10 Myths About Self Improvement
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10 Myths About Self Improvement



10 Myths About Self Improvement

10 Myths About Self Improvement



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10 Myths About Self Improvement Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 10
    Myths About
    Self Improvement
  • 2. Life is for living and doing it on your own terms. We all deserve to be happy and happiness comes from being fulfilled and doing the things that have meaning to us. Self improvement
    is about fostering the good relationships in our lives and sharing our unique gifts with others.
    Here are 10 myths about self improvement that we must know :
  • 3. It is a common belief that just because you are born into a certain culture, in a certain country, in a certain body and into a certain lifestyle that you have to live that way for the rest of your life.
  • 4. Myth 1: You Bloom Where You Are Planted
    This is in fact very far from the truth. How and where you are born does not mean that you need to stay that way and accept it for being your destiny. Life is what you make of it and as long as you are healthy and free, anything is possible.
  • 5. Some people think that
    self improvement means
    going from total failure to
    overnight success.
  • 6. Myth 2: Self Improvement Means Making Big Change
    That jump in success and skill is way too big and in reality is hardly ever happens. Self improvement
    starts by making tiny little changes, taking it step-by-step and day by day. You may not even notice
    any visible results for weeks, but over time your efforts will reward you with the kind of big change
    that you wanted right from the start.
  • 7. Many people think that self help is very expensive
    because you need to buy all sorts of books, videos,
    courses and seminars.
  • 8. Myth 3: We Must Spend Fortunes On Self Help Material
    To get better at something can be very cheap. If you are willing to do the research and do enough digging, it is amazing how many free resources there are for any area that you want to improve in. You can find someone who is already successful at what you want to achieve. If you cannot pay them in currency, maybe you can compensate them by doing something else for them.
  • 9. It is a common myth that if you
    need self help that there is
    something wrong with you.
    Trying to improve yourself by
    reading and studying and
    doing makes you a loser.
  • 10. Myth 4: Self Improvement Is for Losers
    The total opposite is true. By knowing and admitting your weakness, and by actively setting out to do something about them, you are courageous and deserve respect. It is usually the people who believe this myth who end up living their lives below par.
  • 11. It is commonly believed that by reading a few self
    help books and listening to a few ‘gurus’ that all your problems will instantly go away and you will become a champion at any area you have chosen to improve upon.
  • 12. Myth 5: “I’ve Tried Self Improvement, It Doesn’t Work!”
    Self improvement is hard work. It often requires weeks, months or years to really get better in an area
    of your choice. With hard work, dedication and persistence, it is possible to improve any area in your
    life with dramatic results. Just be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Self improvement is a constant
    journey of setting course for your goals and adjusting yourself when you deviate off course.
  • 13. Just by thinking positively and
    visualizing where you want to be,
    you will automatically become
    much better at things over time.
  • 14. Myth 6: Self Improvement Is All Just About Positive Thinking
    You do not get incredible results just by thinking about making the improvements. You need to take
    action and make the change happen. Often you will make mistakes, you will fail, you will stumble and
    fall. It is up to you to keep going and not give up, to get up when you fall and dust yourself off. Learn
    from your mistakes and remember that a failure is not a failure until you give up trying completely.
  • 15. Certain people believe that self improvement is pointless because it is only a temporary solution. Any changes brought about by self help resources eventually revert back to their former self.
  • 16. Myth 7: The Motivation Does Not Last
    Some of us are not self-motivated and getting temporarily motivated by something or someone
    else is the first step towards becoming self-motivated. Sometimes that is exactly the nudge we
    need to get ourselves into action. The point of self improvement is to change our bad habits or
    adopt new ones. A habit is automatic, so once we create it, it is there to stay. For good.
  • 17. Some people believe that self improvement is only possible for a certain number of people and it is not something that is going to work for them at all.
  • 18. Myth 8: Self Improvement Does Not Work For Everybody
    It is an excuse that our Lizard brains have created in order for us to stay in our comfort zone and not venture into the unknown by attempting to get better at certain things. Anybody can get better at anything. Some people may take longer and may find it harder, but with determination and enough practice, anybody can get better.
  • 19. It is commonly believed that doctors and experts know exactly how to cure many psychological and physical problems and that the medication they often prescribe is the only solution to these problems we have.
  • 20. Myth 9: Medication Is The Only Solution
    Medication usually only treats the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. Besides that, most
    medication is unnatural and bad for the body. Alternative healing methods like acupuncture and
    EFT have shown incredible results in treating both physical and psychological problems without the
    use of any medication whatsoever.
  • 21. There are people who believe self
    improvement is boring. That you
    have to read long books with
    scientific studies, or listen to so-
    called gurus who preach about
    things they do not even apply in
    their own lives.
  • 22. Myth 10 : Self Improvement Is Boring
    Self improvement is what you make of it. Applying new habits to get more success. Connecting with like-minded people or finding mentors. There is so much to learn and the chances are big that some very interesting opportunities will come your way as you embark on your journey of improving certain areas of your life.
  • 23. Now is your chance to change those things. And to live your life. Nobody should hold you back from reaching your potential, and that includes you!So what is it that’s holding you back? Maybe you need to understand yourself a little better? Perhaps it’s a friend or a relation, a husband or wife? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s you? Isn’t it time you found out and did something about it?
  • 24. Personally I think that it is loads of
    fun. Researching things and finding
    ways to get better at something.
    Thank You Very Much