11 Universe Laws Of Life
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  • 1. 11
    Universe Laws
    Are you working with or against the universe laws?
  • 2. Universal laws, universe laws, laws of the universe, rules of attraction. Whatever you want to call them, there have emerged form common consent 11 universe laws. When treated with respect, acknowledged and acted on, the synergistic effect of following them can have a great impact on your life. The 11 universe laws provided with a brief description for your browsing pleasure:
  • 3. Law # 1 : Law of Thinking
    Your life is reflection of your thoughts. Thinking leads to ideas which leads to a sense of purpose which leads to action which can then lead to the fulfillment of our desires. If you really think about ‘how you think’ you can work with this process. You can take control of your life. The beauty is that when you know this process you can then change your thoughts and change the world around you.
  • 4. “There’s something within us that wants us to move to a higher level. And to move to a higher level, it’s essential that we think.”
    – Bob Proctor
  • 5. Law # 2 : Law of Supply
    When you have achieved your goal you will then naturally start to desire more. If you want more you can have more, there is bountiful supply of everything. You may have to pay the price for it, through hard work, due diligence and so forth but there is always enough to go around. We should not be satisfied with what we have got. The law of our being is perpetual increase, progress, and growth.
  • 6. “When good is realized, another desire for a greater good will develop; when a higher state is reached, another desire for a greater good will unfold and urge to even higher. ”
  • 7. Law # 3 : Law of Attraction
    You have to get your mind to be on the same level as that which you desire. If you desire more money yet are thinking poverty and focusing on debt then how on earth can money materialize in your life. There is a lot of common sense to this law and it is often misunderstood due to the marketing hype and attention that it has received over recent years. Fundamentally however this is simple stuff.
  • 8. Most people are well versed in this one these days. Like attracts like… and so on.
  • 9. Law # 4 : Law of Receiving
    If you desire a new relationship yet sit at home all day moping around feeling lonely then you are clearly not in a position to receive that new relationship. You need to get yourself ready to receive change your attitude, get out, be happy and you will be showing the universe that you are ready
    to receive and in doing so  you can fulfill that desire.
  • 10. You have to be open and ready to receive the good that you desire.
  • 11. Law # 5 : Law of Increase
    Whatever you are thankful for, you bring more of that thing into your life. The natural response
    of the universe towards gratitude is to supply more of the object of your gratitude.
  • 12. Whatever you think about and thank about, you bring about.
  • 13. Law # 6 : Law of Compensation
    This simple law could also be called the law of consequences. It is the old adage of treating other how you would like to be treated and reaping what you sow. Ralph Waldo Emerson however, found a much nicer way of putting it: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”
  • 14. “The whole of what we know is a system of compensations. Every defect in one manner is made up in another. Every suffering is rewarded; every sacrifice is made up; every debt is paid.”
  • 15. Law # 7 : Law of Non-Resistance
    If you have some form of problem then rather than focusing on that problem and giving energy to that situation instead shift your focus to a positive solution. In this way instead of wasting your energy giving more substance to the problem you will be working positively towards a positive outcome. Doing this negates worry and fear and stimulates growth, success and happiness.
  • 16. ‘What you resist persists’
  • 17. Law # 8 : Law of Forgiveness
    Forgive everyone whom you deem to have wronged you. Harboring suppressed feelings of resentment against people can and does cause health problems as the feelings of unease build inside perhaps only on a sub-conscious level but they are most certainly there. They sap your energy and prevent you from moving on in your life which can lead to stagnation. 
  • 18. Forgive everybody, realize that not everybody is as enlightened as you, one day they maybe and they may be able to realize the wrong they have done, in the mean-time let it go, forgive them and set yourself free!
  • 19. Law # 9 : Law of Sacrifice
    To gain something be it wealth, a new relationship or whatever you have to give something in return.
    If you want wealth and success, you have to give good service in some way. Perhaps for example by designing a new product that others can benefit from.  The more people’s lives you can enhance the more benefit you will receive in return.
  • 20. If you want a new relationship have a new relationship you will have to sacrifice the freedom of being single to allow for the closeness and loyalty of a new partner to move in to your life.
  • 21. Law # 10 : Law of Obedience
    You can only achieve success if you obey the universe laws outlined on this page. For every area of your life where you feel that you are suffering you can track it back to non-compliance of the use of one of the particular laws.
  • 22. If you feel that you are not in control of your life and are a victim to its every whim then you are not obeying the law of thinking, you need to take control of your thoughts to create future success.
  • 23. Law # 11 : Law of Success
    We are unlimited beings, hardwired for success. There is nothing that we cannot be, do or have. We simply need to realize this fact and act on it. The world is full of wonderful opportunities for us to make the most of.
  • 24. Any though that enters your mind, any idea that you have, you can achieve it if it is what you genuinely desire, you believe in it and you follow through on it with persistent action.  
  • 25. When you finally see and know these laws, you will then have ALL you need to achieve your dreams. You can constantly refresh yourself on the principles and make sure you are applying them in your everyday life. Please also see the details at “The Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws”. Doing it this way really makes it come alive and gives it added impact.
  • 26. Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn