10 Ways To Achieve Uncommon Success!!!


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10 Ways To Achieve Uncommon Success!!!

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10 Ways To Achieve Uncommon Success!!!

  1. 1. Ways To AchieveUncommon Success
  2. 2. "Success is uncommon, therefore not to be enjoyed by the Common Man...I am looking for the Uncommon People." ~Coach Cal Stoll
  3. 3. The message here is that those who are uncommon, those who have the courage to go aboveand beyond the easy path, those who are willing to push themselves, those who are willing towork hard and achieve greatness are the "uncommon" people. They stand out in the crowd andnot expect everything to be handed to them. They achieve uncommon success. Here are 10 tips.
  4. 4. Way # 1 : Create Wealth in Alignment With Your PassionsIt is important to focus on what you are passionate about first and then find a way to makemoney at it. Get in touch with your heart first, otherwise, the left side of your brain will ruleout perfectly good ideas without having explored them.
  5. 5. "Money allows us the freedom to pursue the things that areimportant to us. Money is not an end it itself." - Stacy Allison
  6. 6. Way # 2 : Design Your Life Around Your PrioritiesMany people try to fit their dreams into their life and complain there are not enough hoursin the day to make it happen. If you want your dream to become a reality, make it apriority. Otherwise, it will never be more than a pipedream.
  7. 7. “The life you have left is a gift.Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to thefullest. Do what matters, now.” - Leo Babauta
  8. 8. Way # 3 : Visualize Every Step of Your Dream and Watch the Magic UnfoldThe muscle movement begins in the mind. That is why all great golfers, tennis players, basketballplayers, etc. visualize themselves making a shot beforehand. An experiment conducted by AlanRichardson found 23% performance improvement among subjects who visualized every day for 20days. The most effective visualization occurs when the visualizer feels and sees what he is doing.
  9. 9. "I really visualized it, too, even as a child watching those programs. I could visualizemyself walking up the stage, up the stairs. Forme, visualizing those dreams happening was pertinent to making that happen, because I could see it. I pictured it in my head" - Mary Youngblood
  10. 10. Way # 4 : Inspired Action Always Trumps Forced ActionInspired action is joyful action that is in alignment with your dream. It is action you want to takeand the idea of it brings a smile to your face. When you take inspired action, you are alignedwith what you are doing and things flow naturally.
  11. 11. Contrast this to action that you are forcingyourself to take regardless of whether you feel like doing it. The likelihood is that if you takeaction from this place it will take you twice as long to accomplish your task or goal.
  12. 12. Way # 5 : Laser in On One Idea, Business or Income Stream at a TimeOne of the mistakes people make is diversifying too quickly. This is true whether you are tryingto build multiple streams of income or are just working on several different ideas at one time.The key is getting the first stream or idea up and running, producing good revenue, and havingsystems in place so it will keep running without you before going on to the next unrelated stream.
  13. 13. "Several things going on at one time is a distraction to cash." - Loral Langemeier
  14. 14. Way # 6 : Strengthen Your RelationshipsMany people think of the day when they will be financially independent as "freedom day." And,while financial independence is a worthwhile goal, it does not mean that you are free of yourdependence on other people. As a matter of fact, in order to create financial independence,you just might need a lot more people in your life than you have right now.
  15. 15. Remember, we all stumble,every one of us. Thats why its a comfort to go hand in hand. ~Emily Kimbrough
  16. 16. Way # 7 : Bounce Back From SetbacksThe truth is that you will have setbacks along the way. The sooner you accept that, the better. Manyof these setbacks will take the form of circumstances that come up and block your way. If you lookclosely, you may find these setbacks are directly correlated with your innermost thoughts, fears, andlimiting beliefs. This is because we create what we focus on including those things we don’t want.
  17. 17. Don’t get stopped by these bumps in the road; learn from them. As youwork through the setbacks that come up, you will become the person you need to be to live out your dreams.
  18. 18. Way # 8 : Align Your Natural Talents With Your GoalSuccess comes easier and more quickly when you enhance your strengths and delegate in areaswhere you are weak. Your natural talents are those things you do so easily and naturally that you thinkthey are no big deal. Many of my clients were overlooking their natural talents when they first came tome. They thought if it is this easy for them, it must be this easy for everyone. This is rarely the case.
  19. 19. The key is to take your natural talents and abilities and strengthen themthrough education and experience. You are not born an expert at anything. It is something you develop.
  20. 20. Way # 9 : Disarm That Sneaky Inner SaboteurEven when we know what we need to do, we often don’t do it out of fear of experiencing the emotionsand other things that may come up as a result. Fear of failure and fear of success are the two biggestinternal fears that people often face. We will go to great lengths to avoid our fears. That is why so manyideas never get beyond being a great idea, or projects are started and never finished.
  21. 21. One of the most important things you can do is allow it to be okay to have these feelings. Then stepback and notice what it is you doto get in your own way. When you have identified what you do, you can make a conscious decision to do it differently.
  22. 22. Way # 10 : Shorten Your Learning Curve by Learning From The BestYou can learn from the people who are barely getting by, from those who are doing fairly well orfrom those at the top of the heap. Talk to people who are already successful and find out how theydid it. Its purpose is to provide success principles and philosophies from those who have excelled.They’ve already been down the road and you can learn from their experience.
  23. 23. The essence of success is that it is never necessary to think of anew idea oneself. It is far betterto wait until somebody else doesit, and then to copy him in every detail, except his mistakes. ~ Aubrey Menen
  24. 24. The above ways gleaned from interviews with highly successful people who have overcome obstaclesto accomplish such feats at climbing Mt. Everest, winning a Grammy, becoming a multi-millionaire,becoming an established author and humorist, an internet entrepreneur who earns millions and more.These success principles can shorten your learning curve and be a catalyst for your success.
  25. 25. Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. ~Auguste Rodin Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn