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  1. 1. The Howard County Public School System Secondary Mathematics Lesson PlanCourse: Pre-Algebra
  2. 2. Teaching StrategiesHigher-Order QuestioningTechnology IntegrationData AnalysisIndependent ReadingInterpretation of GraphicsEstimationExtensionConcept AttainmentThink-Pair-ShareRoundtableJigsawPairs Check/ReviewIndependent/Group ProjectInteractive Student Notebook®WritingModeling DemonstrationThink AloudReciprocal TeachingGroup ActivitiesSimulationUse of Video ClipCross-Curricular ConnectionsOther (explain): DifferentiationContentProcessProductLearning ModalitiesVisualAuditoryTactile/Kinesthetic AccommodationsExtended timePreferential seatingLearning partnerAlternative readingGuided notesFramed paragraphsOther (explain):Quarter 4 MSDE Standard 4.A.1.bHCPSS Unit 7 HCPSS GoalLesson Title: Box-and-Whisker PlotsObjective(s): The student will organize and display data to make a box-and-whisker plotand multiple box-and-whisker plots using the same scale.
  3. 3. Materials:Manipulatives Measurement ToolsComputer Software Scientific / Graphing CalculatorOther (list below) • Laptops w/ Internet Connection • Graph Paper •Warm-Up/Pre-Assessment: 1. Go over the previous nights homework with the students.Development/Procedures: 1. Inform the students that today they are going to learn how to create a box-and-whiskerplot. A box-and-whisker plot is a diagram that summarizes data using the mean, the upper and lowerquartiles, and the extreme values. This five number summary helps to give a completepicture of the distribution of the data. The five number summary consists of the following: 1. Lower extreme (minimum) - The smallest or lowest value in a set of data. 2. Lower quartile (25th percentile) - The median of the lower half of a set of numbers. 3. Median (50th percentile) - The middle number in a set of data when the data arearranged in numerical order. 4. Upper quartile (75th percentile) - The median of the upper half of a set of numbers. 5. Upper extreme (maximum) - The greatest number of a set of data. 2. Refresh the students on what a median is: The middle number in a set of data when thedata are arranged in numerical order. If the data has an even number, the median is the mean of the twomiddle numbers. 3. Instruct students that in order to create a box-and-whisker plot, they need to do thefollowing: 1. Give it a title 2. Create a horizontal scale with proper intervals 3. Plot 5 points from the 5-number summary 4. Draw a box around the quartile values with vertical line through the median 5. Draw whiskers that extend from each quartile to the extreme data points 4. Do an example with the students using the following data: This data represents the amounts of money in dollars raised by 13 students whoparticipated in a charity walk. $40, $48, $50, $52, $54, $56, $59, $60, $64, $66, $71, $73, $75
  4. 4. 5. Inform the students that they are now going to create their own box-and-whisker plot. Todo this, they will go to the following website: On this website,they will find a list of the players weights. They will use this information to draw their own box-and-whiskerplot on graph paper. Once they have finished this, they will then go to /frames_asid_200_g_3_t_5.html?open=instructions, enter in all of the data and they will beable to see if they created their box-and-whisker plot correctly. 6. After the students have checked to make sure that they drew the box-and-whisker plotcorrectly, they will then draw another one and check it on the NVLM website, this time making itwithout Yao Mings weight.Closure: 1. The students will then compare the different box-and-whisker plots and a class discussionwill then take place to describe the differences between them and why the differences exist.Assessment: 1. The students will be assessed by teacher observation throughout the class period and on aquiz a few days later.Homework/Extension: 1. For homework, the students will complete the Practice page in their packet on box-and-whisker plots.Reflections on the Lesson: 1. 2.
  5. 5. Reading StrategiesApplicationPrior knowledgePreviewVoc./ConceptsSelf-monitoring through clarifying questionsRereadSummarize or paraphraseUses rubricsVocabularyComprehensionOther (explain): AssessmentCollect and GradeCheck for CompletionIn-Class CheckRubricPeer / Self AssessmentJournal / Learning LogPortfolioConstructed ResponseQuizTestPresentationPerformance AssessmentInformal AssessmentExit SlipOther (explain):