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10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King

10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King



10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King

10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King



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    10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King 10 Leadership Lessons From The Lion King Presentation Transcript

    • The Lion King Discover and Learn the Leadership Lessons From The Lion King
    • “Being Brave doesn’t mean you have to go looking for trouble.”
    • Disney‟s “The Lion King” is really a film about leadership. Perhaps it‟s time to head back to the Pride Lands and see what we can learn from little people and animated characters. By looking at each character in The Lion King you will witness a combination of the skills/qualities necessary for Leading The Lion King Way. Here are 10 leadership lessons that we must know :
    • Lesson # 1 : Good Leaders Understand The Circle of Life Mufasa, father of Simba, is a “true leader”. He understands the responsibility and boundaries of his jurisdiction (Pride Lands). First of all, he understands the “Circle of Life” and has made sure his offspring is properly educated as to the expectations of a thriving organization. As human beings, we are the only creatures, who delegate the largest part of our offspring‟s learning.
    • Lesson # 2 : Good Leaders Use Transformational Leadership Mufasa demonstrated transformational leadership. He taught Simba how to be a leader. He didn't use force or manipulation instead Mufasa provided discipline and unconditional love. In the process Mufassa learned to be patient and understanding. Mufasa was willing to invest time and effort so that Simba could become a capable leader he was personally involved with his son.
    • Lesson # 3 : Good Leaders Display Motivational Leadership Mufasa also displayed motivational leadership. Throughout the movie Mufasa encouraged his son to be strong and courageous. Whenever we encourage others they in turn become confident and gain respect for themselves.
    • Lesson # 4 : Bad Leaders Accept Only Power Not People Scar‟s leadership style was transactional or positional : His motives were selfish and dishonest. He had no concern for the well being of the lions or anybody else. His desire for power led him to murder his own brother and deceive his family. His leadership style was manipulative. Scar lied to everyone so he could fulfill his selfish desires. His only concern was to achieve and maintain absolute power.
    • Lesson # 5 : Bad Leaders Have No Vision Scar had no vision for his followers. This is evident towards the end of the movie when all the food was gone and Scar was still unwilling to make necessary changes to help the community. He was more concerned about his position as king. When their ability is questioned they come up with excuses or blame others for their failures. The result of this type of leadership leads to tension and frustration.
    • Lesson # 6 : Good Leaders Work In A Process Of Development Simba faced tremendous challenges without the support of this father. His situation forced him to see that leadership was not about being brave. Leadership is not a display of power but a process of development and discipline. We can't always depend on someone else to do everything for us nor should we expect that our mentors are always going to be there.
    • Lesson # 7 : Good Leaders Know The Responsibilities & Duties Mufassa's tragedy helped in the sense in that it showed Simba the truth about his identity and responsibility. Simba learns to accept his circumstances. It is during this phase that he discovers the insight of his father. He becomes aware of the responsibilities and the duties that are necessary. But because of his guilt and lack of confidence Simba remains hesitant.
    • Lesson # 8 : Good Leaders Discover Their Identity & Potential Simba is no longer enslaved by his past. He has become a full-grown lion who can now fend for himself. Simba knew Scar had to be overthrown. Simba was willing to face rejection, confrontation and uncertainty. He was courageous at the right moment. He had risen to the occasion and now displayed the true characteristics of a leader.
    • Lesson # 9 : Good Leaders Become The Role Model For Others A Lion King has a positive expectation of good from others and themselves. When things go wrong they take the advice of Pumbaa the warthog, „you gotta put your behind in the past.” They understand that they are acting as a role model for others. Everyone struggles with what they should be doing. The ultimate compliment to the leader is when people ask what would my role model do in this case?
    • Lesson # 10 : Good Leaders Exude Integrity Integrity is congruence between what you say and what you do, as well as what you say about what you did. Integrity is the keystone of leadership. The Lion King knows that there is no replacement for integrity and that everything exists in a delicate balance. You need to understand that balance and respect all creatures great and small because we are all connected in the great circle of life.
    • When your time comes to an end whether it’s your time at work or it’s your time at living, what will people say about you as a leader? Will you be the reluctant leader, who turned their back on their responsibilities? Will you be a positional leader, who just puts in time until the next transfer?
    • Or will you rise to be a transformational leader like The Lion King? Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn