Content Marketing Strategy Advice


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Content Marketing Strategy Advice

  1. 1. Content Marketing Strategy Advice<br />Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content to attract the attention of and engage current and potential clients and customers. In order to serve its purpose the content should be of high quality and relevant to the industry. If executed properly, content marketing provides an opportunity to establish yourself as an industry expert and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Content marketing should be about providing useful information to a target audience. It shouldn’t be too promotional. By giving scenarios, examples, and information you can prove that you know what you are talking about and be viewed as a trustable and reliable source. <br />Content marketing can be effective for any kind of company, whether they are B2B or B2C. There are numerous ways to market using content including blog writing, article writing, white paper creation, webinars, case studies, email newsletters, videos and surveys. The best content marketing strategy utilizes a mix of these methods. Of course, the best strategy is one that will be noticed by a specific target audience. That is why it is important to understand their needs and behavior. <br />The first step to doing any sort of content marketing is to research the industry. Find out what potential clients and customers want to know. This can be done by sending out a survey to customers to learn about any challenges that they may be having or to hear about products that they may want or would find useful. <br />When implementing a content marketing strategy it’s important to produce content that supports your goals and satisfies your target audience. If the content is being distributed online, create it first for humans. Avoid sloppy content that has grammar and spelling errors. Once something beneficial has been created for visitors, it’s time to optimize the content for the search engines by naturally incorporating keywords. Remember, this is the last step. Never write for the search engines or be black hat by trying to “fool the system” with your content. <br />Once the content has been created it’s time to promote it. One great way to do so is to promote the content via social media. Provide a link along with a catchy title in a tweet or a Facebook post and include access to the content in an email newsletter. Not only does this promote your content, but it also has SEO benefits by building your links. If the information that you are providing is useful and relevant it’s likely that others will want to pass it along as well. <br />Content marketing is something that should be done on a consistent basis. You can’t write one article and make one video and be done with it. That will never keep you top of mind. It’s important to be consistent with content marketing and the messaging that you are trying to promote. The more often that your content is viewed, the more likely it is that someone will recognize your brand or company name when they are ready to purchase products or services. <br />About the Author:<br />Brick Marketing is a full service internet marketing company in Boston, MA. For more information please call 877-295-0620 or visit <br />