Chapter 1 Presentation - SPB 309


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Chapter 1 Presentation - SPB 309

  1. 1. Chapter 11Introducing SportIntroducing SportPublic RelationsPublic RelationsC H A P T E R
  2. 2. Objectives• Define public relations in sport and distinguish it fromrelated concepts such as marketing, promotion, andpublicity• Understand the basic skills sport public relationsprofessionals need to perform their job• Identify common forms of public relations practice insport• Recognize the benefits the public relations functionbrings to sport organizations
  3. 3. Sport Public Relations DefinedSport public relations is a managerialcommunication-based function designed toidentify a sport organization’s key publics,evaluate its relationships with those publics, andfoster desirable relationships between the sportorganization and those publics.
  4. 4. Characteristics of Sport Public Relations• Management function– Senior-level, strategic consideration– Broader than just a marketing activity• Communications-based activity– Public relations = Communications at organizationallevel– Fundamental to fostering relationships(continued)
  5. 5. Characteristics of Sport Public Relations(continued)• Systematically approached– Public relations as a process rather than aproduct– Integrated into organizational strategy• Facilitates outcomes favorable to theorganization
  6. 6. Marketing and Public Relations• Marketing function– Product– Price– Place– PROMOTION(continued)PUBLIC RELATIONS IS DISTINCT FROMMARKETING
  7. 7. Marketing and Public Relations• Mullin, Hardy, and Sutton (2007) believe that becausesport receives so much media attention, public relationsshould be a fifth P in the sport marketing mix.What do you think?What is the definition of SportsMarketing?
  8. 8. Distinctions: Marketing and PublicRelations• Focus– Marketing: consumers– Public relations: publics (whichincludes consumers)• Goals– Marketing: exchanges & targetmarketing (reciprocation)– Public relations: relationships, goodwill, positive image
  9. 9. Marketing or Public Relations?
  10. 10. Marketing or Public Relations?
  11. 11. QUESTIONS...• What are the basics skills needed to besuccessful in public relations?• Why is each skill pertinent to the profession?
  12. 12. Sport Public Relations ProgramsWhile sport organizations may house a variety ofpublic relations programs, two are particularlycommon:• Media relations• Community relations
  13. 13. • Meeting the information needs of the massmedia: Public information model of publicrelations• Generation of publicity for teams,organizations, and individuals: Press agentryand publicity model of public relationsMedia RelationsCan you think of anexample of each?
  14. 14. Media Relations Activities• Generating publicity• Managing statistical services• Assisting in media coverage• Creating publications• Generating online content
  15. 15. Community Relations• Building relationships within the community• Building and protecting image and developinggoodwill• Key activities– Unmediated communication programs– Corporate social responsibility
  16. 16. Other Forms of Public Relations• Employee relations: Internal public• Investor relations: Critical for publicly ownedorganizations• Customer relations: More than customerservice(continued)
  17. 17. • Donor relations: Critical public for not-for-profits• Government relations– Regulatory agencies– Governing bodiesOther Forms of Sport Public Relations
  18. 18. Value of Public Relations• Generating revenue– Promoting the organization’s products and servicesby generating publicity“To get something from nothing, you need the validity thatonly third-party endorsements can bring. The first stage ofany new campaign ought to be public relations” (Ries & Ries,2002, p. XX).– Producing a sellable inventory– Enhancing organizational reputation with publics(continued)
  19. 19. Value of Public Relations(continued)• Saving money– Assist the organization in avoiding public relationsmistakes– May outweigh the benefit of generating revenue
  20. 20. END CHAPTER 1