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Rebekah Billingsley, Mobile Publisher, Immediate Media Presentation slides, Mobile Media Strategies 2012

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Rebekah Billingsley

  1. 1. How To DevelopSuccessful Digital Magazines Rebekah Billingsley Publishing Director, Mobile Devices
  2. 2. Agenda1. Immediate Media and roadmap to success2. Be prepared to be surprised3. Engage internally4. Understanding the implications5. Creative thinking6. Let a thousand flowers bloom
  3. 3. •Formed in November 2011•BBC Magazines, Origin Publishing and Magicalia merged•3rd largest Magazine publisher in the UK•We publish 34 websites and 50 magazines•Over 1 million subscribers and a brand reach of 11 million UK consumers
  4. 4. Our digital magazine timeline• 2010 launched enhanced Focus and Good Food apps• Launch of Apple’s News Stand in October allowed us to grow magazine sales overnight by 400%• Raft of bookezines launched 2010 to date and sell consistently month to month• Launched History Magazine onto Kindle in October• March 2012 started to roll out all titles as PDFs onto News Stand• June 2012 all 35 titles live on News Stand
  5. 5. Our success to date •2nd largest apps publisher in the UK •Over 1.3m downloads to date •Subscriptions account for 63% of our total sales each month •48% of all our revenue comes from outside the UK •Our monthly PDF revenues have grown 500% since launch •16 Immediate Media apps are downloaded every minute on the app store •Good Food is the second best selling female title in the UK and the highest rated magazine app on the News Stand
  6. 6. Be prepared to be surprised.. • Surely “consumers would only accept enhanced, fully interactive products on a tablet...?” • In the recent digital ABCs, 4 of the top 10 sellers in the UK are PDF replicas. • 10% of Zinio magazines are read on phones • Launching all our titles gave us access to data in lots of countries, price testing, subscription behaviours • Plan our development roadmap based on actual data • Don’t assume - test basic products for immediate insight, don’t hold off for perfection or huge need to be learning
  7. 7. Engage your best thinkers•You have people all over yourorganisation with the right skills•Good Food magazine app launchedfrom heart of magazine team•We ramped up magazine teamtemporarily and moved permanent staffinto a team to launch the app•Subscriptions team responded withincredibly mature strategy•Sub groups can help you navigatethrough areas you might not even knowexist•Cost effective, multi platform and greatfor morale
  8. 8. Understand potential implications • For example pricing: • Digital only price; ‘x’ • Bundle price; x for digital magazine, y for paper issue and z for both • Digital only and your digital magazine to existing subscribers for free • Implications: • one product across any platform or giving your emerging product away? • ABC auditing • VAT • Technical capability • Also technology, third party terms, ads... • Use your internal resources, test as much as you can
  9. 9. Apply creative thinking•Advertisers wanted to know the scale sowe added analytics.•Reach was smaller so we used freesample•The agencies didn’t have the assets theyneeded, so we created an in houseproduction service•iPads weren’t making it down toplanners so we hired 20 and sent themout•Presentations had to show off theplatform’s key features so we equippedsales team with iPads and presentations
  10. 10. Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom• As long as you’re using cost effective technology and testing you can try new things• Test strategically• Test longer tail products• Repackage existing content or look at brand extensions to test• Keep your eye on the ball; be nice! Thank you!