by lookingfor large blocks of time. They reclaim time by looking at small pieces of wasted effort!
  • Quality # 6 : LearnLeaders are learners and must be able to learn from their mistakes as well as theirsuccesses. When they cease to learn, they cease to lead.
  • Quality # 7 : EngageA leader will be able to influence followers only in proportion to how much he/she engagesthem on an emotional level. Smart Leaders engage people in four ways: a consistent ethic,a contagious enthusiasm, a course of excellence, and continual empowerment.
  • Quality # 8 : AnticipateLeaders are always asking two questions: "What happens next?" and "What happens afterwhat happens next?" Although no one can predict THE future, effective leaders constantlyanticipate possible futures.
  • Quality # 9 : DemonstrateLeaders model for followers the qualities required for success, when Smart Leadersdemonstrate integrity, innovation and intelligence. You attract what you reflect, butyou reproduce what you are.
  • Quality # 10 : EvolveLeaders never stop growing. Smart Leaders realize that they are on a journey that requires theconquering of ever - steepening mountains. Yesterdays approaches, attitudes and attributes donot always help in todays climate. The heights that a leader obtains are directly proportional tothe level to which they evolve. Stop changing and you die.
  • Quality # 11 : ReproduceLeaders reproduce other leaders. The ultimate action of Smart Leaders is that theyreproduce other Smart Leaders. A leaders successors determine his success.
  • Quality # 12 : SolveOne of the great works of leadership is problem solving. While problem solving is not the solework of leadership, it is a defining characteristic. Your ability to successfully solve problemswill determine your stability. Your ability to influence others will determine your success.
  • Quality # 13 : HopeA Smart Leaders actions will inspire hope in his/her followers. He/she has the unique abilityto communicate hope in all that they do. Napoleon rightly quipped, "A leader is a dealer inhope." But remember, the Smart Leader must have a vision in which all hope is focused.Hope without vision is aimless wandering.
  • Quality # 14 : InitiateLeaders take action, they initiate, invent, adapt and improvise. An indecisive personwill never lead. One mantra for leaders is Napoleon Hills famous "Do It Now!"
  • Quality # 15 : PersevereWhen seized by a vision, Smart Leaders never give up! They persevere untilcompletion. Samuel Johnson writes, "Great works are performed not bystrength but by perseverance."
  • SUMMARY : SMART LEADERSHIP S = Specific M = Measure A = Achieve R = Realistic T = Time L = Learn E = Engage A = Anticipate D = Demonstrate E = Evolve R = Reproduce S = Solve H = Hope I = Initiate P = Persevere
  • "Success is not about being the best and winning the race, but about handling the worst and finishing the race."Thank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn