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PITCH                                      Within a few weeks, her song          her relatives who discover the  Jezabel  ...
A few questions                        to Jezabel     Who is your favorite artist?     A famous person who inspires     Ge...
THE HEROINEJezabel is a pretty 19 year old          close friend, a pal for derogatory     herself, always dreaming of bet...
A TRANSMEDIA SERIES (1/2)                                               Jezabel                                           ...
On the radio, a partnership with a French             radio station (Le mouv’ or Oui FM) will be             made to creat...
SEASON’S EPISODES BRIEF REVIEW                                 9•
SAISON 1.                                                      1                                                 Episode  ...
SAISON 1.                                                        4                                                  Episod...
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SAISON 1.                                                         Episode                                                 ...
SAISON 1.                                                               Episode                                           ...
THE SONGThis is the song written, composed and posted by Jezabel on Youtube, which made herfamous on the web, at the point...
PRODUCTION               Jezabel               the track of a lifetime               Producer: Bridges               Autho...
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Jezabel - Power to the Pixel 2011
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Jezabel - Power to the Pixel 2011


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Jezabel is a rock'n'roll transmedia series by Bridges

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Jezabel - Power to the Pixel 2011

  1. 1. 1•
  3. 3. PITCH Within a few weeks, her song her relatives who discover the Jezabel is a big hit on the web and she receives an offer from a career her producer has in mind for her.the track of a lifetime producer to re-record her hit with professional musicians, and But the countdown has started release a new original title. : Jezabel has very little timetoOne evening, Jezabel, a pretty compose her new song and19 year old student, posts on Jezabel will jump into her adult make the best of this uniqueYoutube a song for her childhood life, show-business in Paris, and opportunity.friend who has been out of her life into the Lille student life, with Tests, meetings, exceptionalfor years. Instead of the romance its excess and the deviant skins moments when the heroine triesshe is hoping for, she gets parties she will discover. She will to compose her music, Jezabel,celebrity. face her sudden growing celebrity, The track of a lifetime tells the a public she doesn’t look like, and story of a few notes which give Story She is being offered celebrity, question what is she going to make of it ? 3•
  4. 4. A few questions to Jezabel Who is your favorite artist? A famous person who inspires Georges Brassens and James you? Morrison Bob Dylan. Which artist do you hate ? A person who gets on you Michel Sardou nerves? Fabrice Lucchini (he speaks so What would you like to see loudly!) happening in your life? A moment of grace when If music did not exist, what everyone lives in the moment. would you do in life? I would write books. What don’t you like to see happening in your life? To which artist, dead or Drunk guys making heavy alive, would you like to ask a jokes question and which question would it be ? What is your favourite I would ask Baudelaire if he expression ? finds my texts rock’n roll. Fuck What is your favourite insult? Fuck4•
  5. 5. THE HEROINEJezabel is a pretty 19 year old close friend, a pal for derogatory herself, always dreaming of betterblond girl.. A gifted student, she comments and wild dreams, things, obsessed by movement,is studying literature at University Juliet, whom she has known since she wants to find beautyin Lille, her hometown. She childhood and has met again by everywhere, and jeers at what sheplays the guitar, and the piano, chance at university. She writes doesn’t like. Our story will forcethough not as well. , She has been a blog, without trying too hard her to find and tell her beauty. Inlooking for melodies and words to be read, but to force herself order not to become what sheto match them for a long time. to remain creative. Boys notice despises most: an empty cliché.Being ironical and rather shy, she her immediately, but she keepshas only had one strong loving a neglected look on purpose,friendship, with Loïc, whom she goes rock ‘n’ roll, because shehasn’t seen since he moved to doesn’t want to become a neatanother town a few years ago. cliché.. Quite close to her parents,Doing her best to create her own without being childish, constantlyworld, she is too intelligent not bickering with her brother, whomto see what is funny, too fragile she accuses of being «a humannot to feel and fear what is heavy, wreck”. Her fragility appears to betoo full of life not to love nightlife clumsiness, followed by bursts ofand holidays. She has a very laughter. Using irony to protect 5•
  6. 6. A TRANSMEDIA SERIES (1/2) Jezabel the track of a lifetime is a transmedia series which uses modern screens and classic medias to tell the struggle of a young woman to recognize herself in her reflection. The result is :A television season of twelve episodes of26 minutes each which let us watch theascension of this paradoxical revelationof her true self. We will follow Jézabel intwo differents worlds: Her show businessdicovery in Paris and her student lifein Lille with her family, her scolarshipand her participation to the decadentsstudents parties. From her daydream to the On the web : the blog Jezabel, which is the interactivediscovery of the trap, from the moment world of the heroine, where Jezabel gathers photos,when the masks fall to the time when the videos taken with her cellphone, impressions, commentsmicrophone is switched on for her voice be that are the raw material on which she works non stopheard. The quest of an endearing character to create her future song during the weeks of luck andin the fascinating world of music. work we discovered on television. During the second half of this season, Jezabel will use theAn example of a TV scene : the moment Internet to upload her own songs. Therefore, the Internetwhen the band’s guitarist, a man in his users who will read her blog will listen to theses tracksforties who has been successful with only before the TV diffusions.one hit, takes on the role of inspiration Example of a time such as seen on the Internet: Jezabeland mentor until Jezabel realizes that he takes a film of the guitarist ‘s flat where she spent andeoesn’t really want her to be successful evening. We discover details of her life which did notbut that he is just trying to mould her so appear on television. together with Jezabel’s comments.as to bring him the success and glory he Jezabel composes some lyrics which she posts on herdreams of knowing again. blog. Internet users can complete these words and offer their songs or their orchestration for the melody that Jezabel has already outlined.On the cellphones of the audience involved The mobile audience member: the proposal to convert hismobile into the one of the guitarist who will become from episode to episode, the rival of Jezabel. Theopportunity to punctuate the history of the heroin by another point-of-view, to know in advance thedangers threatening her, but also to enrich the emotional complexity of the plot. Applications, textmessages, videos shot from the guitarist ‘s smartphone suggest another development several timesa week. And change Jezabel into a total failure : her success turning into a total lie that she would beforced to become.Example of an experience lived via a cell phone : after watching on television the evening spent with theguitarist and having possibly consulted Jezabel’s blog describing her own impressions, the viewer receivesa text message sent by the guitarist to the producer- whom he repeatedly criticized during the scene - «Ithink the girl is becoming as she should be-. 7•
  7. 7. On the radio, a partnership with a French radio station (Le mouv’ or Oui FM) will be made to create a weekly show: “Jezabel Selection”. On the social networks, we will form a big interactivity between the public a Jezabel In 3 minutes, Jezabel will present a song: creation Team. First, she will broadcast a song extract and then, she will explain why this song is Facebook and Twitter will help us to important for her and how did this song speak about all the series news: Radio or inspire her for her own creations. TV diffusion, new blog post, newspaper article… This show will offer the occasion to listen But it will also be the opportunity to big hits or confidential tracks! create competitions or to ask users feed back which can help us to have a better A Music Artistic Director will make Songs comprehension of our public expectations. selection and Jezabel performer will animate the show. We will also create Jezabel Deezer profile where we will regularly broadcast Jezabel ‘s playlists or the series soundtrack. An experienced community manager will gather the community and animate it. A partnership with a teenager magazine will be created to depict, every week, Jezabel’s look during the last episode. Jezabel will also make confidences about the show to the readers. Teenagers, our principal target, are very interest by fashion of their favourite fiction heroes because they take them as examples. One of the last sequence of the first season series will be a Jezabel live in a famous Parisian concert hall. This sequence will be shot and broadcasted live on television. The internet best participants will be invited in the public. In the script, Jezabel is the support act for a famous singer. Therefore, we imagine the organisation of the live in a famous concert hall as the Olympia or the Casino de Paris. A TRANSMEDIA SERIES (2/2)8•
  9. 9. SAISON 1. 1 Episode — Pilot — « Something crazy » Following the release of her song to Loïc, on Youtube , Jezabel receives the offer of a Parisian producer, David Jandras : reproduce her tube in a professional way and launch a new composition of the young artist. David Jandras makes available for her a group, with Richard, the guitarist, Bruno, the drummer and Mich., the bassist. On her cloud, Jezabel writes a first song which will not convince Jandras. Jezabel understands that it will not be so easy to seize her chance. 2 Episode « let yourself go» Jezabel moves away from her student life and is trying to find matter for her new composition in all directions.Having trouble, she finds in David, the group guitarist, unexpected support. He sings for her a moving song. They get together, both artistically and emotionally. Episode 3 « Take it to the next level, Jezabel » Jezabel gets closer and closer to Richard. Out of this getting together and her disturbance, she ends up by composing a song «You are not going to date an old man “which she does not dare to sing to him. The producer, David Jandras puts his foot down : he needs this new composition. Jezabel is on the verge of proposing her lyrics but Richard jumps on the opportunity. He sings the song interpreted by Jezabel in the previous episode to Jandras: a love story between a young girl and an old man, but from the point of view of the older man. Jandras seizes the opportunity to surf on the ambiguity of the Lolita Jezabel represents. The song is adopted, and Jezabel feels the situation is escaping her. She feels betrayed by Richard10 •
  10. 10. SAISON 1. 4 Episode « Walking towards light » The launch of the new artist is happening: the two songs are released and Jezabel goes on a television show. Running from a photo session to an interview, Jezabel sees the course of her life, and her image escaping her. She runs away to Lille, where Loïc, the boy for whom she wrote the first song, comes to look for her. He has apparently got the message. Episode 5 « You have no choice » Jezabel ‘s Parisian life is getting worse, whilst she understands that Loïc only reappeared because of her success, and whilst Jandras is trying to take the most out of their gathering and to sell it as a «love story» to the press. Jezabel realizes she is being trapped into a system that is not like her. After a short trip to Lille, she decides to tell Jandras that she’s giving up. Explosion. Jandras reminds her of the contract they signed. As she comes out of this disastrous appointment, Jezabel comes across Bruno, the drummer. He invites her out for a drink, to comfort her, and he reveals her something : she has a live show on television. She can still make something great and personal out of it. After this conversation, Jezabel takes a first decision : to get rid of Loïc. Episode 6 « Singing out loud »Jezabel returns to a frenetic activity, writes, composes. Richard comes back, convincing her that he only wishes herto be successful. It is nothing but normal for him to try and take advantage of this opportunity to make the come-back he has been dreaming of. On the night of the tv-show, when her lips approach the microphone, it’s time forher to decide whether she will accept or not the role Richard and Jandras intend to give her. The song begins.Jezabel ‘s voice is going to come out loud. She has composed her own lyrics on the expected song, but in front ofthe cameras, she gives up and sings Jandras and Richard’s song. Intimidated, she hasn’t managed to find enoughself-confidence to sing her song. 11 •
  11. 11. 12 •
  12. 12. SAISON 1. Episode 7 « Crossing the line » The first tv-show of Jezabel is a total success from Jandras’ point of view. The videoclip is broadcasted on music-channels, tabloids get interested in Jezabel, enthusiasm is growing around her. Jezabel gets caught up in the euphoria: perhaps, after all, she is perhaps beginning to live the life of her dreams. Shows take place in many cities.  Before going on tour, Jezabel goes back to Lille. When considering her new life, her relatives seriously lack of enthusiasm. They say she will get herself lost. Furious, she leaves and goes to her Lille friends. There she realizes nobody is admiring her music and people are avoiding her. Very hurt, she is eager to go back to her new life. Episode 8 « Londonism» To give her a more popular and rock image, Jandras wants Jezabel to appear in a London festival. She meets the group in the Eurostar. Richard seems more distant; Jandras is overwhelmed by the organization of the concert. Bruno is the only one who seems to pay her any attention. It’s a classic, he tells her : they don’t want her to get big-headed. On the train, Jezabel opens her favourite music magazine, where she is quoted as the «new commercial french dung». Hurt again, she concentrates on her concert. Arrival in London, preparation, Jezabel gives everything on stage...but only picks up the boos. Bruno suggests they go for a drink together. The problem is not her, it’s what she sings, he says. After a few drinks and clubs, they end up kissing.  Episode 9 « Everyday celebrity » Jezabel has returned to France, where she gives one concert after another, in cultural malls or in town. Life with the group has become complicated, and her relationship with Bruno suffers from the frantic pace of the tour. Jezabel realizes her main audience is young girls who do not understand much about what she sings, but who get carried away about her clothes or her show on stage. She begins to feel lost for good. She fails to feel happy with Bruno since they have left London. She records the song she has written about this situation on her webcam and sends it to him. But Bruno doesn’t answer. 13 •
  13. 13. SAISON 1. Episode 10 « Resistance» The day after, Bruno tells Jezabel that he was struck by the song. If only she could sing such songs to the public, she would manage to reach her real audience and make a real carreer. He goes to Richard and Jandras to give them his thaughts, but ends up humiliated : stay where you belong, behind the drums. The next concert is in Lille, where family and parents come to hear Jezabel. As usual, Jezabel raises the enthusiasm of young fans, but doesn’t reach her relatives. At the end of her performance, she tries to read a text addressed to her family about what she feels but is interrupted by Jandras. Convinced that it is all Bruno’s fault, Jandras fires him. Before leaving, Bruno gives a piece of advice to Jezabel : she should post her new songs on the internet, without Jandras knowing. He then leaves the tour, whilst the group heads to Belgium. Episode 11 « Self-hacking» Concerts continue, with fewer and fewer public. The group has a new drummer, a friend of Richard; Jezabel feels more and more alone. She goes to parties, flirts with boys, gets lost a bit more. Back to her hotel, she writes, composes and begins a diary on her blog. One morning, Jandras wakes her up, furious. An article in a famous magazine appreciatively comments her blog as the «autopiratage of a commercial artist by herself», a first in the history of the internet. The audience of the blog explodes and a new public seems to believe in Jezabel. For Jandras, it is too much. Jezabel will do the first part of the show of a star on a famous Parisian scene and then disappear. Episode 12 « Showtime ! » The day of the great and last concert of Jezabel has arrived. She receives text messages from her parents and friends: they will attend the show. The atmosphere within the group is worse than ever. Jandras intends to replace Jezabel by Richard. Less concentrated on the concert, they are focused on the coming release of Richard’s first song. The star of the concert goes to see Jezabel backstage and encourages her : he likes what he heard from her on her blog. Bruno passes by to wish her good luck but Jezabel pushes him back, as he has let her down before. Showtime for Jezabel ! She goes on stage in front of a strange public made up of a handful of her young fans, some critics intrigued by the phenomenon of the blog and a mass of fans of the real star performing after her. Jezabel starts singing and hardly manages to get herself heard over the boos. As the show is live broadcasted, the star goes on stage to calm down his public. He asks his team to come over to replace Jandras’ musicians, in front of Jandras’ surprised eyes. Bruno replaces the drummer. He’s the one behind all this ! The star now asks Jezabel to sing with him one of the songs she posted on her blog. The duo begins and carries away the crowd, ending by being acclaimed the whole public. Backstage, Jezabel meets Bruno and kisses him. Back in her dressing room, she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.14 •
  14. 14. THE SONGThis is the song written, composed and posted by Jezabel on Youtube, which made herfamous on the web, at the point where our story starts.You know, the first time This fucking thing to say ! I couldn’t write it to youI could not write my name couldn’t make you feel itI cried when i was told «no», You know, the third time couldn’t moan itI took the drawing paper, It was the night of my first beer, couldn’t get it outI took my pencils, We told all our mysteries, This fucking thing to say !I had my fingers painted, You were talking about Jennifer,And I draw your name, I told you ‘you’re a great guy’ You know, this time,Like a sunshine under rays, You leaned on me I just had to write your name,Something very childish We drank like half a glass To re-hear our song,I did what I could of my chills And we were packed severe To tell myself we were stupid,I have come to you You said «you know i could love To feel the old thrill,And I did not... you», The one that comes from you, I laughed, I played proud, We grew up, yeah, you’re right,I couldn’t write it to you And you said ‘let’s go’ We have become adults,couldn’t make you feel it And I did not... I would like to swank, but yeah,couldn’t moan it I would cry again if you say no,couldn’t get it out I couldn’t write it to you If you don’t get meThis fucking thing to say ! couldn’t make you feel it And if you don’t understand... couldn’t moan itYou know, the second time couldn’t get it out I decided to write itIt was for the dress up afternoon This fucking thing to say ! I chose to make you feel itYou were a policeman Even if i have to groan it,the suit I had You know, the last time I’ll finally get it out,was kind of beat-squaw, We had a drink before you left, This fucking thing to say !I put it on for you, All our frenzy and our projectsYou didn’t stop annoying me, Our gossips and our friendship ...You couldn’t stop bothering me, Ended up in a hangoverPinching me, mocking me, We promised not to leave eachI whimpered, your eyes said other,What you didn’t confess, One day to travel togetherAnd I did not.. To always tell each other everythingI couldn’t write it to you We promised but we knewcouldn’t make you feel it It was a last time,couldn’t moan it And I did not...couldn’t get it out 15 •
  15. 15. PRODUCTION Jezabel the track of a lifetime Producer: Bridges Author: Julien Capron Audience : mostly 11-24 years old, and mothers under 50 . TV Episodes : 12 * 26 minutes Web : Blog (Content: texts - lyrics / video / photos / music / sound + music rights) Mobile application (content: text / video / photos / music / sound + music rights) Radio : 12 3-minutes episodes Social networks : community management Live : Olympia / Casino de Paris TV: 1,2 million € (100 000 € for each episode) Internet contents : 50 000 € Mobile Application and videos : 40 000 € Social Networks : 15 000 € Radio: 10 000 € Magazine: 5 000 € Live: 50 000 € TOTAL BUDGET: 1,37 million € Financing Plan: Broadcasters (TV / Web / Mobile) 50% / CNC 30% / region. 15% / Sponsors & Partners 5%16 •
  16. 16. 17 •