14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!!
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14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!!



14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!!

14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!!



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14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!! 14 Tips To Stay Motivated!!! Presentation Transcript

  • TipsStay Motivated
  • “People often say thatmotivation doesn’t last. Well,neither does bathing – that’swhy we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar
  • “I was thinking one day and I realized that if I just had somebody behind meall the way to motivate me I could make a big difference. Nobody came along like that so I just became that person for myself.” - Unknown
  • Staying motivated until you reach your goals and dreams isn’t always easy. There are often roadblocks, plateausand valleys along the way where you can get into a slump. Or a rut. And feel like your motivation has flown away.
  • Tip # 1 : Refocus on doing what YOU really, really like to do.When you really like doing something then the motivation to do it comes automatically. And whenyou really want something then it simply becomes easier to push through any inner resistance youfeel. So if you lose your motivation, ask yourself: Am I doing what I really want to do? If not and ifpossible, refocus and start working on that very important thing instead.
  • Tip # 2 : Make a list of upsides.Write down all the benefits you will get from achieving something, like for example getting into bettershape or making more money. Save it and then pull that list out of the drawer whenever your motivationis lacking again and review it. Or put it somewhere where you will see it every day until you reach yourdream. This is a powerful way to reconnect with your motivation and reasons for taking action.
  • Tip # 3 : Make a list of downsides.You can give yourself even more motivation to start moving and get things done. Ask yourself: how willmy life look in 5 years if I continue to stay on the same path as now? How will life likely become worsefor me and maybe even for the people around me? Try to see the negative consequences as vividlyas you can in your mind to kick start your motivation to start going for that positive change again.
  • Tip # 4 : Spend 3 minutes with remembering your successes.If you lose your motivation then it is easy to get stuck in looking at your failures and soyou get stuck in that slump. So instead, sit down for three minutes and just rememberyour successes. Let them wash over you and refuel your inspiration and motivation.
  • Tip # 5 : Go for a bigger goal.Set a big goal that inspires you even if it may seem unrealistic at the moment. If you have too easilyachievable goals then you may find that they don’t give you that motivational spark and drive. Whenyou start to think a bit bigger then you get motivated and your mind starts looking for the solutions thatwill help you achieve that goal. Thinking too small make you feel like you can do it later.
  • Tip # 6 : Remember how far you have come and compare yourself with yourself.Comparing what you have and your results to what other people have and have accomplishedcan really kill your motivation. There are always people ahead of you. So focus on you. On yourresults. And how you can and have improved your results. This is important because it’s a greatmotivator to see how much you have improved and how far you have come.
  • Tip # 7 : Reconnect with optimism.The positive and constructive way of looking at things energizes and inspires you. It makes it easier tokeep going even when you hit roadblocks. So ask yourself questions like: What is awesome about thissituation? What can I learn from this and what is the opportunity in this situation? How can I or we solvethis and what is the next small step that I or we can take to do so?
  • Tip # 8 : Work out.If you feel too frustrated and down to do ask yourself the right questions you can still drag yourself tothe gym or wherever you go to exercise. And if you just do your pretty mindless repetitions then yourbody will do the rest. Endorphins, testosterone and other chemicals will be released. Your negativeemotional pattern will be broken. And new energy will be added to your body.
  • Tip # 9 : Talk about it.Sometimes you just need to let it out and talk to someone about your motivational low point.Letting it all out can release a lot of pent up emotion and let you get a new, more positive andhealthy perspective on things. It allows us to lighten up a bit, to not take things too seriouslyand to start moving out of the self-created slump. So talk to a friend or family member.
  • Tip # 10 : Remember to have fun.So remember that you are allowed to have fun when you are working on your task. There is norule that says you have to be all serious about it all the time. When you can, create fun in a task.Compete with yourself to finish it even faster than you did the last time, whistle a nice tune whileworking or have fun and joke around with your co-workers and class mates.
  • Tip # 11 : Start moving and let the motivation catch up with you.It is better to just do it and start working instead of trying to motivate yourself to get going. At firstwhat you do may suck quite a bit and it’s hard going. But after a while inspiration and motivationseems to catch up with you. Things start to flow easier and your work is of a higher quality.
  • Tip # 12 : Take a break.Yeah, sometimes you just need to take a break. Perhaps your time-plan for your goal or newhabit is just too optimistic? Maybe you have worked harder than you can manage right now.Then take a break. A few hours or days of rest and recuperation can change how you feel ina remarkable way and recharge your batteries.
  • Tip # 13 : Reward yourselfYour progress may not seem to others like anything worth celebrating – but take time and doit anyway! It is your task and your reward, so any ways to stay motivated are good. The moreyou reward yourself for the honestly made progress, the more motivated you will feel aboutreaching new milestones, thus finally accomplishing your goal.
  • Tip # 14 : Mix and matchIt is a good moment to give you the key to them all: mix and match! Pick one of the advices andapply it to your situation. If it doesn’t work, or if you simply want to get even more motivation, tryanother advice right way. Mix different approaches and match them to your task for best results.
  • Just think about it: finding good reasons to work on your task is bound to help you feel a bit better.Identifying ways to make it fun will help you enjoy the task even more. Finally, if you then plan afew points for easier tracking of your progress and on top of that agree on rewarding yourself asyou go – this will make you feel most motivated about anything you have to work through.
  • When it comes to motivation, attitude is everything. It’ssimple: some of us find waysto make any task interesting and fun to do! Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn