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First draft of "Stick Person"

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  1. 1. Stick Person by Sri Taylor
  2. 2. One day in Stick Person’s house, Stick Person was watching eyestickness news. “Hello, people of Stickville. I’m your host Gorden Guy,” said
  3. 3. Gorden Guy. “There is a monkey stranded on an island.” “OMG!” yelled Stick Person. “I’m gonna save that monkey if it’s the last thing I do!” Stick Person ran out
  4. 4. the back door. He was going to Stick Shores. Then he bumped into one of his friends, Mack. “Hi, Stick Person. Whatcha doing?” Stick Person didn’t answer he was too busy trying to save the poor, stranded
  5. 5. monkey’s life. “Okay, see ya later then,” said Mack, walking to his apartment with his head down. Stick Person got to Stick Shores. He jumped in the ocean. “Here I come
  6. 6. monkey!” Stick Person said. When he started to swim, he saw a Stickback Whale coming towards him. The whale opened his mouth and swallowed Stick Person! Stick
  7. 7. Person was in the whale’s crowded stomach. “Boy, this is a sticky situation I’m in. Literally!” exclaimed Stick Person. Luckily, the
  8. 8. whale over-ate and his blowhole started to spout! Stick Person flew in the air and shot back in the water. “Thank goodness.” said Stick Person, “Now I can go save that monkey!” He
  9. 9. began to swim fast. He saw a lifeboat in the distance with no one riding inside. He decided to swim up to it. He climbed on it.“Where are the paddle sticks?” asked Stick Person. He found the paddle sticks in a
  10. 10. clear container on the deck. He began to paddle his way to that island. He saw the monkey on the island. “Here I come monkey!” Stick Person said.
  11. 11. Finally he got to the island the monkey was on. “Huzzah!” yelled Stick Person. Stick Person saw a tall sign on the island that read “THE COCONUT CLUB”. Huh? The coconut club? thought
  12. 12. Stick Person. “I thought he was stranded,” said Stick Person looking inside the door, “Cause there are tons of people here with him.” So he went back home.
  13. 13. “Maybe I didn’t watch all of eyestickness news,” said Stick Person when he got home. Stick Person was right. He didn’t watch all of eyestickness news. He saw that the TV was still on. “He, he!
  14. 14. Sorry, folks I was just kidding. The monkey isn’t stranded on an island.” exclaimed Gorden guy. “I’m NEVER going to listen to eyestickness news again!” declaired Stick Person. He went
  15. 15. upstairs into his room. “Tomorrow I’m going to go to the eyestickness news studio and teach Gorden Guy a lesson!” said Stick Person stomping his stick feet upstairs. He climbed in his stick bed.
  16. 16. The next day in Stickville Stick Person put on his stick jacket, got his knapsack filled with tools, and left the house. Stick Person was going to the eyestickness news studio.
  17. 17. Stick Person whistled for a taxi but it didn’t come. Stick Person got his stickphone out his knapsack and dialed the number: 973-257- 0404. He was calling his friend, Lulu. Lulu is a rich ten year old girl with blond hair,
  18. 18. flawless skin, and likes to boast about how rich and popular she is. “Hello?” asked Lulu from the phone. “Lulu, can you drop me off at the eyestickness news studio?” asked Stick Person. Lulu said yes and picked Stick
  19. 19. Person up by his house. She had a big limo. “Come on! I have to go home and get my nails done!” shouted Lulu out the window. When Stick Person got dropped off by Lulu who was forcing him to get out the limo, he
  20. 20. went through the big eyestickness news studio doors. Stick Person saw Sally Stock Stick, having a conversation with Jennifer Stick Ronadls with a cup of coffee in her hands. “Did you
  21. 21. see Gorden Guy anywhere?” asked Stick Person to Sally Stock Stick. “He’s upstairs. By the way, we don’t allow kids in the studio,” said Sally. “Do you know who I am Sally?” “Never heard of ya.” “I’m
  22. 22. Stick Person the most famous person in the world!” “Guards!!” yelled Sally. Stick Person ran upstairs so he wouldn’t get caught by those buff guards and found Gorden Guy.
  23. 23. “GORDEN!” screamed Stick Person. Gorden jumped in the air. “You scared me!” said Gorden Guy. “Did you come to hurt me?” “Why would I come here to hurt you?” asked Stick Person. “Well, why are you
  24. 24. here?” asked Gorden Guy. “I’ve come here to teach you a lesson..” Stick Person began, “About what?” asked Gorden Guy trying to comb his hair like Elvis Presley. “About your jokes. I mean they
  25. 25. really stink like my dad’s socks,” exclaimed Stick Person. “Oh, well before we do that, I have a few things to do. And I need lots of help,” said Gorden. “Fine,” said Stick Person, “But what
  26. 26. things do you have to do?” “First, I need you to fix the wagon my daughters, Shelly and Lauren broke,” said Gorden Guy, “and then I need you to paint my walls, and then I need you to make seven fruit
  27. 27. salads.” “What?! I can’t do all that stuff on my…” Stick Person couldn’t finish his sentence because he saw Gorden Guy picking his nose! YUCK! he thought.
  28. 28. “Why are you picking your nose?”asked Stick Person disgusted. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” exclaimed Gorden Guy.
  29. 29. “Okay let’s just do those things later ‘cause I have one question to ask you…. why did fool around on the news?” Stick Person wanted to know.
  30. 30. “When I was a little stick boy,” said Gorden Guy, “I wanted to be a comedian.” “Whoa. You really wanted to be one?” Stick Person asked. “Yep,” Gorden Guy said back.
  31. 31. “Well…that explains why you ‘tried’ to be funny on the news,” exclaimed Stick Person. “So how ‘bout we go get a jokebook and start practicing!” said Gorden Guy.
  32. 32. Guy to a field and told him to practice all the jokes he knew. “Knock, knock,” Gorden Guy said. “Who’s there?” Stick Person said.
  33. 33. “Nobody,” said Gorden Guy. “Nobody who?” asked Stick Person. Gorden Guy didn’t answer. Then a girl walked by and she heard the joke
  34. 34. Gorden Guy told Stick Person. “I like that joke,” she said. Gorden Guy walked over to Stick Person and asked, “Who is she?”
  35. 35. “My neighbor,” Stick Person answered. “Her name’s Page.” “Are you having a show?” Page asked. “Yeah,” said Stick Person, “it’s at 8:30.” Why does Page need to ruin my life? I hope she isn’t in my next book. I would be really mad if
  36. 36. that happens. I want to move. Then I won’t see Page whenever I wake up. There were red curtains and a stage in front of Stick Person and chairs in the back of him. “Hi,” said Page as more people came.
  37. 37. Gorden Guy went onstage and went through the curtains. Stick Person followed. “Do great,” Stick Person said.
  38. 38. When Gorden Guy came backstage he started to cry tears of joy. Stick Person called Lulu and drove Gorden Guy home.
  39. 39. “We’re here,” Lulu said as they stopped at Gorden Guy’s house. “Bye.” Lulu dropped Stick person off at his house.
  40. 40. Stick Person opened the door and went into his house. He went in the kitchen and got himself soda and went to bed.
  41. 41. He dreamed about Alicia Keys.
  42. 42. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT Gorden Guy was so proud of himself that he told jokes
  43. 43. everyday on eyestickness news. After four weeks of listening to his stupid jokes, he got fired by his boss, Bob. He got a new job….a new butler for Lulu. He sent Stick Person pictures, will and his to do list about his horrible job. Dear Stick Person,
  44. 44. I hate it here. I miss Sally Stock Stick and you. I begging you SAVE ME! Here’s what I had to do today: 6:00 PM brush Lulu’s hair 5:00 PM feed Lulu 7:00 PM drive Lulu to school 8:oo PM cry…a lot
  45. 45. SAVE ME PLEASE!!! GORDEN GUY’S WILL Here is my will. I don’t really know how to write a will. You know, I don’t even know what
  46. 46. a will is. But I’m writing one. I think it might be when your dying or something. But that’s not happening yet so I’m just getting prepared for it cause ya never know when you might die.
  47. 47. Well I guess this is the end of my will. But before that, I wanna say that this is all my X- boss’s fault. If he didn’t fire me I wouldn’t be here in this big house with that little brat. A.K.A Lulu. I’m dying
  48. 48. cause I can’t live here with Lulu. She talks to much. So I’m writing this will that is about three in a half pages long.