“How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting”
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“How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting”



Bridging Worlds Conference 2008, Singapore

Bridging Worlds Conference 2008, Singapore
Day Two Track Two
Speaker 2 - Andrew Malin & Jean Palmer



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“How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting” “How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting” Presentation Transcript

  • Libraries for the 21st Century Managing change – Track 02- speaker 2
  • Hillingdon Council • Hillingdon is located in North West London and stretches from the Buckinghamshire border in the north to Heathrow Airport in the south. It is a key gateway into West London and the United Kingdom. • At 42 square miles Hillingdon is the second largest of London's 32 boroughs as well as the Corporation of the City of London.
  • © Crown Copy rig h t. A ll rig h ts res erve d . Lo n d on Bo ro ug h o f Hilling d on 1 00 0 1 92 8 3 20 08
  • What our customers were telling us… Only 29% said: “the choice and condition of books is very good” Only 28% said: “attractiveness of the library is very good” Only 20% said: “computer facilities are very good”
  • Context and background Why change ? • Listening to the views of users and non-users. • Key elements/factors in established consultation processes provide some of the answers.
  • Context and background (i) Visitor numbers Improving - but a long way to go. Visits need to rise by 31% to meet National Targets
  • Context and background • (ii) Stock Issues Again, improving but still 16% short on National Targets. Issues need to rise by 13% to meet these.
  • Context and background • Conclusion therefore: • Step Change required. • Against this background Cllr Higgins(Cabinet Member for Sports & Culture) instigated a complete review of the Library Service. • Next set of slides focus on drivers for change and overriding objectives of the review.
  • Drivers for change • A set of Statements or guiding principles that would form the basis for the review: i. Libraries should be about encouraging ‘a love of books’. ii. Books on their own are not able to create the draw to encourage the 75% of non-library users into the libraries. iii. Challenge is how that 75% can be tapped into and encouraged in.
  • The 5 objectives • The Cabinet Member has focused on this area by thinking creatively about how the 75% could potentially be reached/encouraged into libraries. • Came up with 5 ways:
  • The 5 Key objectives of the review • Extending services available in libraries. • Removing the dividing lines between traditional services i.e.Adult Education/library services. • More books in out libraries. • Libraries as attractive places to visit and relax. • Better use of our staff.
  • 1. Extending services available in libraries – partnerships – Apple.
  • Extending services available in libraries.Innovative partnerships- bringing libraries alive • Providing more services to increase interest • Building working relationships with well known brands • Making the library ‘experience’
  • 2. Removing dividing lines between traditional services. • Adult Education/Library Service.
  • 3.Better stock- more books in our libraries • Maximising stock numbers with limited council resources • Providing the titles that people want • Books to branches, not staff, for dispersal • End to worthless expensive processes
  • Better stock – more books in our libraries • Trial project with major book supplier to simplify the supply- chain of books • Size Zero concept • Achieving significant discounts • Branches order books direct
  • 4. Better buildings- attracting customers • The 17 libraries within the borough vary greatly in size, architectural style and age of the buildings. • They all have a loyal customer base, and many are used as community centres and a local resource for group A selection of the library buildings meetings.
  • Better buildings- attracting customers • From drab buildings to live experiences • Modern, attractive designs to attract new users • No one-size fits all • Traditional methods expensive and results not satisfactory • Move away from separate design projects
  • Better buildings – attracting customers • Retailer concepts • Design Standards/elements • A Design Manual • Use of shop fitters
  • 5. Better use of our staff • Branch Managers as key to the community • Experienced staff in branches, not the back office • Culture change- the practice of “public space” v’s “librarian work” discontinued • Achieving outreach in more effective ways • Why should users have to go to Central Library
  • Next stage and future developments • Library refurbishments • An extensive programme of works. Ruislip Manor – opened October 2007 Manor Farm – opened March 2008 6 More libraries prior to March 2009 All libraries completed refurbished by 2010
  • Next stage and future developments • Now have design manual, template for future refurbishments. • Lighting, shelving, signage, carpeting etc can all be tendered and priced up. • Improved prices, economies of scale as ordering for a number of libraries. • High interest from shop fitters.
  • Next stage and future developments • Partnership with Apple Computers • Apple train staff (librarians, Adult Education, teachers) who then provide training to end users of IMACS. • Down-loading books at libraries.
  • Next stage and future developments • Partnership with Starbucks: • To involve in all future refurbishments. • On-going training and regular assessment of sites.
  • Next stage and future developments • Procurement of books: • Successful trial with Bertrams. • Able to order books direct from branches. • Working to move to true size zero processing.
  • What do the public think? • Experiences at Ruislip Manor.
  • Ruislip Manor Staff ‘The modern building and improved facilities including an increased number of Public computers has proved to be a great success.The coffee shop and seating area has created a relaxed family atmosphere that has been enthusiastically embraced by our existing users, and is also attracting a new young clientele’.- Sandra Stainton Branch Manager
  • Mum and toddler ‘My daughter loves it here, she pootles around for ages. My older children come to use the computers – I like the Starbucks!’.
  • Students ‘We really like it. It’s a nice learning environment and we like Starbucks the most and it does not smell musty !’.
  • Surfing the net in the cafe ‘We come for the Apple computers – this building fits in with 2008’.
  • Coffee and a newspaper ‘I’m in everyday for a cup of coffee and to read the papers. Its nicely laid out, my granddaughter loves it – did her Cubs reading badge last night, staff helped her and were brilliant’.
  • Better than the old library ‘Very good facilities, very nice, in my spare time I come and revise or use the Internet’.
  • Good choice of books ‘It’s very nice – I love it - I come here with my granddaughter. It has nice coffee - good choice of books, and a soothing atmosphere’.
  • Manor Farm Manager and Staff quot;Manor Farm library has been brought up to date whilst retaining its unique historical character, which will appeal to existing and new users alike. I feel proud to be the new manager of this library and look forward to working with the community on delivering the service they want.“ (Manor Farm Manager)
  • How have the changes effected: • Visitor numbers ? • Books issued ?
  • Visitor numbers at Ruislip Manor (first six months from opening new library) November (from 8,598 to 15,883 visitors) + 85% December (from 6,607 to 13,168 visitors) + 117% January (from 7,791 to 17,318 visitors) + 122% February (from 7,677 to 14,071 visitors) + 83% March (from 8,129 to 12,083 visitors) + 49% April (from 7,341 to 12,207 visitors) + 66%
  • Issues and renewal numbers at Ruislip Manor (first six months from opening new library) November (from 7,884 to 14,261 visitors) + 81% December (from 6,644 to 11,336 visitors) + 71% January (from 8,304 to 14,118 visitors) + 70% February (from 8,111 to 14,407 visitors) + 78% March (from 8,701 to 13,913 visitors) + 60% April (from 7,910 to 13,177 visitors) + 67%
  • Visitor numbers at Manor Farm (first three months from opening refurbished library) June (from 4,285 to 9,793 visitors) + 129% July (from 1,815 to 10,897 visitors) + 500% August (from 1,530 to 10,588 visitors) + 592%
  • Issues and renewal numbers at Manor Farm (first three months from opening refurbished library) June (from 5,161 to 9,074 visitors) + 76% July (from 2,447 to 11,398 visitors) + 366% August (from 2,371 to 12,058 visitors) + 409%
  • In Conclusion: • We hope you enjoyed this presentation • Tomorrow will focus on how we tackled the important subject of engaging different community groups