Pitch 2012 bride click 750 raise


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Pitch 2012 bride click 750 raise

  1. 1. The Largest Digital Advertising Platform in the $60 Billion Bridal Industry BrideClick Inc., 2013
  2. 2. The Digital Wedding Industry Problem Meet Macy. Macy runs a wedding business and like most wedding businesses, Macy has a problem advertising to brides on the Internet. There are currently 540K businesses spending more than $1.9 Billion on advertising to Brides* Example of a Digital Ad Placement: 2 *The Wedding Business Report 2010
  3. 3. The Digital Wedding Industry Problem Macy is forced to choose between spending his advertising budgets with a few large sites, decreasing his chance for a positive ROI The Wedding Industry is a $630 billion world market. The current market leader, The Knot (MCAP:$370M*) sold $76.5M** in online advertising in 2012. Or working with hundreds of smaller sites, wasting valuable resources trying to integrate with each one separately, in an attempt to reach enough brides. *NYSE 3 Nov 2013 **The Knot Reports Full Year 2012 Financial
  4. 4. The Digital Wedding Industry Problem The Internet has surpassed print as the #1 resource for brides. This creates unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the void created by current industry leaders’ inability to adapt to the change in the market place. $630 Billion World Market • 3m+ Wedding Vendors • 42m Weddings p.a. • $15k Average Wedding Cost US $70BN Market UK £10BN Market 500k+ Wedding Vendors 2.1m Weddings p.a. $28k Average Wedding Cost 500k+ Wedding Vendors 248,000 Weddings p.a. £23,000 Average Wedding Cost China ¥179BN Market 1m+ Wedding Vendors 9m Weddings p.a. ¥20k Average Wedding Cost 4 BrideClick’s advertising platform directly connects advertisers to more than 310 wedding websites. This bridges a previously fragmented wedding market.
  5. 5. The Digital Wedding Industry Opportunity BrideClick aggregates the advertising capabilities of over 310 wedding websites. BrideClick provides advertisers, Like Macy, with a larger wedding audience than any major wedding site, at a fraction of the cost. The first display advertising network dedicated to the wedding vertical. 80 million banner impressions nationally 3.5 million unique visitors nationally 4.5 million unique visitors globally Unique Views from Bridal Audience AdSpace Capabilities across BrideClick sites: IAB standardized ad sizes Video •Rich Media •Expandable •Premium Page Placement •Dynamic Ads Road Blocks •E-mail blasts •Newsletters Sponsorship •Sponsored blog editorial •Buttons • Advertisers Advertisers $ / CPM 300+ 300+ Publishers Publishers BrideClick BrideClick $ / CPM 5 •
  6. 6. Company Overview Since its founding four years ago, BrideClick has grown at a CAGR of 127% and is at a run rate revenue of US$1.8m for FY’13. YOY Q1-Q3 Operating Results Percentage of Change in Sales 1004%  BrideClick’s aggregated reach is over 3.5mm monthly unique brides • Larger than any other single site  Over the last 4 years, BrideClick has experienced: • 1000%+ sales growth • 320% client base growth • 163% increase of spending per client  Q1’13 net profit = 24% Percentage of Change in Clients  Over $1.5m Sold and Collected in 2013 320% 6 *http://www.quantcast.com
  7. 7. BrideClick Statistics In September 2013 BrideClick surpassed all competitors including The Knot in unique monthly users* BrideClick’s network traffic exceeds: TheKnot.com DavidsBridal.com  WeddingChannel.com WeddingBee.com ProjectWedding.com  Brides.com   REAL BRIDES. POWERFUL CONNECTIONS. DYNAMIC RESULTS. Brides Travel Fragmented Market Fashion Wedding Sites Registry 7 *http://www.quantcast.com
  8. 8. BrideClick Statistics BrideClick is more than a network, it is an alliance of over 300 high quality wedding sites. Its unique relationship with publishers allows advertisers to utilize both traditional and non-traditional digital advertising channels. This combination of media buy and customized options creates a unique opportunity for an increased CTR and stronger ROI. 8 *http://www.quantcast.com
  9. 9. Advertisers
  10. 10. Contact Manny Ben-Or Managing Director BrideClick, Inc. 131 West 33rd Street, 2nd Fl. Suite 2L New York, NY 10001 P: 646-723-3918 | F: 212-500-7969 Email: Manny@brideclick.net 10