FK Diamonds Website Business Plan


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Web site business plan developed by Brian Tudor

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  • FK Diamonds Website Business Plan

    1. 1. FK Diamonds Website Business Plan Brian Tudor Full Sail University
    2. 2. FK Diamonds Private Diamond Broker serving the Greater Cincinnati area
    3. 3. Stage 1 Infancy
    4. 4. About the URL Easy to remember Easy to type And will easily fit on the FK Diamonds logo
    5. 5. Competitors
    6. 6. Keyword Analysis Keyword Optimization for Keywords to update Meta data and keyword density: Diamonds, Cincinnati Diamonds, Diamonds in Cincinnati, Custom Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Diamonds Broker, Diamond Ring, Certified Diamonds, Loose Diamonds, Fred Koss, FK Diamonds, FKDiamonds, diamonds, cincinnati diamonds, diamonds in Cincinnati, custom jewelry, engagement rings, diamond broker, loose diamonds, fred koss, fk diamonds, fkdiamonds, custom engagement ring, diamond ring, certified diamonds, ideal cut, GIA, EGL-US, cut, clarity, color, carat, settings, engaged
    7. 7. Stage 2 Development & Implementation
    8. 8. Design Implementation will undergo a complete redesign The all Flash format will be replaced with a hybrid FLASH/HTML site, with a mobile site included The site will be segmented out using the sitemap in the next slide Created headings using keywords Update copy on the site to improve keyword density Utilize Meta data using the keywords from Section 1: Infancy
    9. 9. Sitemap
    10. 10. Sitemap and Navigation FK Diamonds website currently has no sitemap. The site is composed entirely of Flash, so there are no subheadings or pages FK Diamonds will adopt an redundant navigation approach similar to Blue Nile’s website ( !
    11. 11. E-mail Format Using a simple email address provides customers with a trusted email format for business correspondence
    12. 12. Stage 3 Traffic Driving
    13. 13. E-mail Strategy Create an email marketing campaign to send information about FK Diamonds upcoming deals and events Provide updates only when necessary to keep the trust of the email list Promote exclusive deals to email list members Establish partnerships to gather email addresses
    14. 14. Partnerships A key factor in FK Diamonds future success is to create lasting partnerships with local Cincinnati businesses. Some examples of these businesses: Salons & Spas Gyms Coffee Shops Speciality Wine Shops
    15. 15. Stage 4 Ongoing Maintenance
    16. 16. Quality Links Website link search results Website name Results linking to site* 224 0 40 3 * Searched using using Google
    17. 17. Quality Links Ongoing Maintenance Work to get linked by business partners Create a trusted network of links within the Cincinnati area
    18. 18. Performance Ongoing Maintenance Customer Satisfaction Improved Organic Search Results Improved Linking to trusted sites
    19. 19. FK Diamonds Website Business Plan Brian Tudor Full Sail University