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10 Life Lessons From Adolf Hitler!!!
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10 Life Lessons From Adolf Hitler!!!


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10 Life Lessons From Adolf Hitler!!!

10 Life Lessons From Adolf Hitler!!!

  • @Dominik Lenné Fruitful comment indeed.
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  • Actually, Eva Braun has been only his girlfriend until the last moments. So he had no wife - and no profession except 'politician' - what kind of profession is that? Apart from that, there was much normality in his life, which always puzzled people. This can be said about a lot of other murderers, too. There are no 'orks' out there, only normal people beeing a bit bats. Frightening, isn't it?
    What puzzles me most, is how come that so many adored the clown. How many otherwise intelligent people let themselves be catched by his catchy words. May be this is another lesson to be taken away: to watch out not to be catched by some catchy words.
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  • lol, he didn’t smoke and drink but he was addicted to mophine and some other drugs
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  • Thank you for your sincere comment! I think that everyone has his own life lessons to share either good or bad. And this show is opened to everyone, who would like to see both side of him..... ^ - ^
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  • aaaah due to our history i do not like this one much ... not because of your PPS but because of the man and what he did
    this is the only one in your collection i cannot rate :)
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  • Transcript

    • 1. 10
      Life Lessons
      Adolf Hitler
    • 2.
      • April 20, 1889 Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria
      • 3. May 1913 leaves Vienna and moves to Germany
      • 4. October 13, 1918 temporary blindness caused by gas attack. While at the hospital recuperating his eyes, he heard the news about the end of the First World War.
      • 5. February 25, 1932 granted German citizenship
      • 6. January 30, 1933 became Chancellor of Germany
      • 7. August 2, 1934 became the supreme leader of Germany by assuming both the powers of President and Chancellor
      • 8. November 8, 1939 assassination attempt against him at the Bürgerbräu Keller in Munich
      • 9. April 30, 1945 committed suicide in the Berlin bunker
    • “Blaming Germany's military defeat on the 1918 Revolutions, Hitlerconsidered Jews the
      culprit of Imperial Germany's downfall and subsequent economic problems as well.”
    • 10. 15 years later Hitler came back with the Power
    • 11. In 1933 Adolf Hitler grew up to become the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler may be the man that everybody loves to hate but one cannot deny his skill as an orator. It was primarily Hitler's passionate speeches that aroused his audiences and led to his meteoric rise to supremacy. Read these Adolf Hitler’ s life lessons and discover why he became such a dominant figure in the twentieth century. 
    • 12. The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.
    • 13. Lesson 1 : Adolf Hitler has his own ideal world
      Adolf Hitler has the good side for being the evil ruler of his own country although, in the history of all mankind, he killed thousand of thousand Jews Christian in the country. The only difference is Adolf Hitler did not treat equally to other people who are Jews. He really hates Jews and he has the power to kill them all. He consider himself as a God or he acts as a God to everyone. 
    • 14. Lesson 2 : Do good things to the people
      It's the same how anti-Hitler view him as a killer. People don't know that he's also a Roman Catholic Christian. Rosa who worked as a maid said that Adolf Hitler was a kind man. There's a reason why Adolf Hitler hated Jews and we don't know what it is. He's the massive killer in the human society but the other side of it, he did good things to other people but only people who became his follower.
    • 15. Lesson 3 : Have sense of humor
      Hitler often cracked jokes. Although Hitler still laughed during wartime, he had been an even bigger joker in earlier days. "As I knew from the ‘old timers‚’ Hitler in wartime was a completely different from Hitler before the war.”, said Misch, who describes himself as “a last living piece of history” and his modest flat in Berlin is filled with photos and scrapbooks of his service for Hitler.
    • 16. Lesson 4 : Have a leisure time after work
      As a dictator, Hitler liked to give the impression that he was constantly in motion, toiling on behalf of Germany into the early hours. Actually, we know quite a lot about how he spent his leisure time in the close circle with which he felt most comfortable. Wagner music operas were a life-long passion.
    • 17. Lesson 5 : Take care of health at best
      Hitler never drank or smoked, which was banned in his presence. The only time he danced was when he did a jig beneath the Eiffel Tower after conquering France. As a vegetarian his meals consisted of mashed potatoes and pulses, with endless vitamin supplements.
    • 18. Lesson 6 : Be a family man
      “Woman's world is her husband, her family, her children and her home. We do not find it right when she presses into the world of men.”  In reality, one of the reasons why Hitler was so popular with conservative Christians in Germany was precisely because he promised to restore traditional morality. He spent most of his time with his wife Eva Braun, because he highly believed in the need of traditional moral values.
    • 19. Lesson 7 : Faith is harder to shake than knowledge
      Faith is harder to shake than knowledge, love succumbs less to change than respect, hate is more enduring than aversion, and the impetus to the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times consisted less in a scientific knowledge dominating the masses than in a fanaticism which inspired them and sometimes in a hysteria which drove them forward. - Adolf Hitler
    • 20. Lesson 8 : Give the most powerful speech
      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” This doesn’t mean that Hitler taught us to tell a lie, but he guided us how to make people believe in him. If you want to get your point across, and you want people to listen, you need to make what you say look professional. If you are "discussing" this in real life, please try to keep your tone calm but confident.
    • 21. Lesson 9 : It is the ‘human heart’ that he ignored
      The fall of Hitler and his army began in their hearts. Hitler's heart started to poison him. He became proud of what he has and became too confident... or a better word – arrogant in his battles. This confidence made him under-estimate his opponents. Hence, the weak and the coward developed the perfect techniques to stab the giants (brave and strong) at their backs and lead them to their fall.
    • 22. Lesson 10 : Hitler didn’t die in Berlin in 1945 and still alived in Argentina!!!
      Soviet troops found Hitler's body and buried somewhere in Berlin. Wasn't it a corpse of Hitler's double? (Hitler had a double of a close resemblance as witnessed by Angel Velasco.) Hitler did not die in Berlin and fled to Norway where he took U-boat to head for South America. According to Pravda of Russia, at least 5 U-boats have arrived at Argentina port with many of Nazi officials on board.
    • 23. “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”
    • 24. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
      Thank You Very Much
      Sompong Yusoontorn