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What is Useful Marketing ?
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What is Useful Marketing ?


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As we're now in a digital world, marketers and brands need to adopt a new way to work. Useful marketing appears to be the most relevant way of doing.

As we're now in a digital world, marketers and brands need to adopt a new way to work. Useful marketing appears to be the most relevant way of doing.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. How a brand should behave today Brieuc Saffré @_brieuc Oct. 2012
  • 2. We realized Everything changed
  • 3. We realized If not, look at Everything changed
  • 4. ...but how do we act now ? The party example
  • 5. What did you do to the last party you’ve been? Were you the fun guy? Did you talk in the kitchen all night long? Did you wear a great t-shirt ? Did you bring some great stuff? ... What experience did you give to people? Will they remember you? If yes, why?
  • 6. Why does your brand exist ? Your brand
  • 7. Who are you ? What are your beliefs and values ?
  • 8. The purpose of your brand It’s your engine.
  • 9. Soul of the brand Purpose Raison-d’être Brand Utility Shared Value Mission
  • 10. Your brand purpose must become your guide
  • 11. «People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it» Simon Sinek
  • 12. The Golden Circle What What does your company offer?
  • 13. The Golden Circle What How How does your company make it ?
  • 14. The Golden Circle What How Why Why does your brand exist ?
  • 15. The life cycle of the product Early adopters Growth Selection End
  • 16. The life cycle of the product Before, marketers were focused on masses... MASSES
  • 17. The life cycle of the product Now, in a digital world, as reputation is more important than ever, you need to be focused on the early adopters... Early adopters
  • 18. The life cycle of the product reach the tipping point Early adopters
  • 19. The purpose is a strength to recruit
  • 20. The purpose is a strength to motivate
  • 21. The purpose and to create a community
  • 22. Environnemental impact Supplier access and viability Energy Use Some purpose consequences Water Use Company Productivity Employee Health Employee Skills Worker Safety How to reinvent capitalism - Michael Porter January 2011 - Harvard Business Review
  • 23. What’s the purpose of these brands?
  • 24. Focused on mobility of people... They don’t only make cars anymore, they create the future.
  • 25. Is it still changing the status quo?
  • 26. Help people for their memories
  • 27. Democratize car sharing
  • 28. Understand Observe your potential users
  • 29. Understand Meet your users
  • 30. Understand Find and bring a relevant solution
  • 31. The experience The new key
  • 32. Bring quality everyday...
  • 33. It’s what you do, not what you say, that matters.
  • 34. How to give a remarkable experience for the customer ?
  • 35. the Purple Cow «You can't be remarkable by following someone else who's remarkable.» Seth Godin
  • 36. Take their point of view
  • 37. Make your experience unique
  • 38. The experience is your purpose demonstration.
  • 39. 7 dimensions Play with them to give a specific memory to your user.
  • 40. Waouh ! dimension You positively surprise.
  • 41. So beautiful dimension You play on the aesthetic aspects of the experience.
  • 42. The already dimension You offer something that surpasses what’s existing today.
  • 43. Well thought dimension Each details of the experience is prepared and anticipated.
  • 44. Respect dimension Your experience has a significant social impact.
  • 45. Friendly dimension You offer some positive, agreable or personalized interactions to your customers.
  • 46. Good offer dimension Your benefit/price ratio is excellent or new.
  • 47. Some other tools
  • 48. To create a competitor free market and leave the price war, find your blue ocean. The Blue Ocean Strategy
  • 49. the Wii example The strategic canevas enables you to create another value curve.
  • 50. the business model canevas Forget your business plan, only test and retest your business model canevas.
  • 51. The contexts The new targets.
  • 52. Some examples
  • 53. Target approach Context approach
  • 54. Facebook Ads $ 1,8 billion 2010 Google Adwords $ 19 billions
  • 55. Click to discover the other examples
  • 56. « Brands need to see themselves as value creators, adding value to contexts where their value is appreciated and needed. They need to investigate and explore these contexts, surrounding their » brands and products, and take ownership of them. Helge Tenno
  • 57. If you think I can help you, you’re probably right and I’ll be happy to do so. You can visit or send me a mail