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10 Beliefs Make Everyone Successful
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10 Beliefs Make Everyone Successful


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10 Beliefs Make Everyone Successful

10 Beliefs Make Everyone Successful

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Make Everyone BY LIANNE MARTHA LAROYA Successful!!!
  • 2. At first glance, highly successful people may seem like they only succeeded in life because of their talent, their great connections or their family. However, that’s not the case at all! They manage to excel in their industry and make millions of dollars because of their amazing beliefs. What are some of them? Here they are:
  • 3. If you want to be highly successful, don’t just rely on the concept of “destiny”. Don’t even think about fooling yourself by thinking that “fate” will let whatever’s meant to be to happen. 1. Forget fate! Focus on doing what you love.
  • 4. When Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, he could have just stopped. He could have just told other people that “it wasn’t meant to me.” But what did he do next? Because he was too focused in developing technology to help change the world, he launched NeXT, a new computer company, and he also launched Pixar Animation Studios.
  • 5. Think of every highly successful person you know. Do you know any one of them who got lucky by being successful at the first try? So the next time you fail, keep going on. Highly successful people didn’t stop — and neither should you!!! 2. Fail just means First Attempt In Learning.
  • 6. 3. Never ever doubt yourself. The road to being a famous and successful person is tough. People will mock you. Listen to what they’re saying, yes. But don’t take them to heart if you think that what they’re saying is already hurting you. Sometimes, you have to keep on believing in yourself, even if other people seem like they don’t.
  • 7. 4. Choose to continue, even if nothing seems to be working out. J.K. Rowling was working on her first ever Harry Potter novel when she was a single mother who was just living off welfare. Even so, she didn’t let this stop her.
  • 8. She finished the book and asked publishers all over the town. As she wasn’t well-known yet, publishing houses rejected her and even gave her harsh criticisms. Nothing seemed to be working out for her — but she still chose to continue and push through! J.K. Rowling became the first-ever billionaire author in 2014.
  • 9. 5. Being a genius doesn’t automatically translate to being successful. You don’t need to ace all your exams. You don’t need to top every class. And you don’t need to be a know-it-all just to be able to succeed in life. Talent and persistence can always trump intelligence any time.
  • 10. 6. If you really want it, you’ll find a way to get it. Walt Disney asked the banks and other lending institutions to lend him money so that he could get started on his amusement theme park. Since he had no credit history and collateral, naturally, they all refused him. He didn’t stop there. He took a loan from his own life insurance policy and made history.
  • 11. 7. Take calculated risks. Chess wonder kid Magnus Carlesen decided to be a professional chess player when he realized that he was “quite good.” He didn’t make the decision out of a whim – he initially assessed his abilities and decided based on that fact.
  • 12. 8. Know what you’re getting into. Self-made millionaire and highly successful person Warren Buffett always believes that you should never invest in a business that you don’t understand. Simply put, if you don’t know how something operates, how can you figure out how you can make money off of it?
  • 13. 9. Service will always beat selfishness in the long run. Being selfish and being stingy can help make you money at first but it’s not really a good plan for the long-term. Focus on serving other people, on helping them and even on giving them some of your resources.
  • 14. 10. Don’t wait. Create. Engrave these beliefs into your heart and don’t stop at anything to reach your goals. Who knows? You can also be a highly successful person soon.
  • 15. KFC Founder Colonel Sanders drove all over America and offered his fried chicken recipe for a certain percentage of the sales. He knocked on their doors, slept on his car and wore his white suit even though he already got 1,009 refusals. On the 1,010th time, he finally got a “yes”.
  • 16. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn