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10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech

10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech



10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech

10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech



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  • Thank Lizzie, you are right! He was Duke of York!!!
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  • It wasn't the Duke of Windsor who was struggling with a speech impediment. that was the Duke of York. The Duke of Windsor was the one who gave up the throne for Wallis Simpson
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  • Moving and interesting film
    Great work!
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    10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech 10 Life Lessons From The King's Speech Presentation Transcript

    • 10
      Life Lessons
      The King’s Speech
      Discover and Learn the Life Lessons From King George VI
    • The inspiring 2010 Oscar Best Film "The Kings Speech" was based on the true story of the Duke of York struggling to overcome a speech impediment, while preparing to assume the throne as King George VI. He was faced with the challenge of making positive changes to his limited self-image, his internalized negative belief system, and a perception of his own potential greatness.
    • His speech therapist tells him that he can become a great king despite personal obstacles. But first the Duke must visualize himself in his own mind as a king with no stammer and essentially flawless speech. Eventually the Duke of York does transform himself into the great King George VI by working extraordinarily hard to overcome obstacles and achieve his ultimate goal with these tips :
    • Lesson # 1 : Problem
      King George acknowledged his problem.  He didn’t hide from it, blame others, or try to make excuses. Even if King George had a specific person in his life who he felt caused his problem – what good would pointing the finger at him or her do?  When we face problems in our own lives, we have to look them in the eye, take ownership of them, and set out to find the solution.
    • If you have a particular problem in
      your life, stop concerning yourself
      with the Why’s, Who’s, and How come. Don’t find blame. Find answers. 
      Acknowledge your problem and
      accept it as that: YOUR problem.
    • Lesson # 2 : Pressure
      King George had the speech of his life coming up!  He had a lifetime of struggles with this cursed problem, and each time he’d squared off against his speech problem, it had won. How could he DARE hope this time would be any different?  His people, and the country he dearly loved, needed him now more than ever before and he was up to his crown in a pressure cooker.
    • Pressure feels a little good and
      a whole bunch bad. On second thought, maybe it doesn’t feel good at all.  Which is why so many bail when it hits. Who knows what would have happened if King George had been a quitter instead of a fighter.
    • Lesson # 3 : Purpose
      King George’s purpose was great. In the face of war, his people needed someone they could count on, someone with conviction in his voice. King George purposed in his heart to become that person. He didn’t look at the circumstances and didn’t allow the problem or the pressure to keep him down.
      He decided that his PURPOSE carried more weight than either his PROBLEM or his PRESSURE.
    • We have to have a purpose in life!
      If we have a problem that stands between us and our purpose – the answer’s pretty clear, the problem has to go.  That’s exactly what we all must determine.  Purpose > Problem and Purpose > Pressure. 
    • Lesson # 4 : Power
      When we want to do great things or overcome great obstacles, we’d be smart to call upon all the power we can. The kind of power it takes to move obstacles and jump over hurdles comes from deep inside. King George had to dig deep – PAST pain, disappointment, embarrassment, and shame. What he found on the other side of all THAT was POWER to overcome and POWER to have the last laugh.
    • The power is inside all of us, we simply have to dig deep and find it.  Once we have acknowledged our problem, have gone toe to toe and nose to nose with pressure, determined our purpose, and gotten in touch with our power… it’s time to lay it all on the line!
    • Lesson # 5 : Plan
      That’s right, it’s time to plan.  Whatever it is you want to accomplish, don’t sit on the sidelines, waiting for it to happen. Whatever it is you want in life, or from life, requires a plan.  If you do nothing else today, you’ll think about one particular goal and literally write out a plan to make it happen. 
    • “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 
    • Lesson # 6 : Perseverance
      Digging deep for power and purpose takes strength.  Making a plan takes boldness. Perseverance is the most important mile marker.  By perseverance, the snails reached the ark. They set out – slow and steady – for their destination.  Watching hundreds of legs sprint past couldn’t have been fun, but they kept on keeping on.  The snails knew the right time and the right place to quit. Never give up!!!
    • When you need answers, find them. 
      When you need a plan, make it. 
      When action is called for, take it.
      Most importantly, remember the right time and the right place to quit. NEVER!
    • Lesson # 6 : Prepare
      King George became committed to doing whatever was required to prepare himself for his royal role. Change his internal self-image and own the idea of actually being a successful King. Trust in a mentor to help him advance to this position of power and then continue his growth and development even after accepting the exalted position of King.
    • "Ensure that you have covered
      off the finer points – hair brushed, shoes cleaned, clothes ironed, nails cleaned and clipped. If your appearance is impeccable you will speak confidently and appear authoritative."
    • Lesson # 7 : Practice
      King George practiced relentlessly between sessions with his coach as he followed an intentional action plan and blueprint for overcoming obstacles and self-sabotaging internalized beliefs. Develop confidence in himself and faith in the unseen - regardless of his daily reality. Visualize a flawless leadership performance within the theatre of his mind.
    • Be prepared to know the subject inside and out, backward and forward. "Many people forget to practice, practice, practice."
    • Lesson # 9 : Persuasive
      King George took the initial bold step by delivering his first wartime speech to the world despite his speech challenges and his apprehension about being thrust into the spotlight. Act with courage, perseverance, and passion because he knew his people needed to hear an inspiring and persuasive message from him during a tumultuous time of crisis. He achieved and met the needs of his people.
    • "Focus on three or four main points and make sure they clearly tie back to your thesis.”
    • Lesson # 10 : People
      Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who was the key player in helping King George VI overcome his speech impediment, didn’t have a college degree or certification.  What he did possess was a passion for helping people find their voice and a proven track record for providing results.Lionel Logue believed in the King’s ability to be great long before the King realized it in himself.
    • You have a voice. You have something unique to share, a story that needs to be heard, a talent that needs to be offered. When you begin to share your voice, you begin to taste the freedom of being you.
    • This Oscar-worthy film is not only exceptionally interesting and entertaining, in other words, must it also offers many valuable lessons to those who aspire to excel in corporate leadership positions. Organizational leaders need to prepare to overcome any self-limiting beliefs that might stand in the way of their role as inspiring leaders with powerfully charismatic executive presence.
    • "Look at challenges to your point of view as an opportunity to show how flawless your argument really is."
      Thank You Very Much
      Sompong Yusoontorn