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10 Life Lessons From Noah's Ark - Very Inspirational Lessons!!!


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10 Life Lessons From Noah's Ark - Very Inspirational Lessons!!!

10 Life Lessons From Noah's Ark - Very Inspirational Lessons!!!

Published in: Business, Technology, Spiritual
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  • 1. 10 From Noah’s Ark Life Lessons Created By Sompong Yusoontorn
  • 2. God said to Noah: So I will destroy them and all life on earth!!! “I have decided to put an end to all mortals on earth.” “the earth is full of lawlessness because of them!!!”
  • 3. Make yourself an ark of gopher wood, Its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits!!! Put various compartments in it!!! And cover it inside and out with pitch!!! the length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits,
  • 4. God instructed Noah to build an ark to hold his family and a pair of each animal, One male and one female!!! Only the ark's passengers would survive the flood-waters.
  • 5. What can this ancient allegory tell those of us struggling to find our bearings at the dawn of the 21st century? Here are 10 life lessons from Noah’s Ark Plenty!!!
  • 6. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Noah acted on faith, building the ark long before the rain started. You need to look into the future and plan for it!!! Lesson # 1 : Always plan ahead.
  • 7. The person who looks ahead and sees a potential outcome and becomes proactively involved in creating their desired outcome, instead of just watching things happen will be more likely… To succeed everything in his life!!!
  • 8. Lesson # 2 : Don’t listen to your critics. Listen instead to your heart, and then do whatever has to be done. The neighbors might have taunted when Noah was blocking their driveway but he had the last laugh as soon as the rain began falling!!!
  • 9. Noah was a good man in corrupt times. He did not follow the crowd. We can do the same as Noah until we finish our work!!! Noah did not buckle to the peer pressure. He followed through on his plan, completing the task as instructed.
  • 10. Lesson # 3 : Stay physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit. You never know but that when you’re 600 years old, Someone might come along out of the blue And ask you to do something REALLY big!!!
  • 11. All the things required in order to become a master of something. If you want to become successful, the first thing to change is your actions!!! When the opportunity comes!!! Be ready to do everything before you are asked and you will be success in your life,
  • 12. Lesson # 4 : Don’t seek to go it alone. Always travel, at least, in pairs, Because two heads are better than one!!!
  • 13. Going it alone on an adventure or crisis brings on feelings of isolation. Find a buddy and go through it together. A buddy is someone to lean on, And a living reminder that we are never alone!!!
  • 14. The cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails; and they all arrived safely on dry ground At the very same time!!! Lesson # 5 : Speed is not always an advantage.
  • 15. Remember that you are never going to be great at being someone else, Either you are cheetah or snail, you are the most influential person in your life!!! And you are the secret to your own success and happiness!!!
  • 16. If you can’t fight or flee from adversity At least make certain you have an idea That can float in the battlefield of ideas!!! Lesson # 6 : Handle Conflict with certainty.
  • 17. More people fail in life as a result of inner conflict and adversity than because of outer conflict and adversity!!! Instead of being blindsided by them!!! When you have self-awareness, you can master your inner conflicts from a position of clarity and power
  • 18. Never forget this underlying truth That ultimately when all is said and done, We’re all in the same boat!!! Lesson # 7 : Don’t miss the boat!!!
  • 19. The ark is "the boat," or the opportunity, We all may miss if we fail to take action in time. Noah could teach generations to come about why it is important to never miss the boat!!! Opportunity often knocks in troubled times, as it did for Noah!!!
  • 20. Remember that amateurs built the ark While professionals built the Titanic!!! Lesson # 8 : Don’t rely much on the experts
  • 21. Your actions certainly give off more energy than thoughts And so it's your actions which make all the difference. Don’t rely much on the experts!!! If you will make mistake, make sure that You make it by yourself, and you learn from it!!!
  • 22. The woodpeckers on the INSIDE are often a bigger threat to your overall well being Than the storms raging on the outside!!! Lesson # 9 : Fear is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real”.
  • 23. Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy...all can fuel… To repress or deny an emotion is a waste of energy And when a powerful emotion is buried, you bury it alive And it's only a matter of time before it claws its way back out!!! Either positive or negative actions or they can be buried.
  • 24. No matter how bleak things look, if God is traveling with you, There’s always going to be a rainbow of peace Lesson # 10 : Remain faithful and optimistic. On the other side of the storm!!!
  • 25. The hard work we are assigned daily is also completed on faith Noah's faith is a lesson in taking action, even when it seems that "Faith without works is dead," the old adage goes!!! The rest of the world is not on our side!!! Sitting around and doing nothing will not solve any problem!!!
  • 26. “There's a rainbow waiting!!!” No matter the storm, When you're one with God Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn