10 Lessons From Aladdin!!!
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10 Lessons From Aladdin!!!



10 Lessons From Aladdin!!!

10 Lessons From Aladdin!!!



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10 Lessons From Aladdin!!! 10 Lessons From Aladdin!!! Presentation Transcript

  • LessonsFrom AladdinDiscover and Learn the Great Lessons From Disney Movie
  • Street-smart thief Aladdin gets swept away when he collides with free-spirited Princess Jasminein the enchanted city of Agrabah. This love struck "diamond in the rough" has no idea how lifes going to change when hes lured by the evil Jafar to retrieve a magic lamp. Once Aladdin and his monkey Abu discover the wise-cracking Genie inside the lamp they decide to keep it for themselves. Genie grants Aladdin his wish to become a prince, but he soon realizes only by being true to himself can he defeat Jafar and win the heart of Jasmine.
  • Lesson # 1 : Sometimes you may need help from othersAladdin found Genies lamp in the Cave of Wonders. They were warned by Jafar not to touchanything but Abu did touch something and the cave started to cave in on them. Jafar wasthere waiting for the lamp and when Aladdin handed him the lamp Jafar threw him back intothe cave. Abu, however, had managed to get the lamp back from Jafar before they fell.
  • Lesson # 2 : We must have the joy of truth and virtuesThe genied said, “There are a few provisos, a couple of quid-pro-quos. Rule number one: I cant killanybody. Bleurk! So dont ask. Rule number two: I cant make anybody fall in love with anybodyelse. You little punim there! Rule number three: I cant bring people back from the dead. Its nota pretty picture, I DONT LIKE DOING IT! Other than that, you got it.
  • Lesson # 3 : We must not tell a lie to the loved oneJasmine knew all along that the Prince Aliababwa was Aladdin. She had it figured out after thesong "A Whole New World". She found out Aladdin lied to her. When she confronted him, he toldher that he really was a prince, which was yet another lie. She caught him when he tossed herthe apple. This was because it was same way he did this the first time they had met. Just because he lied about his entire life because he wanted to impress you, means you should forgive him-Jasmine in Aladdin.
  • Lesson # 4 : Value your self worthThis is a big thing. Jasmine knows shes a human being and deserves equal human rights. Shedoesnt let anyone push her around, and you should do the same. She wants to decide forherself. Still be yourself. Look at Jasmine as a role model, not somebody to be exactly like.Have your own personality and flair.
  • Lesson # 5 : Play hard to get, but remember to be innocent at thesame timeJasmine is careful about she says. She tells us to play hard to get, but remember to be innocentat the same time. Sweet innocent girls dont swear like sailors. Dont pick on people; never laughat someones misfortune or when someone gets hurt.
  • Lesson # 6 : Trust your destiny to your starWe think in life there is some “there” we are supposed to get to or some “something” we are supposedto do or some “someone” we are supposed to meet. We then believe that our destiny is defined bythe there’s, something’s and someone’s. And if we don’t choose right, we’ll miss out on the there’s,something’s and someone’s. It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. Keep moving on!!! “”
  • Lesson # 7 : Keeping your wordAladdin tells the genie that he will save one of his wishes to free the genie; when that time comes,there is a difficult choice to make. Aladdin can either free the genie or use the wish to make hisown life comfortable. He chooses to honor his original promise and let the genie go. Wouldn’t itbe nice if everyone followed through with those promises he had made?
  • Lesson # 8 : Dont Let Money Change YouInstead of making himself a prince so that he can marry the beautiful princess Jasmine, Aladdin sets thegenie, who has been enslaved for thousands of years, free. He makes a completely unselfish decision,and behold, karma comes around and makes his dreams come true anyway. If you came into a lot ofmoney, would you change your frugal practices? Aladdin would certainly urge you not to.
  • Lesson # 9 : Save the last wish for the most important thingGenie was entrapped inside the lamp, again, because Aladdin used his last wish to get rid of Jafar. Hedecided to set Genie free. Aladdin, no longer playing prince, couldnt marry Jasmine. Genie offered tomake Aladdin a prince again so he could marry Jasmine but Aladdin thought Genie should be free, sohe set him free. Finally, the sultan said that princess could marry whom ever her heart desired.
  • Lesson # 10 : Stop Wishing and Start DoingWe, of course, know better. We now know there is a missing step—and that step is called takingaction. The Universe is not a magic genie. Just wishing and wanting and asking isn’t going to makeanything happen. You CAN attract money, success, and anything you want—but it won’t happenby rubbing a magic lamp and just wishing. So stop wishing—and start doing. You can do it!
  • Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what outside, but what is inside that counts.Thank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn