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SEO Resources for June 17, 2011
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SEO Resources for June 17, 2011


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  • 1. Brick Marketing Blog Weekly Roundup – June 17, 2011<br />The following Brick Marketing Blog posts provide valuable SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing tips and advice for the week of June 13-17, 2011. <br />B2B Article Marketing is About Quality<br />The Google Panda update has changed the landscape of online article marketing. It’s still an extremely valuable component of a B2B strategy, it has just evolved. Instead of focusing on the quantity of articles for SEO purposes, it has become much more important to focus on the quality of articles for readability and user benefit purposes.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />The SEO Puzzle: Do You Have the Pieces?<br />SEO is like a puzzle. Without all of the necessary pieces located in the right place and doing their job, it just doesn’t work. This post includes information on each of the necessary pieces. <br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Blog Commenting: Think Beyond the Link<br />Blog commenting has become a popular link building strategy since it’s relatively easy to do. In order to get the most out of your comments you need to realize that blog commenting has many more benefits than getting a link. This post includes tips on how to maximize the value of your blog commenting efforts. <br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />3 Reasons Online SEO Conferences Are Better!<br />The best way to stay at the top of your SEO game is to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. SEO conferences can provide a wealth of valuable information and are definitely worth attending. However, do they need to be in person? Absolutely not.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Localize Your SEO for Mobile Web Users<br />The number of people using smart phones and browsing the web while on the go continues to increase. So, what does this mean for SEO? There is a higher percentage of “right here, right now” type searches on a smart phone, which means that local search has become even more important.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />