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Hotel electronic distribution and Internet marketing solutions from Brielsoft International, LLP.

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Brielsoft Company Services

  1. 1. Be found. Get booked.
  2. 2. Distribution and Internet Marketingfor Hotels
  3. 3. Brielsoft International Brielsoft brings a new energy to the world of hotel representation and multi-channel distribution. With the technology expertise of a team of experienced and dedicated hotel specialists, we can deliver a suite of hotel products and services that are e ective and a ordable. Brielsoft is an electronic distribution and Internet marketing company, providing simple, creative and innovative solutions. Our services enable our clients to market their hotel properties e ectively online. Whether through our distribution solutions, user friendly websites, intuitive booking engines, pay- per-click advertising or email campaigns, Brielsoft has both the expertise and the experience to make a quantifiable di erence to your business. We are able to give all our clients personal attention, and because of this we are proud to say that all of our clients will be able to provide positive references.
  4. 4. Our Mission By combining sophisticated hotel reservation and distribution technology with Internet marketing expertise, we can help: Expand your global reach Increase room sales Deliver excellent levels of customer service Enhance productivity and drive down costs
  5. 5. Be found.Get booked. Distribution Solutions
  6. 6. distributiGlobal Distribution System (GDS)The Global Distribution System is a computer reservationssystem, originally designed and operated by airlines and laterextended for the use of travel agencies.Today, the four major GDS networks reach over 650.000travel agents on five continents.Exposure in the GDS allows your hotel to be seen by travel Travel Agentagents and customers who would otherwise never know about Commission Settlement (TACS)your property.Brielsoft provides next-generation seamless connectivity to Your hotel’s success in working on the GDS depends on theAmadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan, making your hotel timely payment of commissions to the travel agents thatbookable by any travel agent in the world. Insert your rate plans, book their customers to your property. Delays in paymentavailability, descriptions and images. Travel agents can book and discrepancies in the commission amounts will hurt youryour property directly and Brielsoft will deliver the reservations relationship with the agents and make it less likely that yourto your property. property will be booked again. Handling travel agent commission settlements can be expensive and time consuming. To make your job easier, Brielsoft provides a system that will settle all your agent commissions on your behalf in a timely way.
  7. 7. ROME NEW YORKi n LONDON Website Booking Engine (WBE) Your hotel’s own web site should allow guests to find availability and rate plans, without having to call or email you. TOKYO The more hurdles that potential customers have to overcome, HONG KONG the less likely they will finalize a booking with your hotel. SIDNEYBUENOS AIRES A real-time booking engine allows you to capture guests and ensure that they book immediately. Internet Distribution System (IDS) You can maximize profitability by selling addon services and products, such as meals, drinks, flowers and gifts, in conjunction The Internet is the fastest growing source of travel bookings, with room reservations. both for business and for leisure. If potential customers cannot Brielsoft’s online booking solutions allow your property to find your hotel, you are missing out on business. o er customers multiple rate plans, promotions and vouchers To ensure that your hotel is maximizing its occupancy, your and group bookings. Reservations can be guaranteed by the property should be listed on all the Internet distribution channels customer’s credit card, which the system will automatically for your target market. validate. An immediate confirmation email sent to the customer The Internet Distribution System allows your hotel to be boosts your hotel’s image, as well as the customer’s confidence. exposed on the major Internet travel web sites, such as Expedia, www www www Travelocity,,, and on airline websites. Through the Pegasus Online Distribution Database (ODD), your property can be made available for booking on thousands of general, regional and specialty web sites, such as Yahoo!, Hotwire and Priceline. www
  8. 8. Negotiated Rates Call Centre ServicesYour property can o er special rates and conditions to specific Your hotel can have reservation telephone numbers in the USAcorporate customers and travel companies, which allows you to and Europe. Customers calling these numbers will be able to talkcapture more business on a regular basis from such companies. to an operator in their chosen language and make a direct booking to your property. Central Reservation System (CRS) E ective distribution requires managing booking sources such as the GDS, IDS, the Pegasus ODD, your own website booking engine and call centre reservations all together. Brielsoft CRS centralizes the management of all the channels, including the thousands of Internet channels, by allowing your hotel operators to specify rate plans, inventory and close out dates for all channels at the same time. It is possible to customize the rates and availability for single channels or for sets of booking channels. Reservations received into the CRS can be delivered to the hotel through a web interface, by email, through fax or directly into your Property Management System (PMS). Brielsoft CRS supports direct connectivity to the major PMS packages on the market.
  9. 9. Brielsoft Hotel Distribution Solutions
  10. 10. The Internet has been for several years and still continues to be the fastest growing source of travel consumers for the hotel industry. You can maximize your occupancy and profitability by exploiting the low cost nature of the Internet channel through Brielsoft’s suite of Internet marketing services. imizeyour potential Internet Marketing Solutions
  11. 11. Website DevelopmentYour website is the most e ective and visible sales tool at your disposal. Reapingthe full potential requires that you constantly update it with useful and fresh content,as well as monitor its performance. The website should be easy to use, have meaningfulinformation and should lead potential customers straight to booking rooms and buyingadditional services. Mobile Web Travel industry statistics show that the fastest growing segment of Internet travel bookers are smartphone users, such as iPhone and Android customers. These consumers have shown a tendency to spend more often and higher amounts on travel products. However, the user experience they expect is also quite high. You can meet customer expectations with high quality mobile user interfaces to your hotel services with Brielsoft’s comprehensive set of mobile solutions. Translation Services Travel customers feel more comfortable buying from a company that speaks their native language. Identify your most important target markets and provide web content in a choice of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.
  12. 12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Even the best website is not any good, unless your potential customers can find it. SearchEngine Optimization is the field of structuring and adapting web content to the technicalparameters of the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc…).Optimization of content presenation and structure ensure that potential customers canfind your hotel when they search for relevant keywords.Brielsoft’s Internet marketing team can ensure that your site is found on the web. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) In addition to SEO, an e ective means for acquiring new business is pay-per-click advertising on search engines and a liated content networks. PPC allows your property to send specific advertisments to a defined target market. It is possible to address advertisments to specific geographic areas and demographic groups. PPC allows the hotelier to measure precisely the return on investment of the advertising campaings through website tracking. Brielsoft can create and manage PPC campaigns tailored to the specific requiremetns of your property and your target markets.
  13. 13. Email Marketing e sit evisitors b we it ebs As the cheapest and most e ective i te visitors w marketing tool on the Internet, email is s web the best way to collect feedback from customers, send them special o ers andWebsite Tracking expand your customer base through& Analytics Media Distribution positive referrals. Find out what your customers think and solve outstandingTo find out how your website is performing, One of the major components in determining issues before they review your hotel in ayou need to know how many users it is the success of a hotel are the images and travel website.attracting, where they find out about your videos that a hotel presents to travel agents Brielsoft provides comprehensive emailsite, what pages they view most, how long and consumers. database management and survey tools.they remain on your website and what The better those images reflect thepercentage of them actually book a room. true quality of a hotel, the higher theAnalyzing the source of your website chances of a successful booking.visitors and tracking the steps they Brielsoft partners with the industry leaderstake in the booking process allows you in distributing multimedia content on allto identify what must be improved, in the major Internet channels and the GDSorder to turn more lookers into bookers. networks. You can update your hotel’s data in just one place and it will automatically be distributed on thousands of booking websites.
  14. 14. Reputation ManagementCustomers increasingly use websites such as Tripadvisor, Social Media MarketingYelp, Travelpost, Qype, Holiday, Travbuddy,Virtual Tourist, and Expedia to voice their opinions about Facebook alone counts over 500 million active users they have stayed at. Many of these users post messages, opinions and pictures ofPositive references can be an invaluable sales tool that can add their travels, as well as recommend hotels and give travel tips toto your bottom line. However, the power of the Internet cuts friends and colleagues in their social network.both ways and you can end up being criticized for the quality of Brielsoft can help you to distribute your promotions,your hotel’s services or for unfortunate mistakes. vouchers and other marketing initiatives e ectively throughBrielsoft monitors dozens of review websites for you and Facebook and Twitter.suggests responses that constructively engage customers byproviding helpful information, in order to minimize damage from Internet Marketing Resourcesundesired publicity. The Internet is a dynamic medium in which users seach for and consume travel products and services in increasingly di erent ways. To keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies, follow our blog or subscribe to our RSS feed at
  15. 15. Distribution & Internet Marketing for HotelsBrielsoft International, LLP3rd Floor, 14 Hanover StreetLondon W1S 1YH, United KingdomT +44 (0) 20 785 525 21F +44 (0) 20 785 540